Sebastian, that was put on protection information, takes the abduction of the child of a Thai minister personally. But as evidence points to a gruesome murder, Sebastian puts whatever in perspective to make sure they don't catch the wrong suspect


‘The Order of the Mongoose’, the eighth episode of ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Season 6 was a Sebastian episode and a Sebastian episode suggests fun.The man-baby and also frequently immature forensic agent Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich) was on security information.

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He was tasked via giving protection to a teenager, the child of a minister in the Thailand also federal government. They were at a nightclub wright here he and also an official bodyguard Kasem (Dan Southworth) were keeping an eye on Tanawat "Tan" Benjawan (Carlin James) because his mommy had actually got credible threats from a Thai extremist group.

Things quickly went southern when someone pulled a fire alarm and they lost Tan throughout the succeeding evacuation. Tan’s mommy, Minister Benjawan (Pisay Pao), was both livid and also scared. She shouted at Sebastian for losing Tan.

It was only as soon as one-of-a-kind agent Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) arrived and also took charge that she managed to calm down and also assist them out through indevelopment. She told them tright here was a team back residence called “Thailand also First” -- a pro-armed forces junta team -- that hated her.

They didn’t want foreign organization deals, rather like the one that the minister was trying to execute in New Orleans. It was feasible this team abducted Tan to change the minister’s mind -- something the minister was unwilling to do.

While the NCIS team was trying to identify the motive behind a crime like this, agent Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito) argued a different opportunity -- what if Tan was not kidnapped? Instead, what if he had escaped on his own accord. It would certainly not be surpincreasing, considering just how overprotective his mother was.

When the team checked footage from the nightclub, they found Tammy’s suspicion was solid. Tan had indeed snuck out. He, donning a hoodie, jumped right into a vehicle through an unknown womale. When they investigated better, they found the two of them had made their method to a hotel.

Sebastian and also a visibly-angry Kasem made their means to the hotel to bring Tan home. But all was not well. When they gone into the room, they experienced the dead body of a young woman on the bed, extended in blood. They additionally uncovered the murder weapon -- a knife that was gifted to Tan by Kasem.

Security footage from behind the hotel confirmed Tan walking out, his hands extended in blood. Tan was now a murder suspect.Everything looked damning. Tan’s DNA was the only one discovered at the crime scene. Tests showed Tan may have actually been on a mix of drugs, one that might have resulted in a violent episode.

DNA testing additionally revealed the murder victim was a woguy named Claire Roberts, someone Tan had met as soon as he was visiting colleges in the UNITED STATE His emails showed they had kept in touch. But Sebastian did not buy it. Even from his brief interactions with the boy, he might tell this was not his doing. There was even more than met the eye.

When Sebastian doubted the minister around Tan, she got protective. But before she might say more, their conversation was interrupted by Lawan Nitaya (Amor Owens), another member of the Thai government that had accompanied the minister.

This made Sebastian suspicious. When Dr. Loretta Wade (C. C. H. Pounder) uncovered proof the murder was committed by someone wearing lambskin gloves, Sebastian kbrand-new this was a setup.

The team shortly uncovered even more fishy business. While investigating "Thailand First", they discovered links between Kasem and the group -- Kasem spoke to them three days prior to Tan"s abduction. When Sebastian tried to take Kasem into custody, he struck Sebastian and made a run for it.

But tbelow was still no proof Kasem was behind the murder too. In the meantime, Pride and Sebastian ultimately regulated to sepaprice the minister from her staff so she might speak easily. After some pressure from the team, she provided in and also led them to Tan, who she was hiding.

When the team doubted Tan, he told them Kasem supposedly had a mystery relationship. That was why he had assisted Tan sneak out through Claire. Kasem"s secret partner turned out to be Lawan.

Why were they working together? While Kasem was a zealot that stood against everything the minister believed in, Lawan did it bereason she felt the minister had stolen her location in the cabinet.When they lastly challenged Kasem, who was trying to kill the minister, Sebastian took him down after a heart-racing fistfight. And the day was saved.

The following episode of "NCIS: New Orleans" will air on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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