Tifu By Using Old Spice Thickening System Reddit, Robot Or Human

To begin this FU is currently happening, and has been occurring for the past 2 weeks, so yeah onto the story shall we

So I'm an 18 y/o male, and I attend university.We have midterms right now and I had an exam last Friday, yesterday and this Friday too (I'm basically trying to study really hard while all this b.s is going on, just felt like saying this because it could be relevant). Basically what happened was 2 weeks ago, on Saturday to be exact, I got a haircut. Prior to that though, I purchased “Old Spice Unruly” (it's basically like a pomade/paste that you put in your hair to style it), and I started using it everyday that I was at school, so basically, weekdays only. I used it every weekday following the week that I had the haircut, and only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. The reason I stopped using it was because every time I applied the paste to my hair, I would rub about a small finger full of it into my palms and then comb my fingers through my hair, and literally like 2-5 strands of my hair would come out. Now at this point my hair was still normal and thick. Thursday of last week is when I said screw this and stopped using it. Thursday went by normally without any hair loss, but my hair felt kind of weird because I took a shower and used some Pantene shampoo. Friday went by and I did shower that morning but I didnt use any shampoo (didn't want to put chemicals in my hair).

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I then started to notice i was losing some strands (weird..), but I don't recall how many it was to be exact. Saturday comes and my scalp it literally producing like 0 oil at all, and my hair feels weird as hell, and I kind of realize something is wrong because I'm still dropping hairs. Sunday comes and I start freaking out because my hair feels THIN, and my scalp was itchy. I scratched my head and kind of felt dandruff. I was very afraid now so I started researching random stuff on the internet not knowing what to do, so I quickly took a shower and used head and shoulders (now I don't know if this was good or not), and it took away the itchiness of my scalp, BUT whilst drying my hair like literally 20+ strands of my hair came out, I was like HOLY FUCK!!! So close to night time I took some of my dad's oil that he uses for his head (he's bald), and i just apply shit tons of it to my hair, and I don't even know what fucking oil it was because it's in a Vick's bottle, and there's like dead gray hairs floating in the oil (I know nasty right).

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That kind of calmed me down, and when I woke up the next morning there were no strands of hair on my pillow (I felt kind of relieved), so I took a shower to remove some of the oil in my hair. Whilst drying it yet again, another 4-5 strands came out, then I just went to school and did my exam. Now it's Tuesday and I haven't added anymore oil to my hair and neither have I taken a shower, my hair is literally thin as fuck, almost like baby hair ye I don't know what to do. I need your advice please. I just want my hair to go back to normal.

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P.S. When I was still using the paste, I would shower everyday, but I wouldn't use shampoo everyday because it would make my hair feel smooth (no oil in it, and it made it feel weird. Fuck that shampoo). My hair is like baby hair thin, like it literally looks weak.


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