As v all searches in Borderlands 3, "On The Bloodpath" nets the player a reward in ~ the end. Yet will friend side v Ramsden or Holder?

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In stimulate to achieve the quest, you"ll very first to require to discover the pursuit giver. Uncover Ramsden hunched over close to the optimal of the map inside The Anvil top top Eden-6 and also speak come him to start the on the Blood route side quest. He will certainly ask the player to complimentary his companion Holder from a bandit gang called The Shanks and also direct the player to uncover a key.

Borderlands 3 corpse hugging crate on the floor
First, the player will need to uncover the vital to Shankland. Native Ramsden, head with the doorway behind him and also decide to either take it out all of the opponents held up inside the room or neglect the gunfight and also head increase the stairs on the left and also through the hallway.

at the finish of the hallway, head up the second set the stairs and head left until getting to a locked door. Use the control panel top top the left to open up the door and on the various other side that the door are three areas to loot with among them comprise the key.

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from the entrance, head inside the room directly across from the now unlocked door. At the far finish on the left inside among the toilets is one of the possible crucial locations. Head ago towards the unlocked and turn left under the hallway and inside this room on the left is a pile of supply crates in the corner.

The 2nd location have the right to be uncovered on height of one of these crate tucked far in the shadows. Indigenous here, past the wall surface of tv screens, is a ramp leading down into a room with the 3rd and final crucial location sitting opposite the door ~ above the floor.

BL3 Player looking in ~ cell
exit the area earlier through the main door and head right and also up the stairs bring about a second control panel making use of the vital to open up a much bigger door. Through the door and across the bridge will lead the player right into Shankland. Inside, various types of Shanks will start to appear and also will have to be destroyed before continuing the quest.

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as soon as the enemies have to be taken care of, head increase the stairs on either next of the room and also into the doorway under the vent highlighted by the alarm. Approach the cabinet on the much left next of the room and also use the control panel to unlock it. Come the left of the lifeless human body propped up versus the bed is a enormous hole in the wall.

Borderlands 3 Holder vs. Ramsden
look on the floor to uncover a panel spanning up a second, huge hole in the concrete bed and drop down into the hole. Native here, jump end the railing and also drop down again to the main level whereby a 3rd Shank battle awaits. Following the battle, Holder will then show up on the much side that the room whereby he will current the player v two options.

Side v him by death the finger-eating Ramsden eagerly anticipating accessibility through the locked doors to obtain a shiny brand-new shield. Or, you have the right to let Ramsdsen in so the he can feast ~ above Holder"s ten number while offering the player a powerful brand-new shotgun.

BL3 Iron-Willed Fingerbiter shotgun
Siding through Ramsden to earn the brand-new weapon can be excellent in one straightforward step. Head over to the control panel beside the locked door to unleash Ramsden and his finger-biting clan ~ above Holder.

opened the door will present the last wave the Shanks to hunt while taking out Holder. After the gunfight, talk to Ramsden to complete the quest and also receive a chunk the cash and a rarely Jakobs shotgun called the Iron-Willed Fingerbiter.

turning down the weapon and choosing come side through Holder will result in the final fight between the player, Holder, and an military of Shanks taking on Ramsden and also his clan.

after ~ the fight, speak with Holder to complete this next quest and also receive the distinct Pangolin shield referred to as the Brawler Unpaler which gives the player a boost in melee damages when the shield has been depleted.

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