Пš° Potable Water Delivery Systems Are Characterized By _______ Water Purifier

Which of the following is least likely to have difficulties with economic access to potable water?


Which of the following is not a way that nonnative organisms are introduced to new aquatic ecosystems related to commerce?


The defining characteristic of potable water is that it _______.

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Can be used and consumed without risk

Groundwater overdraft occurs when _______.

The rate of use exceeds the rate of replenishment

Surface water standards for recreation are determined by the Clean Water Act.


Why might it be beneficial to regulate what species of plants and animals people are allowed to own in particular environments?

Some species might become invasive and destructive if they escaped.

Aquifers are _______.

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All of the above

Which of the following is not an option for solving the world water crisis?

Finding new sources of freshwater

What is the greatest use of groundwater?


Potable water delivery systems are characterized by _______.

High infrastructure

Australian aborigines could not use wells in the desert due to lack of groundwater.


Where is the water table located?

At the top of the saturated zone

Which of the following statements about desalination is true?

Desalination is less expensive than water reclamation

Which of the following is not an example of mechanical control of nonnative species?


The negative impacts of nonnative species generally outweigh the positive impacts.


Freshwater is used principally as drinking water.

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Which of the following is a way in which water resources are consumed?

All of the above

Which of the following processes requires separate plumbing?

Greywater use

Which of the following regulations is the primary law regarding water pollution?

The Clean Water Act

Which of the following is true concerning hull fouling from commercial shipping and recreational boating?

It is difficult to prevent since ship hulls begin, conduct, and end voyages in water.

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