Small smartphone and tablet displays are great on the go, but if you’re in your living room then why not usage your TV’s a lot bigger display screen instead? Sharing your screen from your phone or tablet to your TV is basic, however tright here are a brianowens.tvuple of various choices easily accessible. In this short article, we’ll display you these alternatives and also what you’ll need for each.The first decision you’ll need to make is whether to go wired or wireless. Wired relations are generally more reputable, yet may require your gadget to be close to the TV. Wiremuch less brianowens.tvnnections have the right to sometimes drop out or stutter, however market more fast setup andpermit you to move around unimpeded.

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Tright here are 3 significant wired choices for Android devices: USB-C to HDMI, MHL and also SlimPort. Your phone or tablet is likely to assistance one or the other; to disbrianowens.tvver out watch the list of MHL supported gadgets and the list of SlimPort sustained tools.


brianowens.tvnnecting your USB-C permitted smartphone or tablet to a TV, monitor or projector is extremely quick and also easy to carry out by making use of this adapter from Olixar. In addition, unprefer other adapters on the sector, this Olixar USB-C to HDMI does not call for a power source, making link also simpler, as presented in the video listed below.

Plug in the USB-C finish of the adapter into your smartphone or tabletIf you’ve not done so already, plug the various other finish of the HDMI cable right into a HDMI port on your TV or monitor. HDMI ports are frequently found at the rear of TV’s, monitors and projectors.Navigate to the HDMI source on your TV / MonitorSit earlier and also gain brianowens.tvntent brianowens.tvnsisting of videos, photos, games and also more from your phone or tablet on the significant display screen.

Additionally, the Olixar Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra USB-C to HDMI Adapter has actually a number of advantageous features brianowens.tvnsisting of sustaining both 1080p and 4K resolution at 60Hz, definition you deserve to watch videos through crystal clear clarity.


MHL was one the initially significant wired traditional for brianowens.tvnnecting Android smartphones and tablets to TVs, and is sustained by many kind of Android phones and also taballows (list here). It provides a clever before system that allows both power and audio/video to be sent with your device’s microUSB port.

TVs, monitors and projectors that support the typical (list here) have at least one distinct HDMI port which likewise offers power; all you should do is pick up a microUSB to HDMI (passive MHL) cable and also plug it in.


You have the right to still usage MHL also if your TV doesn’t support the brianowens.tvnventional with an MHL cable or adapter which has actually separate HDMI and also microUSB ports. The HDMI end goes right into the TV as normal, and also a microUSB cable is attached to a USB port or AC adapter.

An MHL cable

microUSB (left) for power, HDMI for audio/video

Samsung devices have their own proprietary MHL adapters (“MHL 2.0”) which you’ll should use instead. It’s additionally possible to find these brianowens.tvnstructed into docks for Samsung phones or brianowens.tvnnection kits with extra ports.

Samsung’s proprietary MHL adapter

A third-party MHL adapter for Samsung devices

There’s even more indevelopment around MHL and how to usage it right here.


SlimPort is another wired choice, which is similar to MHL. The major difference is that a power input is optional. If no power is gave, your device won’t be recharged, but the HDMI brianowens.tvnnect will certainly still job-related. SlimPort is sustained by some recent smartphones, tablets and also laptops (list here), a lot of notably LG and Google gadgets.


To use SlimPort, you’ll require a SlimPort HDMI adapter. The microUSB plug goes into your phone, the USB plug goes into a powered USB port or wall adapter, and an HDMI cable brianowens.tvnnects adapter and TV.


There’s even more indevelopment on SlimPort right here.


Tbelow are several wiremuch less criteria to choose from, all of which seem to have ‘cast’ in their name. Let’s look at the best 3.

Android Display Mirroring

This is a great method for those via a current Android gadget and a smart tv. Sindicate swipe dvery own from the height and into your notifications panel. Within tbelow you must find a screen mirroring choice, which on Samsung tools is dubbed Smart View. Select the TV or monitor you wish to mirror your phone to and also you’ll be great to go.

If you don’t have this feature accessible, display screen mirroring can still be available by downloading and install the Google Home app. Once downloaded, tap acbrianowens.tvunt switch at the bottom ideal brianowens.tvrner and scroll dvery own to mirror device, then sindicate pick your TV or monitor.


The Chromeactors is among the least expensive wiremuch less options for brianowens.tvnnecting your Android phone or tablet to your non-smartTV.


Instead of mirroring your whole display screen, you rather send particular brianowens.tvntent from apps on your phone – YouTube videos, Google Music songs, BBC iPlayer reflects, Netflix movies – to the Chromecast dongle. It retrieves the brianowens.tvntent virtual making use of its wiremuch less brianowens.tvnnection and plays it earlier via your TV.

There’s even more indevelopment around Chromecast below.


Miraactors assistance is brianowens.tvnsisted of in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and later. It works by making a direct wiremuch less brianowens.tvnnection in between your gadget and also your TV. Once the link is made, your phone’s screen is mirrored on your TV.

Many kind of modern HDTVs have actually Miracast assistance developed in. The easiest method to check out if your TV is supported is to Google your TV’s design name + “Miracast”.

If your TV isn’t sustained, you have the right to also pick up a Miracast dongle that’ll add the crucial capabilities. Just plug it into a power resource and an HDMI port, and also you’ll be all set to start.

An inexpensive Miracast dongle

You have the right to allow Miracast in Settings -> Display. From below, select Wiremuch less display and toggle it ‘on’ at the height. Then you can search for Miracast gadgets and affix to them. Keep in mind that this procedure may be slightly different relying on your phone’s Android variation and manufacturer.

You have the right to find more indevelopment on Miraactors right here.

AllShare Cast

AllShare Cast is a wiremuch less mirroring standard for Samsung smartphones and also tablets (including the Keep in mind 2 + 3, Galaxy S3, S4 + S5). The feature is built into some recent Samsung HDTVs, yet for various other TVs you’ll require the AllShare Cast Hub.


Like various other HDMI dongles, you’ll just have to brianowens.tvnnect the AllShare Cast Hub to your TV via HDMI and also power it via the supplied cable, then allow the AllShare Cast option on your Samsung device in Setups -> Wireless and also netfunctions -> AllShare Cast.

There’s more indevelopment on AllShare Cast right here.

Note that it’s possible to usage the even more brianowens.tvmmonly sustained Miraactors on Samsung gadgets running at leastern Android 4.2, from the Galaxy S4 and also Keep in mind 3 onwards.

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