Miranda has actually her room under her traitorous small thumb in the present — but prior to we kind through all the lies echoing with the FBI halls, let’s rbrianowens.tvind a year to as soon as Miranda, Alex, Ryan, Shelby, and also Nimah discovered a pest planted in Alex’s room.

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Miranda wants to end the mission, yet Director Keyes refuses. He speak a story about how the AIC, as Alex and Ryan have referred to as it, took out among his operatives in Berlin. She to be selling tricks to Russian intelligence and also Keyes was building a case against her, however the AIC got there first. If castle don’t discover the vigilantes who infected the agency, he warns, they will certainly become the agency. The mission, its decided, continues at complete speed. And also we’re left wondering when Miranda flips come the dark side if she’s still in reality looking the end for Ryan and also Alex here.

Everyone in training appears to be getting bad nbrianowens.tvs: Dayana learns that her angry is recanting her testimony. Ryan receives a package indigenous Liam O’Connor’s estate. And also when they acquire to class, Alex find her surname at the bottom of the murder board. As class begins, Owen introduce the class of the Week: concealing emotions. Owen guarantees to rattle everyone and also show them exactly how to revolve their vulnerabilities right into strengths. As they every slip top top bands that measure vitals, one more CIA instructor tells Harry he needs to do a follow-up blood check at the CIA infirmary. In ~ the same time, Owen approaches León to tell him the there to be an escape in ~ the mexico prison wherein he to be held. León is worried that the fugitive will come in search of him — and also absolutely no considers that every one of this is keep going to reveal weaknesses.



Alex tries to discover an excuse to stay close to Owen long enough. She falls short at her very first attempt, and also during her second, Owen speak her the while that “knows Alex is good with teachers,” the “doesn’t pat on that side the the pool.” I recognize he warned that he was going come rattle everyone, but the slut-shaming even has me uncomfortable. Plus, the upload didn’t work, so she’ll have actually to try again.

Lydia chats with Director Keyes about how Owen is only talking to counter-intelligence officers. “He’s digging,” states Keyes. Lydia says that don’t understand that yet. Room these 2 in cahoots?León is mentioning the escaped convict, Anaya, with the operative indigenous the Mexico desk. She speak him that Anaya didn’t escape, he to be released.Director Keyes and also Owen have a short conversation. Owen Hall’s surname was published by a journalist with absolutely no aiding by the CIA, Keyes insists.Sebastian speak Harry the might too kill self now due to the fact that he’s no willing come live while that still has actually a chance.

Alex goes for take three with Owen, who claims Alex’s biggest weakness is doubt. She’s constantly wondering if she go the best thing, if she walk enough. Then, he reveals this has actually all to be a manipulation — also the murder board isn’t real. In ~ the end of your conversation, Alex’s upload is approximately 59 percent. Close, but still not there.

Lydia viewpoints Ryan and asks around the package from Liam; and he decides to walk to the article office and get it right then. When he opens up the P.O. Box, he learns what Alex simply has. As he pulls the end a main Intelligence company hat, a keep in mind from Lydia falls out. “Hope that fits!” The remainder soon learn, also — and also they aren’t pleased. Owen doesn’t care. Everyone has one weakness, he argues, and the opponent will always find it and also exploit it.

Dayana and also León console each other over a gallon of ice cream. They tell each other what their weakness are. Dayana has actually a are afraid of do a mistake when León has a fear of his past coming back to haunt him. Upstairs, Harry checks in top top Sebastian. That learns the Sebastian do the efforts to death himself at 14 year old, and Harry reveals that someone close to him struggling through his sexuality walk the same. Sebastian claims he isn’t gay. “That’s what he said as well,” take care of replies.

Ryan reflects up at Lydia’s to return she hat and tell her that they misidentified his weak — which, to me, seems favor his dumbest relocate yet. If castle haven’t figured out how to exploit you, why would you aid them gain closer to the answer? at the same time, Alex is wait in Owen’s classroom for him. “Do i belong here?” she asks. That tells her she is special, the he recruited her himself. Together he leaves, he assures that they are going to have actually a talk an extremely soon. As soon as the door slams, she upload is finally at 100 percent.

Alex and also Ryan accomplish at the safe house, and Ryan reveals his genuine weakness to Alex: “It’s you,” the says. “Worrying if you’re okay. Worried if you’re ever really walk to trust me, or if we’re walk to make it the end of this together.” that apologizes because that being remote lately yet says he needs to be. If they’re going come succeed, the CIA can’t understand how connected Ryan is to Alex. Alex claims she understands. “Let’s get back to work.” and so starts their undoing. (Sidenote: Is Ryan even remotely bothered that he is not Alex’s weakness?)



Back in ~ the room home, Lydia and also Owen are teaming up. Lydia feels like the CIA is positioning her versus her father so she’ll execute their dirty job-related for them, and also she tells she father as much. She claims she will aid him uncover out that outed the — however Director Keyes is no one the wiser. She calls him and also lies, states that her father is done digging around. Keyes promises to acquire her earlier out in the field in return.

Back in the present, Alex is hear to 2 terrorists complain around the load of holding nearly 2,000 people hostage. Together she continues snooping, she look at a pair that assailants interrogating Raina — she tells them the she won’t speak for them anymore, but they remind she of your power and tighten the steel collar around her neck.

Meanwhile, Shelby is leading a briefing of the AIC to optimal officials, however the meeting is interrupted by a nbrianowens.tv live transfer from inside the terrorists’ camp: “In one hour’s time,” Raina says into the camera, “the Citizen’s Liberation Front will be all set to trade 1,667 hostages in exchange because that the delivery of Eric Boyer.” The FBI office is confused as to why they would want the hacker, but Raina alerts them the if lock don’t cooperate, more blood will spill.

After, Raina is being organized under watch by a single guard as soon as Alex approaches dressed as one of the terrorists. She practically blows the by no speaking in Swahili, yet then she goes ahead and also speaks in Swahili. The other guard departs, and also who knbrianowens.tv she knbrianowens.tv Swahili?! Raina is equally surprised by she linguistics and absolutely dazzling to watch her — although, they’re both puzzled by the terrorists’ plans. They have actually thousands the hostages, and also hundreds of people leaders, but they only seem come be involved with the smaller team that has Ryan, Dayana, Harry, etc.

Here Alex reveals she CIA lesson of the Week: The huge group the hostages is the terrorists’ weakness. The longer they have to attend to all of this people, the better. To protect against Eric from acquiring inside, Alex’s asks Raina to do the translation for the trade and slip a password in that just Miranda would certainly know. Alex’s suggestion? “Tell her, ‘It’s choose the boiler room down here.’” (That’s wherein Miranda found Liam’s decoy bomb after grand Central.) Alex additionally tells Raina to discover Lydia Hall: “We don’t obtain along, however she’s very an excellent at what she does,” she says.

Back in ~ headquarters, Paul is listening Shelby’s argument for why they have to not make the trade and Miranda’s insistences the they should. He ends up siding v Miranda, that reveals the Eric Boyer landed at LaGuardia an hour ago. So she and also Shelby go find him. That course, having actually just returned stateside after receiving a presidential pardon, Eric doesn’t really want to talk to the FBI. Miranda makes him obtain in her SUV to talk privately. “You didn’t live up to your end of the bargain,” she speak him when they’re alone. Eric can’t think she’s one of “them.” “Consider me a representative,” she explains. She tells Eric that he knbrianowens.tv what he was supposed to do and also since that didn’t, “Now, I’m walk to need to turn you end to them, which we both recognize is going to be far worse.” Eric says that if she walk that, it’s suicide. “Not for me,” she retorts.

After exiting the car, Miranda actions away to contact in her progress and also Eric apologizes come Shelby. That hacked McGregor Wyatt in 2012, apparently, and also says it was a fun mechanism to break into. “I didn’t read your personal messages,” that promises and then suggests Shelby should.

When Raina re-enters the hostage cell, she finds Lydia, who automatically disagrees through Alex’s plan. “She’s not a federal government agent,” she says — so i guess Alex does not finish her continue to be at the Farm? — before explaining the the goal demands to be saving as many lives as possible. “Clearly, Alex told friend you might trust me. Trust me.”

When the FBI arrives v Eric Boyer, Raina is across the splitting line, and Miranda and also Eric space on the various other side. Alex is watching indigenous a window several stories up. As they relax hostages in batches that 10, Eric and Miranda take it one action closer. As the final group come out, Miranda and also Raina are standing confront to face. Raina gives Miranda the password — and even despite Miranda understands it, she tho hands end Eric Boyer. Alex fires numerous shots native the window. It’s pandemonium downtown together the terrorists start their find for Alex. Their only instruction: “Shoot her on sight.”

Miranda return to headquarters and also suggests that they let the hostages go after short intervibrianowens.tvs. Shelby is shocked the she can be for this reason cavalier when terrorists might be hiding in the hostage group. Burke sides with Miranda due to the fact that she was right around the trade.

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Dejected and alone in she office, Shelby logs right into McGregor Wyatt and also checks she 2012 folder. There, she finds a nbrianowens.tv message from Eric Boyer (!!). The topic line reads “Re: Miranda” while the note is simple: “She’s among them.”

Eric, our mysterious criminal turned savior, is at a computer with terrorists giving him orders. “It wasn’t supposed to go this far,” he argues. All of sudden he take away a gun off the the one closest come him and shoots self in the head. When relieved that the terrorists are back at square one with everything they required hacked, this death is sad. We simply met Eric and he achieved so much.