For take a trip to the United States on a short-lived basis, consisting of tourism, short-lived employment, research and exreadjust.

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UNITED STATE Citizens through emergencies, please contact 618-2000

Beyond Office Hours, contact: 618-2000

Outside of brianowens.tvru: 51-1 618-2000


Learn more around high quality higher-education methods in the U.S. that you will not find anywhere else in the world.


Learn English and also gain to know more around the United States at the brianowens.tvru-UNITED STATE institutes and also social centers.


The UNITED STATE Embassy in brianowens.tvru conducts an yearly nationwide combrianowens.tvtition requesting conservative tasks for the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation because 2001.

Avenida La Encalada cdra. 17 s/nSurco, Lima 33, brianowens.tvruTelephone: (51-1) 618-2000E-mail: lima_webmaster


Lawful brianowens.tvrmanent Residents (LPRs) who have lost their LPR cards and/or reenattempt brianowens.tvrmits and also need travel documentation to go back to the USA can file Form I-131A via the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Lima.


You might apply for take a trip documentation if you are an LPR and:

You are returning from short-term worldwide travel of less than one year and also your brianowens.tvrmanent Resident Card (additionally recognized as a Environment-friendly Card or Form I-551) has actually been lost, stolen, or ruined.You are returning from temporary international travel of less than 2 years and your reenattempt brianowens.tvrmit (Form I-327) has been shed, stolen, or ruined.

We will certainly meacertain the length of your lack from the USA from the moment you departed the U.S. to the time you pay the fee for filing Form I-131A.

If you are an LPR with an expired Green Card, you may not have to file a Form I-131A. You have to examine through your airline or vessel prior to filing a Form I-131A.

Although regulations primarily need an LPR to take a trip through a valid Eco-friendly card, CBP policy brianowens.tvrmits a transportation carrier bound for the USA to board an LPR without carrier documentation if you:

Are an LPR that has an expired Eco-friendly Card that was issued through a 10-year expiration date, orAre an LPR through an expired Eco-friendly Card with a two-year expiration day AND you also have actually a Form I-797, Notice of Action, for Form I-751 or Form I-829 to rerelocate the problems on your irreversible resident condition. The Notice of Action exoften tends the validity of the Eco-friendly Card for a stated size of time, mostly 12 to 18 months.

Travel Document Appointment:

To schedule an appointment to file the Form I-131A for travel documentation, please send an e-mail, including your name, to LimaIV with the following topic line: “I-131A– YOUR NAME”.

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On the day of your appointment, please lug the adhering to to the Embassy:

A published copy of your appointment confirmation e-mail.Proof of the $575 virtual fee payment for filing Form I-131A (such as a published copy of your payment confirmation page or a printed copy of your emailed receipt).Valid passport.Police report regarding the loss of the LPR card, if applicable.Evidence of LPR standing (such as a copy of LPR card), if available.Evidence to demonstrate that you have actually not been exterior the USA for more than one year.