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Cops return suspect's rental car — with gun still under the hood

November 6, 2015 | 11:53pm

NYPD cops sent a robbery suspect’s rental car back to Avis with a handgun stashed next to the battery — because they missed the weapon while searching it for evidence,…

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How Swede it is: Lindberg, Lundqvist propel Rangers

November 6, 2015 | 11:46pm

DENVER — Students of Swedish history know the historical lineage of King Henrik and of Prince Oscar. Students of the NHL know that one of each now plays for the…


Massive 'cloud tsunami' stuns Australia

November 6, 2015 | 11:31pm

An ominous “cloud tsunami” rolls in along the coast of Sydney, Australia, on Friday, signaling the coming of severe storms for the area. The massive formation, actually called a shelf…

Fake bail bondsman nabbed by the real thing after skipping court

November 6, 2015 | 11:13pm

A phony bail bondsman who jumped his own bail was nabbed by a real bondsman on Friday. James Felix, 31, had been arrested July 15 for assaulting a man with…


Why Sunday may be Jameis Winston's fantasy breakthrough

November 6, 2015 | 11:12pm

Hold on to your crab legs people, because Jameis Winston might throw a fantasy party this week. The rookie Buccaneers quarterback — who once notoriously “forgot” to pay a supermarket…


Data shows drivers not yielding to pedestrians can expect a ticket

November 6, 2015 | 11:00pm

Motorists are getting slapped with three times as many summonses for failing to yield to pedestrians compared with two years ago, before the city’s plan to end traffic deaths began,…

What needs to happen before Giants can activate JPP

November 6, 2015 | 10:50pm

All signs still point to Jason Pierre-Paul making his 2015 debut on Sunday, but the Giants are likely to wait until the last possible moment to make it official. Coach…

The Giants' only shot: an unstoppable offensive juggernaut

November 6, 2015 | 10:49pm

Giants offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo thinks Eli Manning can “grow and get better” despite throwing for a career-high six touchdown passes at New Orleans on Sunday. It sounds like coach-speak…

Surging Devils pound Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks

November 6, 2015 | 10:48pm

The surprising Devils aren’t just winning games anymore. They have learned to how finish off struggling opponents, including the defending Stanley Cup champions. Travis Zajac capped a three-goal first period…

City help-desk worker won't be fired for talking like a robot

November 6, 2015 | 10:46pm

A city Health Department employee who was suspended twice for baffling callers by answering the phone in a robotic voice won’t be fired, officials said Friday. The bigwigs said they…

Clemson knows win over FSU keeps national title hopes alive

November 6, 2015 | 10:40pm

Since the start of the 2012 season, Clemson has dominated the ACC. They are 25-1 against all comers not named Florida State. The Seminoles ruined the Tigers’ season each of…

Republicans blame Skelos scandal for rough election day

November 6, 2015 | 10:38pm

Republicans are blaming Dean Skelos’ corruption scandal as a key factor that cost them the Nassau County district attorney’s race. “Corruption was a major issue,” said former Sen. Alfonse D’Amato,…

LSU vs. Alabama: 'It's going to to be a fist fight'

November 6, 2015 | 10:35pm

It’s the immovable object against the unstoppable force. The best running back in the country against the third-ranked run defense, future Sunday star Leonard Fournette opposite the imposing Crimson Tide…

Predicting where MLB's top 30 free agents will land

November 6, 2015 | 10:33pm

It’s time for The Post’s annual Top 30 free-agent rankings and predictions. Why 30? Because there are 30 teams. The rankings are compiled via a mix of statistical analysis and…

Jets turn to backup safety to boost beleaguered secondary

November 6, 2015 | 10:30pm

Even on a cross-country flight, the Jets didn’t have enough time to figure out how they could have played so poorly in Oakland or how their ballyhooed defense allowed 30-plus…

Porzingis’ highlight plays can’t stop Knicks from falling to Bucks

November 6, 2015 | 10:26pm

To Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks gave the game away, gifted wrapped through a late-game collapse. To coach Derek Fisher, it’s a matter of learning how to close out a game….

Nets hit rock bottom already in pitiful loss to Lakers

November 6, 2015 | 10:21pm

It may only be six games into the season, but the Nets already have hit rock bottom. Not only did they lose to the Lakers 104-98 Friday night, but they…

Resale retailers booming because of Birkin bags' scarce supply

November 6, 2015 | 10:16pm

It’s the must-have handbag for Hollywood’s celebrity set. Gwyneth Paltrow, Sofia Vergara and Julia Roberts can’t seem to leave home without it. And those Kardashian women — has each had…

Giants' quiet man really a vocal leader in disguise

November 6, 2015 | 10:11pm

Ereck Flowers is a man of very few words with the media, but the Giants can’t get their impressive rookie left tackle to shut up when the tape recorders and…

Filmmakers say Relativity's 'The Crow' reboot won't fly

November 6, 2015 | 10:10pm

“The Crow” won’t ever take flight as long as it is in Ryan Kavanaugh’s hands. The Hollywood insider’s bankrupt Relativity Media is all but dead and its claim to be…

One veteran running back is returning to fantasy relevance

November 6, 2015 | 10:03pm

Certainly you know by now, it has been a frustrating and disappointing season for running backs who were selected early in drafts. Le’Veon Bell and Jamaal Charles are done for…

Demand for French handbags puts a dent in Coach, Michael Kors sales

November 6, 2015 | 10:02pm

Strong demand for luxury French handbags stands in stark contrast to struggling US designers like Michael Kors and Coach — both of which have been working overtime to stem same-store…

Square's IPO valuation lower than expected

November 6, 2015 | 9:40pm

Payments startup Square said Friday it plans to go public with a market value between $3.6 billion and $4.2 billion — well short of the $6 billion valuation it fetched…

Valeant CEO is no longer a billionaire

November 6, 2015 | 9:38pm

Valeant Pharmaceuticals chief Michael Pearson is a billionaire no more. In early August, when the Canadian drug company’s stock was peaking, his 10.1 million shares and other equity awards were…

'Star Wars' shoots down Snoopy sales

November 6, 2015 | 9:35pm

Good Grief! Snoopy is getting killed by Darth Vader. The “Peanuts” franchise opened its first movie in 25 years on Friday, but sales of merchandise featuring Snoopy, Charlie Brown and…

Another quality-of-life arrest gets a gun off the streets

November 6, 2015 | 7:45pm

Another arrest for a quality-of-life crime, another illegal gun taken off the streets. Skeptics call such incidents anecdotal, but they keep adding up. And they keep pointing to a single,…

Obama's ill-fated Keystone XL veto a taste of things to come

November 6, 2015 | 7:45pm

So much for President Obama’s “all of the above” energy policy — and the idea that Democrats are the “party of science.” And jobs? Forget those, too. All that went…

De Blasio says he's too busy to answer questions

November 6, 2015 | 7:45pm

Give Mayor de Blasio credit for this much: After withering criticism from veteran City Hall reporters Gabe Pressman and Marcia Kramer, he finally agreed to answer some “off-topic” questions Friday….

Disgraced official Malcolm Smith begins 7-year prison term

November 6, 2015 | 7:25pm

Convicted ex-state politician Malcolm Smith turned himself in to a rural Pennsylvania prison Friday to begin serving his 7 year prison sentence for trying to buy his way onto the…

Black Lives Matter's numbers are bogus

November 6, 2015 | 7:20pm

If the Black Lives Matter crowd is correct, bloodthirsty, racist cops are blasting black men like clay pigeons at a shooting range. The pace of this alleged slaughter is breathtaking….

Washington's deadly betrayal of Iranian rebels

November 6, 2015 | 7:20pm

The deaths of Middle Eastern refugees are becoming so commonplace they rarely make it on to the front pages in the United States. However, the deaths of 23 refugees in…

Killing history: Bill O'Reilly's shoddy Reagan book

November 6, 2015 | 7:20pm

Donald Trump is just one symptom of today’s cultural pathology of self-validating vehemence with blustery certitudes substituting for evidence. Another is the fact that the book atop The New York…

California university stabber's attack was a shock to classmates

November 6, 2015 | 7:00pm

SAN FRANCISCO – There was no outward warning that a quiet 18-year-old would burst into a university classroom and slash fellow students over a dispute about a study group, investigators…

Toilet paper thieves plaguing Bronx library

November 6, 2015 | 6:55pm

Please don’t thieve the Charmin. Paper products have been flying out the door at a public library in The Bronx — in the form of reams and reams of stolen…

Hot Glamma, Kris Jenner turns 60!

November 6, 2015 | 6:33pm

Kris Jenner turns 60, but she sure isn’t dressing like it. The momager and head b***h in charge of the Kardashian-Jenner clan enjoys sporting a low neckline and anything that…

Toyota revs up AI research with $1B for new Silicon Valley company

November 6, 2015 | 6:30pm

Toyota is investing $1 billion in a research company it’s setting up in Silicon Valley to develop artificial intelligence and robotics, underlining the Japanese automaker’s determination to lead in futuristic…

What 'Law and Order: SVU' got right about the Duggars

November 6, 2015 | 6:28pm

While “Law and Order: SVU” is known for ripping their plots straight from the headlines, they always make things a little more scandalous. Here’s what they got right about the…

Father won't talk about 9-year-old son's murder, police say

November 6, 2015 | 6:02pm

Nine-year-old Tyshawn Lee was walking on Chicago’s South Side when he was lured into an alley and killed, but his father, whose alleged gang ties are believed to have played…

Rikers guard needed 26 stitches after inmates slashed him

November 6, 2015 | 5:40pm

Two Rikers Island inmates who allegedly ganged up on a corrections officer and left him with slash wounds across the face were arraigned Friday – to the applause of the…

Meet the 5 mothers of Eddie Murphy’s 9 children

November 6, 2015 | 5:31pm

Eddie Murphy will soon have enough kids to round out a baseball team! A spokesman said Thursday that the 54-year-old funnyman is expecting his ninth child — this time with…

The day in photos: Nov. 6, 2015

November 6, 2015 | 5:19pm

A tiger cub gets rescued from poachers, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree arrives and more.

This murder suspect shouldn't hide out in Times Square

November 6, 2015 | 5:14pm

The FBI’s search for a Maryland man suspected of fatally stabbing his wife last April has led to the Crossroads of the World, where his wanted poster is now displayed…

Timothy Bradley promises devastating change for Rios fight

November 6, 2015 | 5:07pm

Timothy Bradley can’t wait to show off his new look. Not his wardrobe, but the boxing acumen he has learned under his new trainer, Teddy Atlas. “I’ve been in a…

Moms are packing on too many pounds during pregnancy

November 6, 2015 | 4:37pm

Nearly half of U.S. moms gain too much weight during pregnancy, according to a government study released Thursday. Putting on too many extra pounds during pregnancy can harm the mom,…

Chinese warship and US destroyer keep it friendly in South China Sea

November 6, 2015 | 4:14pm

As soon as the guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen breached 12-nautical-mile territorial limits around one of China’s man-made islands in the disputed South China Sea last week, a Chinese warship shadowing…

FCC won't force Google and Facebook to stop tracking you

November 6, 2015 | 4:05pm

WASHINGTON — US regulators rejected an effort on Friday to force Google, Facebook and other popular websites to honor “Do Not Track” requests from users, in a setback for digital…

Tourists could be stranded for weeks after Russian jet crash

November 6, 2015 | 4:00pm

Tens of thousands of tourists were stranded in Egypt on Friday following last week’s deadly crash of a Russian jetliner — which flight recorders reveal was brought down by an…

Dee Milliner is finally healthy, but Jets don't have spot for him

November 6, 2015 | 4:00pm

Two years ago, Dee Milliner was viewed as the Jets’ future franchise cornerback. Now, he doesn’t fit into the team’s plans. Coming back from being placed on the injured reserve/designated…

Daniel Murphy has 7 days to decide if he wants Mets' $15.8M

November 6, 2015 | 3:43pm

If Daniel Murphy departs through free agency, at least the Mets will receive a nice parting gift. On Friday, the Mets extended a qualifying offer to the veteran second baseman,…

Charlie Hebdo cartoon of downed jetliner infuriates Russia

November 6, 2015 | 3:40pm

The Fed should get it over with and raise rates now

November 6, 2015 | 3:29pm

If the Federal Reserve had any brains, it would raise interest rates right now. Over the weekend. And give the stock market a couple of days to digest it before…

Former Marbury partner: Jordan sneaker rip uses bad math

November 6, 2015 | 3:23pm

Stephon Marbury is being called out. An old sneaker business partner of Marbury’s has come forward to dispute the former Knicks point guard’s recent claim that pricey Michael Jordan shoes…

Can this model make Abercrombie & Fitch relevant again?

November 6, 2015 | 3:21pm

The first thing you notice about Neelam Gill, the new face of Abercrombie & Fitch, is that she’s not a shirtless bro. In fact, the 20-year-old British model is part…

Graphic photos emerge of bruises on Greg Hardy's ex

November 6, 2015 | 3:13pm

There are now photos to illustrate Greg Hardy’s domestic violence arrest, cringeworthy photos showing the physical damage the Cowboys defensive end was accused of inflicting upon his former girlfriend in…

Cop who staged suicide may have arranged marriage between mistress and son

November 6, 2015 | 3:11pm

CHICAGO — The reputation of an Illinois policeman said to have staged his suicide to look like he was murdered eroded further on Friday with the release of personnel files…

Suck it, Tucker Max

November 6, 2015 | 3:02pm

Dear Tucker Max, Say it isn’t so, bro! I thought you had crawled back under the rock from whence you came after the abject failure of “I Hope They Serve…

These couples survived in the wild without killing each other

November 6, 2015 | 3:00pm

Discovery’s newest reality show is sending couples on three-week trips around the world — but these aren’t romantic getaways. In “Men Women Wild” (premiering Nov. 11 at 10 p.m.), three…

Shooter who killed baby given 25 years to life

November 6, 2015 | 2:57pm

The Brooklyn brute who shot and killed a 16-month-old baby while aiming at the tot’s dad was slapped with a 25 years to life sentence Friday. Cherisse Miller, the mother…

Truck spills cranberries in accident on Cape Cod bridge

November 6, 2015 | 2:24pm

SAGAMORE, Mass. — A truck carrying cranberries crashed head-on into another vehicle on a bridge into Cape Cod, spilling berries on the roadway and snarling morning rush-hour traffic. Massachusetts State…

The mold that makes this perfume worth $535 a bottle

November 6, 2015 | 1:58pm

Tom Ford’s newly released fragrance, “Oud Wood,” costs a whopping $535 — and it’s chock-full of mold. Blame oud — an oil derived from the wood of certain evergreen trees…

This backpack is NUTS…literally

November 6, 2015 | 1:58pm

Fashion is always evolving, but this Canadian creation is straight balls to the wall. Here’s a NSFW backpack that’s getting some sweet hang time.

Polling is dead — hooray!

November 6, 2015 | 1:55pm

What if the polls just stopped working? Admittedly, this needs work as a plot device for a Stephen King novel. But for politics, it might be pretty awesome. This week,…

Browns coach seems intent on crushing Johnny Manziel

November 6, 2015 | 1:38pm

Perhaps you watched Thursday Night Football and saw glimmers of the electrifying play that once turned Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel into a phenomenon better known as Johnny Football: the thrilling…

Baby's death 'very likely' from mustard gas used in ISIS battle

November 6, 2015 | 1:32pm

Chemical weapons experts have determined that mustard gas was used in a Syrian town where Islamic State insurgents were battling another group, according to a report by an international watchdog…

Prosecutor calls 'Goodfellas' goon the 'ultimate tough guy' in final statement

November 6, 2015 | 1:03pm

Hoping to finally slam the legal door on one of the most iconic crimes in American history, a prosecutor squarely accused “Goodfellas” goon Vinny Asaro of key involvement in the…

Eagles spew Cowboys hate before battle of underachievers

November 6, 2015 | 12:46pm

The Eagles may not be very good at the moment, but they sure are talking like champions. At 3-4, Philadelphia has been a major disappointment, but that hasn’t stopped a…

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Russian jet's black boxes support bomb theory

November 6, 2015 | 12:36pm

A flight recorder shows that last week’s deadly crash of a Russian jetliner was brought down by an explosion — probably caused by a bomb in its baggage hold. The…

Carson admits West Point story is bogus, gets ripped by Trump

November 6, 2015 | 12:05pm

WASHINGTON — Ben Carson admitted Friday that he wasn’t accepted to West Point as he claimed in his book — leading Donald Trump to tweet that that was one of…

Obama kills the Keystone Pipeline

November 6, 2015 | 11:49am

President Barack Obama on Friday rejected the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada in a victory for environmentalists who campaigned against the project for more than seven years. “The…

A rape victim's 18-year quest for justice

November 6, 2015 | 11:47am

NEW ORLEANS — Marie picked up the phone and dialed the number the detective gave her 10 days before, on the night she was raped at knifepoint outside a friend’s…

Matthew Stafford's wife puts down vodka, slams ex-Lions coach

November 6, 2015 | 11:42am

The wrath of Matthew Stafford’s wife knows no bounds, even if she is miles away from Detroit. While enjoying a Floridian getaway with gal pals, the outspoken blonde got wind…

NYPD traffic agent scammed woman out of $38K: cops

November 6, 2015 | 11:27am

An NYPD traffic enforcement agent was arrested in Manhattan for duping a Colorado woman into forking over nearly $40,000 in exchange for a job opportunity, police said Friday. Johnny Phuong…

Autistic boy saves classmate from choking thanks to SpongeBob

November 6, 2015 | 11:16am

Autistic seventh-grader Brandon Williams learned a lifesaving lesson from watching “SpongeBob SquarePants” — and had a chance to use the move when his pal started choking at school. Williams, 13,…

Notre Dame tutor reacts to student's racial-sex-with-daughter lawsuit

November 6, 2015 | 11:09am

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — An academic coach fired by the University of Notre Dame after a student accused her of coercing him into having unwelcome sexual encounters with her daughter…

This thief really crashed the party

November 6, 2015 | 11:05am

A Florida thief thought he was being slick when he tried sneaking into a restaurant’s locked office though the building’s ceiling. Unfortunately, he got a little lost along the way,…

Irish women tweet details of periods in abortion debate

November 6, 2015 | 10:43am

Irish women are tweeting details of their periods to Prime Minister Enda Kenny to help publicize a campaign to repeal restrictive abortion laws. Abortion is a divisive issue in Ireland,…

Valeant CEO forced to sell shares to repay $100M loan

November 6, 2015 | 10:30am

Valeant’s plunging stock has put the squeeze on CEO Michael Pearson. Pearson was forced to sell 1.3 million Valeant shares Thursday to repay a $100 million personal loan he had…

The 10 foods Ronda Rousey eats before a fight

November 6, 2015 | 10:25am

Ronda Rousey is a perfectionist. She leaves nothing to chance when it comes to dominating inside the Octagon, and that includes her diet. While the UFC fighter has publicly expressed her…

Putin suspends all Russian flights to Egypt

November 6, 2015 | 10:25am

Russian President Vladimir Putin has suspended all Russian flights to Egypt – telling authorities to repatriate Russians in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in the wake of Saturday’s…

Police can't find mystery woman in photo with suspected serial killer

November 6, 2015 | 10:24am

It looks like any other photograph of a loving couple cuddling for the camera, but unfortunately, that scenario could not be further from the truth. The man in the picture…

NHL's all-time biggest fighter doesn't want his son to fight

November 6, 2015 | 10:21am

It’s ironic this moment in time is when Tie Domi decides to release a book. The NHL’s all-time leader in fights is coming out with Shift Work, a memoir about…

Mysterious billion-dollar car company is taking on Tesla

November 6, 2015 | 9:58am

No one knows who’s running it, but a mysterious electric car company is building a billion-dollar manufacturing plant and poaching the best minds in the auto world. The company is…

Elderly woman found after going missing from NYC hotel

November 6, 2015 | 9:46am

A 77-year-old woman who slipped out of her Times Square hotel in her pajamas Thursday night has been located, a hotel spokeswoman said. The woman, who arrived from Singapore on…

Authorities probe bus after fatal hit of NYC woman

November 6, 2015 | 9:39am

Authorities are investigating a casino bus spotted in Connecticut that fits the description of one that fatally struck a woman in Queens on Thursday night, sources said. The woman was…

'I loved him': 'Kayak killer' insists she's not a murderer

November 6, 2015 | 9:31am

The woman accused of killing her fiancé by sabotaging his kayak before a Hudson River trip claimed her innocence, saying she thought an interrogation in which she confessed to the…

Fatal crash after charter bus runs off highway

November 6, 2015 | 9:18am

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A charter bus ran off Interstate 40 and hit a bridge abutment on a foggy night in Arkansas, killing as many as six people and…

October hiring was the year's best; jobless rate falls to 5%

November 6, 2015 | 9:16am

US hiring roared back in October after two weak months, with employers adding a robust 271,000 jobs, the most since December. The unemployment rate dipped to a fresh seven-year low…

Baby's 'incurable' leukemia cured by off-the-shelf therapy

November 6, 2015 | 9:05am

A 1-year-old girl who was suffering from “incurable” leukemia has been cleared of the cancer after becoming the first human in the world to try a new, experimental “off-the-shelf” therapy…

CC Sabathia bares soul on his 3-year spiral of alcoholism

November 6, 2015 | 9:00am

After getting shelled by the Tigers in Game 4 of the 2012 ALCS in Detroit, tiny voices in CC Sabathia’s head screamed he needed help for a drinking problem. He…

The reason you are fat is not soda and junk food

November 6, 2015 | 9:00am

When it comes to healthy eating, there is no silver bullet. Soda, candy and fast food are often blamed for the rising rates of obesity in America and, while eating…

Jared Fogle victim breaks her silence

November 6, 2015 | 8:56am

The first victim in the scandal involving Subway pitchman Jared Fogle will speak out publicly about the abuse in a Dr. Phil interview set to air next Thursday, the Mail…

If you raise your kids with religion, they're likely to be judgmental jerks

November 6, 2015 | 8:29am

Children who are raised in religious families turn out to be meaner than their parents, a new international study has claimed. A report in Current Biology said children from religious…

9-year-old Chicago boy lured into alley and shot

November 6, 2015 | 7:28am

CHICAGO — A 9-year-old Chicago boy who was fatally shot this week was “lured” from a park into an alley and executed because of his father’s alleged gang connections, Police…

How Schulz's family brought Charlie Brown to the big screen

November 6, 2015 | 6:00am

For years, Charles Schulz’s family was asked about making a feature film based on his beloved “Peanuts” comic strip. But like Schroeder rebuffing Lucy van Pelt’s pushy advances, they always…

Broadway's hottest actors are all over 70

November 6, 2015 | 6:00am

Let Hollywood worship its young: The stage is heaven for gray-haired actors — and audiences love them. James Earl Jones, 84, and Cicely Tyson, 90, command the stage for all…

Meet the rapper who may be romancing Rihanna

November 6, 2015 | 6:00am

Don’t be surprised if you see Rihanna at one of the Weeknd’s upcoming New York-area shows. Opener Travis Scott, 23, has been romantically linked to RiRi. Here’s what you need…

Hannibal Buress: My show wasn't a good fit

November 6, 2015 | 6:00am

A year ago, Bill Cosby was headlining the New York Comedy Festival, a king among comics. These days, Cosby’s been all but stripped of his legacy, the world finally listening…

Meet the world's unluckiest rock band ever

November 6, 2015 | 6:00am

Considering the tragedy that befell them the last time the Charlatans toured the US, it’s no surprise that it’s taken them five years to return. Back in September 2010, the…

Gloria Estefan is shaking up this sad Broadway season

November 6, 2015 | 6:00am

“On Your Feet!” is bringing fun back to Broadway — finally! Miserable affairs, angsty German teens and sad-sack British royals — in shows like “Thérèse Raquin,” “Spring Awakening” and “King…

5 actors who could be the next James Bond

November 6, 2015 | 6:00am

He’s Bored, James Bored. “I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists” than play James Bond again, Daniel Craig said in October. If the actor is truly bailing out,…

Inside the workshops of 4 Big Apple-based watchmakers

November 6, 2015 | 6:00am

In the city that never sleeps, independent creatives are making small-batch collections of timepieces with panache. Brooklyn Watches These days, “Made in Brooklyn” has come to signify all things authentic…

Only 33 of these galactic gadgets exist

November 6, 2015 | 6:00am

Swiss watch shop MB&F celebrates 2015, its 10th year in the business, with a colorful, Willy Wonka-esque extravaganza known as the Legacy Machine No. 1. With this striking inside-out design,…

Hillary Clinton says she'll meet with Netanyahu 'in office'

November 6, 2015 | 5:49am

WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton is promising to meet with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “in my first month in office” if she becomes president. The pledge is an indirect…

Why driverless cars will boost suburbs over cities

November 6, 2015 | 5:15am

Everybody seems to be excited about driverless cars. The technology is advancing rapidly, and major companies are racing to bring products to market. There are some lingering worries, of course,…

Terminally ill 'Star Wars' fan gets to see 'Force Awakens' early

November 6, 2015 | 4:28am

A terminally ill “Star Wars” fan, who was given just a few months to live, was granted his wish to see the new “The Force Awakens” film on Thursday, nearly…

Family mourns pilot killed in crash off Breezy Point

November 6, 2015 | 4:17am

A grieving brother of the dead New Hampshire pilot whose single-engine airplane plummeted into the waves off Breezy Point, Queens, Wednesday night described him as an “exceptional pilot.” James Bradford…

Experimental cell therapy cures baby of leukemia

November 6, 2015 | 3:53am

A miracle baby has been declared free of a previously incurable leukemia in the first human use of an “off-the-shelf” cell therapy. Doctors thought that 1-year-old Layla Richards was almost…

Meet breakout 'Daily Show' star Roy Wood Jr.

November 6, 2015 | 2:55am

The day after the much-hyped premiere of “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” the man most people were talking about was new correspondent Roy Wood Jr. The Birmingham, Ala., native…

Bindi Irwin’s WTF? contract shocker

November 6, 2015 | 2:52am

Bindi Irwin hasn’t been paid for “Dancing With the Stars” — because she doesn’t have a release from her dead father, “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin. A judge rejected the 17-year-old…

Raunchy, reversible Picasso painting sells for $67M

November 6, 2015 | 2:41am

A nude portrait of a Parisian cabaret dancer by Pablo Picasso — with a raunchy painting on the back — fetched more than $67 million on Thursday night during an…

Dean Skelos, son, made thousands for 'no-show jobs': feds

November 6, 2015 | 2:38am

Disgraced former state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos used his political muscle to score “his own no-show job” and rake in nearly $200,000 per year, before pulling a similar move…

Hit-and-run bus driver kills pedestrian in Queens

November 6, 2015 | 2:30am

A hit-and-run driver killed a pedestrian in Queens Thursday night, cops said. The woman was struck, possibly by a private bus, at Main Street and Kissena Boulevard in Flushing at…

Rikers officer slashed by inmate

November 6, 2015 | 2:27am

A correction officer was slashed by an inmate on Rikers Island Thursday, authorities said. The officer was the victim of “an unprovoked assault with a weapon” at about 4:30 p.m….

ObamaCare leaves 250 cancer patients in peril

November 6, 2015 | 2:26am

Some 250 patients receiving treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center are facing a crisis because they signed up with the only ObamaCare insurer in New York that provides coverage…

'Wife-killer' was living secret life in months prior to arrest

November 6, 2015 | 2:24am

Rod Covlin was living a secret life — complete with a new job and a false name and LinkedIn page — in the months before his arrest this week in…

City kids’ scores drop on new Common Core algebra exam

November 6, 2015 | 2:14am

The city’s high-school students were stumped by the Common Core algebra exam this year. Fueled by poor algebra-test scores, only 55 percent of kids passed the math exams, down 6…

Cops bust guy for peeing on street, find loaded handgun after chase

November 6, 2015 | 1:56am

Two NYPD cops proved again that quality-of-life busts are a surefire way to get guns off the streets when they found a loaded firearm on a dangerous criminal they stopped…

'Damning' email shows doctor was staying on Silver's good side

November 6, 2015 | 1:42am

Prosecutors on Thursday unveiled a damning e-mail that shows a Columbia cancer doctor steered asbestos victims to then-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to curry favor with him. “I will keep giving…

The two mistakes 'superhero' Serena Williams made: police

November 6, 2015 | 1:39am

SAN FRANCISCO — Tennis star Serena Williams should file a police report after she said someone tried to steal her cellphone at a restaurant, San Francisco police said Thursday. Officer…

My dream husband had just one fault: A secret family

November 6, 2015 | 1:24am

She thought she had met the man of her dreams: a clean-cut, square-jawed US Army sergeant from New York who donned a traditional South Korean tunic for their flower-bedecked wedding….

GQ 'Style Guy' heads to Maxim as editor-at-large

November 6, 2015 | 1:05am

Glenn O’Brien, who was bounced after 15 years as “The Style Guy” columnist at GQ, has emerged as editor-at-large at Maxim, making him the de facto editor-in-chief. Kate Lanphear was…

Swank publisher lays off most full-time editorial staffers

November 6, 2015 | 1:03am

In another round of cuts in the adult magazine realm, Paramus, NJ-based Magna Publishing has laid off most of its full-time editorial staff. The company will try to keep its…

Parents, pols push for daycare letter ratings after baby's death

November 6, 2015 | 12:58am

Parents whose 3-month-old son died the first day he was left at an unlicensed Soho child-care center joined elected officials Thursday to demand letter grades for such facilities to avert…

Cuomo kisses Mark-Viverito over NY-Puerto Rico relationship

November 6, 2015 | 12:50am

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO — Gov. Cuomo strengthened his relationship with City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito on Thursday during a trip to Puerto Rico — and sealed it with a…

National Geographic to cut almost 200 employees

November 6, 2015 | 12:43am

The downsizing at National Geographic Society could top 200 jobs. The company said earlier this week it was cutting 9 percent of it 2,000 person workforce, or around 180 people….

Silver, 'corrupt' doc didn't have to be friends to be partners in slime

November 6, 2015 | 12:29am

Innocent buddies who just did favors for each other once in awhile? Hardly. Shelly Silver and Dr. Robert Taub, it emerged in court Thursday, were partners in slime. These guys…

Deadline day: Daniel Murphy awaits Mets' $15.8M decision

November 6, 2015 | 12:02am

It’s decision day on Daniel Murphy. The Mets have until Friday night to extend the gritty second baseman a qualifying offer or risk losing him to free agency without receiving…

Hillary and Carly are putting on a pathetic estrogen spectacle

November 6, 2015 | 12:01am

They appear desperate, weak — and girlish. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who’s been spooked in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination by the surging Bernie Sanders, is trying to vanquish…

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Daily Blotter

November 6, 2015 | 12:01am

Brooklyn A thug stabbed a man at a Brownsville subway station, authorities said. The 20-year-old victim was standing in the mezzanine of the elevated Sutter Avenue-Rutland Road station on the 3…

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