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The Ohio State Board of Career Colleges & Schools monitors and regulates Ohio’s private post-secondary career colleges and schools to ensure compliance with Ohio’s standards. The Board’s role is vital as it ensures that as standards of excellence are continuously improved, so are the quality of programs and services offered by Ohio career colleges and schools. The process must be completed efficiently and effectively so that the priorities remain with providing Ohioans quality education programs, and not in tedious documentation. That’s where comes in. When all documentation and processes are handled in an online platform that can be accessed from anywhere, time and energy spent in compliance is reduced for both agencies and the schools themselves.

“We”ve been using various parts of for nearly 10 years now. The platform has really helped to streamline the operations in our office. And I think having most of our processes and procedures now online, really all through the system, has really given us the ability to be flexible, certainly during the pandemic.

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The transition for us was fairly simple. Not only do we have all our current documents included, we”ve even scanned and incorporated all of our legacy documents into the system.

So, now that all those documents are in the system, our organization is able to use that information wherever we go, whether working at home, or out on a site visit, visiting a school,we have access to all current and past information.

See more: Travel Time From Detroit To Atlanta Flight Time From Detroit To Atlanta has been helpful, to say the least for us, and really allowed us to be much more efficient and flexible. I would encourage all states to the extent they can to move their process of procedures online because the amount of time that the agency saves is significant and the amount of time the school saves is also significant. When we had paper forms and documents, a lot of time was wasted in the same information being submitted over and over and over again.If you have an online system, the information”s already there. So when a school does, for example, a license renewal, they go in the system and everything in the document is already pre populated.

A lot of agencies may be concerned about the cost of automation, but it”s going to save you a significant amount of money in the long-run. And frankly, we”ve been able to recognize significant savings.” – John Ware, Executive Director of the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges

At, our goal is to make educational processes as efficient as possible in the interest of reducing red tape and expanding access to education, so we’re proud that clients such as Ohio State Board of Career Colleges & Schools have automated the school compliance process and that they’ve saved themselves and Ohio schools hours by transitioning from a manual to an automated process. Get in touch if could help your organization in a similar manner.

Don’t take our word for it. See what John Ware, Executive Director of the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges, has to say about how the implementation of has helped their operations:


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