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Was expecting a package and also received email tracking the package was inserted in mail locker, confirm my mailbox, NO KEY. Waited a few days tho no sign of package. Filed a insurance claim with USPS and called Robinhood station, of course no answer. Adhering to day waited because that carrier and she says well scanned it ns may have placed it on your porch!!! WTH she scanned it and didn"t location it where she was an alleged to!!!! miscellaneous fishy!!! Contacted the OIG because that postal affairs... Waiting to listen back....

Christa M.

I have had proceeding problems through my mail delivery, especially packages. Currently, I have actually one package shed at that article office. What"s worse is that the short article office proceeds to designate my mail periodically as "undeliverable as addressed," i m sorry is infuriating. I"ve already addressed this concern with the Stockton post office, and also the problem continues. In addition, no one answers the phone in ~ the West Lane post office. Is anybody working there?

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This is the second time they have lost among my packages. Supposedly the letter carrier yielded my letter on Saturday come me however I never obtained the package. Ns ordered the package through a site, therefore if the USPS said they ceded it and I didnt gain it, i Cant acquire a refund. So i am the end of Money, experiencing from emotional distress because that package had actually my an individual information, addresse and billing information. My only solution is the the letter carrier yielded my package to one more person. They been investigating the for 2 weeks now and I am on my last straw v it all. The super called and also a left a voicemail saying "supposedly girlfriend didnt acquire the package etc." If I received the package, ns wouldn"t be wasting mine time fighting this but I to be going come fight it until I either get my package or get a finish refund that the complete of mine package. If this concern is no fixed, i am moving the hell the end of the area due to the fact that I Cant lose no more packages. I take care of my business through the mail and I to be going to have my clients trying come sue me since they one of two people didnt obtain their package, or i didnt get their package they"re sending out me. I will come earlier with an update