By appointment only

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 12:30 – 7:30 pm

Friday, Saturday: 9 to be – 4:30 pm 

Passport fees room payable to the united state Department that State by check or money stimulate ONLY. Friend will need to have actually separate checks for each passport application. 

Processing fees and photo fees room payable come the Mission Viejo Library. We expropriate cash and also debit/credit card.

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The passport office is situated down the walkway past the front entrance of the library. 

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What friend will require to bring to process your passport application

1. Application Form

Please fill out forms before your appointmentBlack squid onlyDo NOT use white outDo NOT authorize your application

2. Proof that Citizenship

 Acceptable proof of Citizenship: Certified U.S. Birth certificate Certificate of Naturalization present or expired U.S. Passport Unacceptable evidence of Citizenship: California or Texas birth ABSTRACTS Hospital issued bear Certificates

3. Proof the Identity

precious driver’s license (not momentary or learner’s permit) valid passport publication or card Certificate the Naturalization through identifiable picture attached Certificate the Citizenship v identifiable picture attached  army I.D. Card government employee I.D. Card existing valid international passport 

4. Photocopies

identification (front & ago on very same side of document or on two sheets)  Citizenship proof 

5. Passport Photos

1 shade passport photo, 2” x 2” in dimension taken in ~ the critical 6 month The library provides photo business for $10

Important information regarding passports for children

All passport applicants must use in human being regardless that age.Both parents have to be present and also show agree identification when applying for your child’s passport if the kid is 15 year or younger.A star chep of the bear certificate must additionally be presented once renewing a children passport if the boy is under the period of sixteen.Only one parental is compelled for applicant age 16 or 17. Applicant should bring valid I.D. If possible.


Passport renewals 

Most renewals can be done by mail. If you have actually a passport that was issued less than 15 years earlier and you to be at the very least 16 year old when it to be issued, you may have the ability to submit a self-service renewal. 



For adults - A publication or Card, Plus handling Fee

Book$110 to department of State (check or money stimulate ONLY )
Card$30 to room of State (check or money stimulate ONLY)
Processing Fee$35 to Mission Viejo Library (cash or debit/credit card)

For youngsters Under 16 - A publication or Card, Plus handling Fee

Book $80 to room of State (check or money order ONLY)
Card$15 to room of State (check or money bespeak ONLY)
Processing Fee$35 come Mission Viejo Library (cash, or debit/credit card)

Optional Services

Expedite fees (per passport)$60 (check or money stimulate ONLY)
Express mail (one way)$17.56 (check or money stimulate ONLY)
File find Fee$150 (check or money bespeak ONLY)
Passport image (2)$10 (cash or debit/credit card)

For the latest details on the time forced to process your passport, please check the U.S. Department of State website.

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Se Habla Españ​ol!

The room of State has developed a Spanish language instructional video clip to assist Spanish speakers through completing the DS-11.