\"Angel that the Morning\" is among those song that has lived multiple resides in the 50+ years. Created byChip Taylor, the song has actually been taped by Merrilee Rush, nation singer Melba Montgomery, Olivia Newton-John, Juice Newton and more. Yet the soaring strength ballad, which centers top top a forbidden love affair, sounds just as fresh with every recording.But what\"s the story behind this timeless song?

The Story Behind \"Angel the the Morning\"

Chip Taylor,the younger brother the Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight (and uncle of Angelina Jolie),wrote the tune after listening The rojo Stones\" \"Ruby Tuesday.\" (Taylor currently had a huge hit on his hands v The Troggs\" 1966 track \"Wild Thing.\")

The song was originally readily available to Connie Francis, that turned it down. That was initially recorded through Evie Sands, but, due to her label\"s financial problems, Sands\" recording failed to make an affect on the charts.

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Shortly after, the tune was recorded by UK recording artist billie Davis, yet it wasMerrilee Rushwho an initial made \"Angel that the Morning\" a hit.

Rush came across the tune while on tour with Paul Revere & the Raiders.

\"I was put on a tourism as an opened act for Paul Revere & the Raiders in the deep south. In ~ the finish of that tour we saw Memphis since they were finishing increase theirGoin\" to Memphisalbum,\" rush told KEXP in 2019. \"I to be tagging along and also I just happened to be asked to execute an audition tape for the producer and also he chosen my voice. However leading up to that, there to be a other named Jerry Williams that was tour managing for the Raiders and he came up to see me perform due to the fact that an ex-roadie of ours was the roadie because that Paul Revere and he suggested I be on this tour. So, lock both come up and saw me work and also that placed me on the tour. At the end, i did this audition tape for the producer and I went back a month later and also Jerry Williams had a demo the \"Angel that the Morning\" in his quick case and also they played it for me. It was the writer, Chip Taylor, who also wrote \"Wild Thing,\" and he to be the one doing the demo - simply a voice and guitar. And he was terrible however the song was there and the text were phenomenal.\"

Rush\"s version was a peak 10 struggle in 1968 and helped earn rush a Grammy nomination because that Best modern Pop mrs Vocalist. (She shed to Dionne Warwick.)

Though number of recording artists placed their very own spin top top the song in the following years (Connie Eaton, mar Mason, brother band males \"n\" Dolls and Melba Montgomery, that peaked at No. 22 ~ above the country charts v the tune in 1978), the song acquired a truesecond life when \"Queen that Hearts\" country-rockerJuice Newton recorded the tune for her 1981 album Juice.

Newton\"s variation was a top 5 struggle on the Billboard hot 100 and also peaked at No. 22 on the Billboard nation charts in 1981. The same year, it topped the Billboard adult modern-day chart. The video clip was alsofirst nation music video to waiting on MTV, airing on the job the network launched.

The tradition of \"Angel of the Morning\"

The track has continued to it is in featured in films and television in the decades due to the fact that its release. Rocker and also the Pretenders frontwomanChrissie Hynde performed the tune in an episode ofFriends,while the Merrilee Rush version is featured in the 1999 filmGirl, Interrupted(starring songwriter Chip Taylor\"s niece, Angelina Jolie).

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The Juice Newton variation is (fittingly) featured in the 2000 filmCharlie\"s Angelsas well asin the opening credits ofDeadpooland, many recently, in the powerful final moment of the Oscar-nominated filmPromising Young Woman.