Line Repaint Claims

To report a paint damages insurance claim in District 10 — which consists of Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, Indiana, and Jefferchild counties, you have to first downpack and also fill out the commonwealth Bureau of Finance and Risk Management (FARM) Claim Form (PDF). After you have actually downloaded the create, please finish sections 1, 3 and also 4, and conserve a copy for your records.

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Once completed, sfinish the form to brianowens.tvpaint10 Any questions concerning this develop must likewise be sent out to this email resolve for a response and also follow-up.

Upon verification by, your develop will be sent to FARM for handling, and a representative from that office will contact you.

All clintends are reregarded on a case-by-instance basis and not all clintends are honored as it is the automobile operators" obligation to operate their vehicle within the roadway lines and also follow all warning and advisory signage. With line-paint operations being weather sensitive, they are performed to carry out the most cost-reliable way of paint lines with the leastern disruption for the motoring public.

Note: You will be compelled to carry out the date, time, county, state route number and also location of the event.

Disclaimer: The commonwealth"s Bureau of Finance and Risk Management (FARM) within the Department of General Services is responsible for determining if a claim have to be passist. FARM is not associated through

FARM calls for to review all claims associated through state-owned highways before they make a determination whether to pay.

​Property Damage Claims

Damage claims not pertained to line paint should be reregarded by our county maintenance office in which the occurrence was located. Before calling the proper county office (noted below), please have the adhering to indevelopment available: time and also location of the incident; property owner"s name, attend to, and phone number; approximated damage, property summary, and description of the damage; and a summary of the occurrence leading to damages. A representative at the county maintenance office will usage this information to complete a claim form.

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Upon verification by your develop will certainly be sent out to FARM for processing, and a representative from that office will contact you. FARM is responsible for determining if a insurance claim should be paid, and also is not associated with

County Contacts

Armstrong County: 724-543-1811 Butler County: 724-284-8800 Clarion County: 814-226-8200 Indiana County: 724-357-2817 Jefferkid County: 814-938-6300