Nzxt Phantom 410 (White) Atx Mid Tower Case, Nzxt Phantom 410 Mid

Many fan positions, some already included. Easy disassemble, built in fan regulator and nice design. Its huge aswell, so my GPU with its cooler can fit.

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Add better intake with some dust filters and this case can cool almost anything, would give it a 5 if it was made from better quality material.


i removed one star only because it is really tight to work on in some corners and also because it has no easy ssd mounts . still, a great case with amazing airflow! keeps all my components cool.


I seriously love this case, my only complaint is cable management is a bit tight (not bad but not super awesome) and it scratches easy. I”ve covered the scratches with stickers… many many stickers, so all good now, but sometimes I miss the clean san-stickers look.

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Really solid case! My only gripe is with the fact that I didn”t invest in a full-tower case for future water cooling endeavors. I am using the red ATX MId Tower, not the white. Nice modest viewing window, angular design, reasonable size. I love it!

Gotta admit….this case is wonderful, but not amazing.

There is plenty of room for everything I have, but the rubber pieces used for Cable Management kept coming off the case, meaning I would have to pull it back down the cords, and fit it back onto the case. I think I had to do this a half-dozen times, and it got a little more irritating each time.

On the plus side, the case itself on the inside has posted where to put the standoffs depending on the form factor of the motherboard, so for a newbie like me, that was helpful.

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It came with three pre-installed fans that are all linked through a cable that attaches to the PSU via a Molex Cable. The case has it”s own fan controller up top, and even on the highest setting, the fans are quiet and keep the case nice and cool!

The case is great, lots of room for cable management and comes with 3 fans (1 with blue led). I changed the positions of the fans for 2 front intake and 1 top outtake as someone suggested in the forums and it works great.It has fan control (I just set it to high as it is still quiet enough for me). And I removed the drive cages as I needed only the two bottom once.One thing about the screws, it came with long screws to fit the fans in the front. However while mounting the second fan I found out the extra screws were so short that they couldn”t hold the fan! So basically my 2 front fans holding only on 4 screws instead of 8!Apart from the screws, it was not a deal breaker and I like the case and think it looks great, therefore 4 stars 🙂

Overall I”m pleased with the case. Plenty of room for everything I have with the ability to add in much more ;)….. however the rubber grommets are horrible. One star off for that and all of the frustration they caused me 🙁

Love the white color. Comes with three fans pre-installed and blue LED lights inside the case. Has a nice small window. Not a huge window, which may be a con to some people, but I didn”t mind. Screws are easy to take out. Also has a removable HDD tray in case you need room for big GPUs. Fairly big case, but it”s normal for Mid Towers. Also has a cable management side. Only thing is that the top of the case curvy and not flat, so can”t put anything on top of it.


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