Taming A Cool Steam Vent (Easy) Oxygen Not Included Cool Steam Vent Setup

I would rather not use drip cooling or any exploits. The designs I found around the forums were either outdated or seemed very complex and over my head. Looking for something simple, even if not the most effective or efficient solution that I can use as a stepping stone to build more complicated designs


There are no easy and simple setups anymore. Or rather, there are, but you can't just simply use them and expect they'll work every time. Each geyser produces differently and there are different combinations of geysers in the map, meaning the solution may differ. For instance my geyser is a mean monster, it produces 20 kg/s of steam for three minutes straight when erupting. There was no simple solution to handle it and wheezeworts were definitely not up the task. Luckily I have a slush geyser in the map, too, and I used that to provide the cooling.

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Here's my solution: https://i.imgur.com/k0WT4o8.jpg

Other geysers may produce less and these can then perhaps be condensed with wheezeworts safely.

Didn’t realize geysers varied so much in output, that’s something I’ll have to check and experiment with a bit

Make a cooling Tower.

Pump out all the gas if you can, steam seems to condense immediately in a vacuum. However, this isnt strictly necessary, just get most of the gas out of the tower, and watch the steam rise and condense. The whole thing will cool down enough during each dormancy.. or not, but really it doesnt matter, as long as you dont care about heating whatever is at the top of the tower. If you do.. then make it a vaccuum during dormant period, seal with abyssalite.

example.. https://imgur.com/a/C6JV1 The steam doesnt make it even halfway up, the whole area is much cooler than when i had it contained and attempted to condense it using external cooling.

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I’d say I’m more concerned about using the resulting hot water in my base and heating it up to a point that my SPOM and wheezeworts can’t handle, will the water cool enough on its own that it becomes a non-issue?

what i like to do is build an box around the geyser with the top of the box made of metal tiles and the other 3 sides made of abyssalite. ib tio if that you build another box, this one with 2 layers and a single tile wide gap between them (a loop). stick a weez in there and youll itll start raining in the geyser chamber whenever it errupts. gotta be carefull though, or itll freeze over. havent done it since before the rancing update, so i dont know how it would work with the now dormancy cycles and such.

The problem with this setup now is if you got a real beast of a geyser, that your wheezeloop is not up to the task of cooling it when it's active.

My own solution at the moment is because I have a massive pH2O tank underneath my steam geysers, to pump cold pH2O from the tank through a radiator setup inside the steam geyser rooms, which are encased in abyssalite. This eats up most of the heat, and I use an insulated pipe to send the 40ish degrees Celsius water into my electrolyser. A second pump sends it down through the pH2O tank in a radiator again, ending with an aquatuner, making it around 10 degrees or so before I dump it in my cold water resevoir. I first had 2 aquatuners on the end, but that was overkill and was causing the pipes to burst.

A shutoff valve with a hydro sensor linked to it ensures that the cold water tank doesn't overflow, while maintaining enough cool water for various uses.

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The pH2O that is absorbing all this heat is sent into fertiliser makers for my NG generators. The fertiliser they make gets swept up by autosweepers and carried to my hatch ranches to feed them and get me a nice pile of coal for my coal generators. The CO2 from the NG gens and the coal gens ( when they are running as they're the 2ndary power system ) then gets pumped into the oil biome where my slicksters eat it and turn it into oil.


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