All visits to Santiago encompass an obligatory avoid at El Monumento, the city’s iconic white marble tower, circled on every sides by a multilevel garden and boasting summary views end the whole city. You can tour the interior of the 67-meter (220-foot) high monument, called after the heroes that the repair War (1863-1865) who passed away in the struggle to gain back the DR’s independence from Spain. Spread out over 5 floors are displays of the DR’s major historical battles, and also paintings the Spanish artist Vela Zanetti developed during his exile after ~ the Spanish civil War. ~ above the fifth floor is the can be fried reward: a cool panoramic see of the city of Santiago indigenous a wraparound balcony, with the Cordillera main mountain selection in the distance.

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Arena del Cibao

A contemporary basketball facility hosts the tournaments (usually in the spring) the pit various sections the the city versus each other in one all-out battle for the city championship. Regional and national championship gamings are play here during the summer. The regional basketball team is referred to as the “Metros”.

Casa de Arte

A collection spot of creatives, Casa de Arte sit in the historic facility of downtown Santiago, in a renovated victorian home. The gallery’s rotating display shows Dominican artists’ works, and the venue regularly hosts live music or theatre performances in the evening.

Catedral Santiago Apostol

This all-white Catholic cathedral, design in Gothic and neoclassical style, dates back to the 19th century. Tourism the beautiful interior–which hold the continues to be of previous Dominican leader Ulises Heureaux, and also other noteworthy personalities the the 19th and 20th centuries.


Centro cultural León Jimenes

A beautiful series of permanent exhibits showcase Dominican history and culture, dating ago to the Taino days. You’ll likewise find a visual arts room, displaying the to win art pieces from the yearly Eduardo León Jimenes arts Contest, and also a cigar-focused exhibit recounting the legacy of DR’s cigar industry.

Centro de la Cultura

Home come the school of good arts, this cultural center routinely hosts well arts performances. The is likewise home to one of the finest folklore dance groups in the country. El Sol and Antonio Guzmán streets.


Cigar funding of the world

Santiago is the cigar funding of the world, through the largest production of smokes in ~ the plenty of factories. In February every year, the ProCigar Festival is held with organized visits to cigar factories and tobacco ar tours to companies operations such as basic Cigar, Davidoff, Matasa, La Aurora, Corporación Cigar Export, Tabacalera La Alianza, La Flor Dominicana and the Fuente Foundation. Cigars deserve to be sampled and purchased. Premium cigar smoking is guaranteed

Estadio Cibao

The Cibao stadium is the home of the Aguilas Cibaeñas baseball club and also hosts experienced baseball games from mid-October through the finish of January. Soaking up a baseball game at the stadion is a should – the to chat on the ar is matched by the irrepressibly jubilant mood of the team loyal and loud fans. Av. Imbert.

Fortaleza mountain Luís

Built in the early 19th century, this yellow-toned fortress has a beautiful, ornate exterior gate through two cannons facing the city. A vital defense short article during the war of Restoration, us Marines likewise used the fort as a base during the an initial US occupation that the DR (1916-1924).

Gran Teatro del Cibao

Located directly throughout from the city’s landmark monument and surrounded through a lush garden, the Gran Teatro del Cibao boasts three levels with huge marble and mahogany halls. Year round, the prestigious theatre hosts plenty of national and also international plays, run performances, operas and also concerts.

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Monumento a los Héroes de la Restauración

The city’s top white marble tower, circled on every sides through a multilevel garden and boasting summary views over the city. You have the right to tour that is interior, called after the heroes the the reconstruction War who died in the fight to gain back the DR’s self-reliance from Spain.