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With it being rather difficult to figure out which answers lead to the +1, +3, and +5 love level up, I will only be posting the options to each chapter. If you cannot reach a check point at any time, please let us know how many Love Level Points you”re missing and if you”ve used any Gacha items. Also, when I tell you how many affection points I was missing to achieve a special scenario, the total is NOT including the gacha items. Meaning, if you have ZERO gacha items to raise Ferris” affection, you would be missing that many affection points. I am trying to keep track for my sake and yours. :3
1.05<1> I gave him back the ring. (+1)<2> I told him that”s too much.

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<3> I asked him for the reason. (+5)1.09<1> I”m nervous. (+5)<2> It”s nothing.<3> Your imagination. (+1)1.11Queens Lesson:Requires 1000+Elegance1.14<1> It”s so beautiful here. (+5)<2> This is so relaxing.<3> It”s so quiet.
2.01Special Scenario: Get CG! (Requires 15+ Affection) 2.03Avatar Trial:Premium Route: Pastel Green High Heels with Bow(Charm +40) – 300 PlatinumNormal Route: Purple Rose High Heels(Charm + 10) – 100 Platinum/ 2000 Diamond 2.03<1> Okay.<2> That”s too bad.<3> Thank you for your help today. (+5?)2.09<1> This is a surprise…<2> I”m looking forward to it. (+5?)<3> Why didn”t you just tell me?2.12Special Scenario (Requires 25+ Affection)2.14<1> You saved me. (+5)<2> I”m happy you”re here.<3> I”ll be more careful next time.
3.01Queens Lesson:Requires ?+ Elegance 3.04Special Scenario (Requires 35+ Affection)* Requirements were met. 3.05<1> You”ve changed.<2> Say nothing.(+5?)<3> Very kind of you. * 3.09Extra:Sweet Memory★ Ferris 03:08 – 150 Platinum 3.09<1> I guess he”s worried about me. (+5)<2> I feel bad for Albert.<3> I”m fine on my own.3.10Avatar Trial:Premium Route: Ferris” Flower Veil(Charm +60) – 300 PlatinumNormal Route: Pink Pearl Headband(Charm + 15) – 100 Platinum/ 4500 Diamond3.15<1> Thank you.<2> I”m all right now. *<3> I”m sorry. (+5?)
4.03<1> But….<2> I already got plenty of rest.

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<3> It”s okay. *4.04Special Scenario (Requires 55+ Affection)4.08<1> What kind of place is it?<2> I”m should be enjoyable. (+5)<3> Did you pick it out?4.11Queens Mission:Requires ?+ Elegance4.13Special Scenario: Get CG! (Requires 60+ Affection)4.15<1> Shake him.(+5?)<2> Touch his cheek. *<3> Talk to him.
5.03<1> Obviously. (+5)<2> Isn”t that natural?<3> You”re wrong.5.08Avatar Trial:Premium Route: Bright Blue Eyes(Charm +80) – 500 PlatinumNormal Route: Virtuous Purple Eyes(Charm + 20) – 150 Platinum/ 8000 Diamond5.10<1> No, that”s not it.<2> I stayed up too late. (+5)<3> I”m just hungry.5.10Extra:Sweet Memory★ Ferris 05:10 – 150 PlatinumThere are only TWO selections in Chapter 5.
6.02<1> Nod. (+5)<2> Stay silent.<3> Hesitate.6.04Special Scenario (Requires 80+ Affection)6.05<1> I want to know.<2> I don”t want to know.<3> You don”t have to tell me right now. (+5)6.06Extra:Sweet Memory★ Ferris 06:06 – 150 Platinum6.13<1> Repeat yourself. (+5)<2> Gloss over.<3> Check whether they heard you.
7.01Queens Mission:Requires 10,000+ Elegance 7.05Avatar Trial:Premium Route: Loosely Braided Platinum Blonde Hair(Charm +100) – 500 PlatinumNormal Route: Wavy Platinum Blonde Hair(Charm + 60) – 200 Platinum/ 13000 Diamond 7.06<1> This is embarrassing….<2> Prévert is watching….<3> Let me go. *7.08Extra:Sweet Memory★ Ferris 07:07 – 150 Platinum 7.10<1> I don”t want to go there.<2> Let”s cancel our travel plans.<3> I want to stay nearby. (+5)7.12Special Scenario (Requires 100+ Affection)Current Gacha Points:+20Ferris Affection = 100 * still working on raising affectionThere are only TWO selections in Chapter 7.
8.04<1> I don”t want to let Ferris die. (+5)<2> As queen, I can”t just idly stand by.

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<3> I said I”d go, so I”ll go.8.06Queens Mission:Requires 16000+ Elegance 8.09Avatar Trial:Premium Route: Floral Pastel Green Dress(Charm +200) – 500 PlatinumNormal Route: Purple Corset Dress(Charm + 100) – 200 Platinum/ 13000 Diamond 8.12<1> Is that so?<2> So are you. (+5)<3> That”s an exaggeration.8.15<1> Why?<2> Don”t!<3> We”ll go together. (+5)






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