Simply because CPU/ABI claims "No system photos installed for this target". You have to install device images.

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In the Android SDK Manager check that you have actually installed "ARM EABI v7a system Image" (for every Android variation from 4.0 and also on you need to install a system photo to be able to run a digital device)

In your situation only arm system picture exsits (Android 4.2). If you were to run an enlarge version, Intel has detailed System photos (Intel x86 ATOM). You can examine on the web to watch the compare in performance between both.

In my case (see image below) ns haven"t set up a System photo for Android 4.2, conversely, I have actually installed ARM and also Intel System images for 4.1.2

As lengthy as i don"t install the 4.2 System picture I would have actually the same problem as you.

UPDATE : This current article increasing the Android Emaulator top top Intel Architectures defines how come use/install effectively the intel system images to rate up the emulator.


What I display in the snapshot is because that Android 4.2, together it to be the original question, but is true because that every versions of Android.

Of food (as
RedPlanet said), if girlfriend are arising for MIPS CPU tools you have to install the "MIPS mechanism Image".

Finally, as
SeanJA said, you have to restart eclipse to check out the brand-new installed images. However for me, I always restart a software application which ns updated come be sure it takes into account every the modifications, and also I assume it is a great practice to carry out so.


Had come restart the Eclipse after perfect the installation of eight EABI v7a device image.

This can happen when:

You have multiple copies of the Android SDK mounted on your machine. You might be updating the easily accessible images and devices because that onecopy that the Android SDK, and also trying come debug or operation your applications in another.

If you"re using Eclipse, take a watch at your "Preferences | Android| SDK Location". Make certain it"s the path you expect. If not, changethe route to suggest to whereby you think the Android SDK is installed.

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You don"t have an Android an equipment setup in your emulator as detailed in other answers on this page.

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