A born explorer, she is thrilled when granted a rarely entry visa—despite the country’s penchant for detaining tourists.

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In My holiday in phibìc Korea: The Funniest/Worst place on Earth, Wendy offers readers a glimpse of phibìc Korea together it’s never been seen before.

For ten days, she hurtles with a “North Korea is Great! America is Not!” tourism while fastened by a digital shock-collar to two female handlers—and Wendy’s pretty convinced one of castle is crazy, also by North oriental standards.

Before long, she learn the necessary conundrum of “tourism” in north Korea.

“Travel is important a love affair. But, similar to love, it’s a two-way street. And North Korea deprives you of every this. They want you to autumn in love v the singular vision of the nation they’re ready to present you and nothing more.”

Through poignant and also laugh-out-loud essays attach by stunning photographs, Wendy chronicles one of the strangest vacations ever. Along the way she bares every while trying come befriend she enigmatic minders, and undergoes an inside journey as convoluted as the nation itself.

around Wendy

Wendy Simmons won’t avoid traveling till she visits every nation in the world! regardless of her hatred for packing, she’s regulated to explore much more than eighty-seven nations so far—including territories and also colonies—and chronicles her adventures on her blog, wendysimmons.com.Her very first book, “My holiday in north Korea; The Funniest Worst location on Earth” to be published might 3, 2016 by RosettaBooks. Her composing has also been published in travel & Leisure, Huffington Post, travelandleisure.com, PopSugar, OnMogul, MSN,Yahoo, and other outlets.

In 2001, she founded Vendeloo Inc., a boutique-size new Orleans-based management, marketing, and communications consultancy focused on identifying and also solving strategic service challenges for emerging and also well-established companies.

An award-winning photographer, Wendy’s work has been the topic of solo and group mirrors in the U.S. And abroad, and also has been featured in media outlets worldwide. She has additionally owned a bar in Manhattan, worked for a lobbying firm on Capitol Hill, created a Japanese-language expression book, and taught reading and math to the “smart kids” at a personal school.

She graduated summa cum laude and also Phi Beta Kappa native George Washington University with a B.A. In political Science and also focus on asian Studies and Japanese. Though she Japanese is currently terrible, her Pig Latin is flourishing.

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Wendy methods Muay Thai, relishes every adventures, and is addicted come renovating. After 25 year in new York City, she currently calls brand-new Orleans’ Garden district home. She is currently renovating.