If you follow the Android news On our page you will recognize that security is a pending issue in the device. Google has actually substantially boosted this defense on Android, but tright here are still many applications that know exactly how to put our phones in risk. Of course, tbelow is a mechanism that ensures our safety: Google Play Protect.

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Google Play Protect will be caused by default and better defend our mobile

Google Play Protect is receiving news these past few days. We explain what they consist of and also what these novelties are.

We talk around Protect because perhaps you have actually appeared a mysterious notification: «Play defense indevelopment update«. It appears randomly, you deserve to go out on any type of phone and as lengthy as it has actually an Web link. It may also disappear when you rotate off the connection; to reshow up once the mechanism detects that it have the right to downfill data.

Why is the notification? Does it imply risk to your phone? The answer is no: be part of the usual on your Android and It does not pose any kind of risk to the smartphone. The perkid responsible for the notification is the device that ensures the defense and also privacy of the applications: Google Play Protect.

Google Play Protect downtons the information it calls for to detect suspicious applications

Within Android there are 2 standard means in which solutions and applications are updated: user-guided (manuals) or automatic (in background). The system applications important for regular Android use are always updated without requiring the interactivity of the owner of the phone. Among these applications are all Google Play services; among which is energetic safety and security defense, Google Play Protect.


Play Protect analyzes in the background all the apps and also games of your Android phone. This indicates that you will not uncover out once you test the security and also privacy of the software; at least as lengthy as it doesn't display any type of warning, as is the case through the alert that encourages this article: «Play security information update«.

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Google Play Protect comparison the indevelopment of the installed applications through the one that Google has on its servers to ensure that these applications are safe and comply with the store's plan. Often must downpack information to update your database, so you may have been captured in the procedure. You don't need to worry: the “Play protection information update” alert does not suggest that your mobile phone is at danger. Google Play Protect likewise does not spfinish too much mobile data, so you will certainly not need to issue around your price.