Destiny 2 Forsaken: Purification Ritual Plague Of The Well In Destiny 2

Those who spend considerable time in the Dreaming City completing bounties and activities have likely worked their way into a bounty called the Purification Ritual. There are several versions of this bounty, but today I’m going to cover the one that requires players Defeat any Plague of the Well while ascendant.

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Purification Ritual – Defeat any Plague of the Well


To get this bounty (or another version of it), players must first have an Offering for the Oracle in Destiny 2. With that out of the way, if your bounty requires you to Defeat any Plague of the Well enemies while you’re Ascendant, prepare for a bit of a tough go.

With the bounty in hand head to the Blind Well. You’ll need four things to have a chance at success:

Charge of Light – Tier IIIStrong fireteam


I suppose it’s possible to solo the Blind Well at Tier III, but it’s not a reasonable task for any Guardian out there. It’s even going to be rough on three good Guardians, so you are at the mercy of PvE matchmaking, which is a shame. I would suggest running Tier I and Tier II until a few random players join you and can help with the Tier III Blind Well activity. Once the Tier 3 Blind Well activity ends, approach the center pedestal and use an Unstable Charge of Light to begin one of the Heroic Blind Well events. Use the Tincture of Queensfoild to become Ascendant, and then work with the other players to clear the activity.

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The boss that spawns is entirely dependent upon what week it is, as the Heroic Blind Well cycles. The named bosses will be called “Plague of the Blind Well”, which indicates it is the correct enemy to be killing in order to complete the Purification Ritual bounty. You do not have to land the final blow, but I can only assume you must cause some damage, although perhaps being active in the event is enough. Don’t take any risks, though; deal as much damage to the boss as possible just to be safe.


The Purification Ritual bounty can then be handed in from your inventory, allowing you to purify another piece of your Reverie armor to remove the Riven’s Curse debuff.

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Now that you know how to Defeat any Plague of the Well while Ascendant, be sure to hop over to the Destiny 2 strategy guide we have been working on for over a year now. It should have resources for both new and veteran Guardians.


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