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18 April 2002 UPDATE: Olde English Outfitters now has their own website at www.oldeenglishoutfitters.comwhich has actually pictures. My directions are still better than theirs so scroll on dvery own this page for directions to their save plus the hours that they are open.

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This is not the main Olde English Outfitters / Olde English Gun Shoppe website. This is just a convenience for the many kind of world who discovered my website while searching for the Olde English Outfitters / Olde English Gun Shoppe webwebsite.As shortly as they obtain a website I will certainly include a link to it. I am doing this because I am a satisfied customer. I do not have any other connection with them and they don"t necessarily give of my political views.Olde English Outfitters had absolutely no input on this web page and in fact they don"t also know that I am doing it.

Olde English Outfitters was previously known as Olde English Gun Shoppe. Regardless of the cutesy-poo name they are the largest and the majority of dependable gun save in the Dayton / Miami Valley Ohio USA area. (Yes, it really was spelled Olde English Gun Shoppe not Old English Gun Shop or Old English Outfitters.)

Olde English Outfitters sells a vast selection of rifles, scopes, shotweapons, handguns, gun safes, blackpowder rifles, archery tools, and also accessories such as ammunition, holsters, reloading devices, binoculars, and cleaning kits. They have by much the largest selection of gun safes in the area. They offer both brand-new and provided guns.Emphasis is on firearms for hunting (especially deer hunting) and also self-defense. They even have an indoor archery selection.Olde English Outfitters also sells hunting permits and permits for the Ohio state tarobtain varieties.Their salescivilization are exceptionally knowledgeable and also many have actually military or regulation enforcement backgrounds. Prices are modeprice. They publish occasional sale flyers in the neighborhood newspaper the Kettering-Oakwood Times and those list some great deals. Olde English Outfitters sells gift certificates for the hunter or archer in your family.

The complying with details were correct as of 30 May 2002. Call Olde English Outfitters at 937-667-3315 for updated indevelopment before visiting them.

Address: Olde English Outfitters, 480 East Ginghamsburg Road, Tipp City, Ohio 45371 USA.

Telephone: 937-667-3315

Hours as of 30 May 2002: Monday 11-8, Tuesday 11-6, Wednesday 11-6, Thursday 11-8, Friday 11-6, Saturday 9-5, Sunday closed. Call Olde English Outfitters at 937-667-3315 for updated indevelopment before visiting them.

Directions: Despite the Tipp City mailing resolve, Olde English Outfittersis actually in the tiny tvery own of Ginghamsburg Ohio USA. Starting in Dayton Ohio, take I-75 north simply past I-70. Get off on the National Roadway (Vandalia) exit. Go west on National Roadway. Turn appropriate (North) onto North Dixie road at the first major intersection. The Dayton Internationwide airport will certainly be on your left soon after you revolve onto North Dixie road. Go North on North Dixie road 2 miles until you reach the outskirts of Ginghamsburg.Slow down! Ginghamsburg Road is small and poorly noted.Turn right (East) onto Ginghamsburg Roadway. Go 1/2 mile. Olde English Outfitters is on the best simply prior to the I-75 freemethod underpass.

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Keep in mind to criminals: Don"t bvarious other going to Olde English Outfitters. They absolutely will not market you a gun. Olde English Outfitters does criminal background checks and also has actually been recognized to refusage sales to civilization that passed the background check however appeared suspicious. If you want a gun, buy it from a drug dealer just like all the various other criminals carry out. I do not know why drug dealers are exempt from all gun-control laws, however they sure do seem to be.

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