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Lab Activities Packet Tracer – Exploring Internetworking Devices Packet Tracer – Configure Initial Rexternal Settings Packet Tracer – Connect a Router to a LAN Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting Default Gateway Issues Packet Tracer Skills Integration Challenge

Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting Default Gatemeans Issues (Answer Version)

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* Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting Default Gatemethod Issues

Addressing Table

DeviceInterfaceIP AddressSubnet MaskDefault Gateway
S1VLAN 1192.168.10.2255.255.255.0192.168.10.1
S2VLAN 1192.168.11.2255.255.255.0192.168.11.1


Part 1: Verify Network Documentation and Isolate Problems

Part 2: Implement, Verify, and also Document Solutions


For a device to connect across multiple netfunctions, it must be configured with an IP attend to, subnet mask, and a default gatemeans. The default gatemeans is supplied once the host wants to sfinish a packet to a machine on an additional network. The default gateway deal with is mostly the router interchallenge address attached to the neighborhood netjob-related to which the host is linked. In this task, you will complete documenting the network-related. You will then verify the network documentation by testing end-to-end connectivity and also troubleshooting concerns. The troubleshooting method you will usage is composed of the adhering to steps:

Verify the network documentation and use tests to isolate troubles.Determine an appropriate solution for a provided trouble.Implement the solution.Test to verify the trouble is resolved.Document the solution.

Throughout your CCNA research studies, you will certainly enrespond to various descriptions of the troubleshooting method, and various ways to test and document worries and services. This is intentional. There is no collection conventional or design template for troubleshooting. Each company develops distinctive procedures and documentation criteria (also if that process is “we don’t have actually one”). However before, all efficient troubleshooting methodologies primarily encompass the above measures.

Note: If you are skilled through default gateway configurations, this activity could seem even more affiliated than it should be. You have the right to, most most likely, conveniently uncover and settle all the connectivity concerns faster than complying with these actions. However, as you proceed in your research studies, the networks and troubles you enrespond to will become significantly more complex. In such cases, the just efficient way to isolate and fix issues is to usage a methodical strategy such as the one used in this task.

Part 1: Verify Network-related Documentation and Isolate Problems

In Part 1 of this activity, complete the documentation and perdevelop connectivity tests to uncover concerns. In enhancement, you will certainly identify an correct solution for implementation in Part 2.

Step 1: Verify the network-related documentation and isolate any difficulties.Before you have the right to properly test a network, you must have actually complete documentation. Notice in the Addressing Table that some information is missing. Complete the Addressing Table by filling in the lacking default gatemethod information for the switches and the Computers.Test connectivity to gadgets on the exact same netoccupational. By isolating and also correcting any local accessibility worries, you can better test remote connectivity via the confidence that neighborhood connectivity is operational.

A confirmation plan have the right to be as easy as a list of connectivity tests. Use the complying with tests to verify neighborhood connectivity and also isolate any access issues. The initially issue is currently documented, yet you need to implement and verify the solution throughout Part 2.

Testing and also Verification Documentation

PC1 to PC2NoIP resolve on PC1Change PC1 IP address
PC1 to S1
PC1 to R1

Note: The table is an example; you need to develop your own document. You have the right to use paper and also pencil to attract a table, or you can usage a text editor or spreadsheet. Consult your Answer if you require further guidance.

c. Test connectivity to remote gadgets (such as from PC1 to PC4) and record any type of troubles. This is typically referred to as end-to-end connectivity. This suggests that all gadgets in a network have actually the complete connectivity allowed by the network plan.

Note: Remote connectivity testing may not be feasible yet, bereason you have to first deal with neighborhood connectivity problems. After you have solved those problems, return to this action and test connectivity between netfunctions.

Step 2: Determine an correct solution for the difficulty.Using your expertise of the way netfunctions run and also your gadget configuration abilities, search for the reason of the problem. For example, S1 is not the cause of the connectivity worry between PC1 and PC2. The connect lights are green and also no configuration on S1 would reason website traffic to not pass in between PC1 and PC2. So the difficulty need to be with PC1, PC2, or both.Verify the gadget addressing to ensure it matches the network-related documentation. For example, the IP address for PC1 is incorrect as verified via the ipconfig command also.Suggest a solution that you think will fix the difficulty and also record it. For instance, adjust the IP attend to for PC1 to enhance the documentation.

Note: Often there is even more than one solution. However before, it is a troubleshooting ideal practice to implement one solution at a time. Implementing even more than one solution could introduce extra problems in a much more complicated scenario.

Part 2: Implement, Verify, and also Document Solutions

In Part 2 of this activity, you will implement the options you identified in Part 1. You will certainly then verify the solution functioned. You might should go back to Part 1 to finish isolating all the troubles.

Tip 1: Implement solutions to connectivity problems.

Refer to your documentation in Part 1. Choose the initially issue and also implement your argued solution. For instance, correct the IP address on PC1.

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Step 2: Verify that the problem is now readdressed.Verify your solution has addressed the problem by percreating the test you used to identify the problem. For instance, deserve to PC1 now ping PC2?If the trouble is resolved, indicate so in your documentation. For example, in the table over, a simple checkmark would certainly suffice in the “Verified” column.Stpe 3: Verify that all worries are readdressed.If you still have actually a superb worry via a solution that has not yet been imposed, go back to Part 2, Tip 1.If all your present concerns are readdressed, have actually you likewise resolved any remote connectivity problems (such as have the right to PC1 ping PC4)? If the answer is no, go back to Part 1, Tip 1c to test remote connectivity.IssuesPC1 cannot ping PC2 bereason PC1 has actually an IP deal with that does not belengthy to the network-related PC1 is attached to.Devices cannot ping S2 and S2 cannot ping any kind of gadget because S2 is absent an IP resolve.Remote devices cannot ping PC4 bereason PC4 has actually the wrong default gatemeans configured.Remote gadgets cannot ping S1 because S1 is missing a default gateway configuration.