It has experienced economic growth and a growing middle class, but poverty continues to linger and also federal government corruption stays.

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The major factor Cárdenas nationalized Mexico’s oil market was to

permit the country to obtain straight advantage from its huge supplies.

After Cuba shed economic help from the Soviet Union, Fidel Castro

enabled some financial redevelops to occur.

Which finest describes just how Mexihave the right to leaders sshould safeguard democratic rule after the country’s revolution?

They approved a brand-new constitution.

Which finest defines just how Hugo Chavez damaged democracy in Venezuela?

He raised authoritarianism in government.

The Venezuelan people gave Hugo Chavez a referendum to recompose their constitution and implement


What type of belief has acquired popularity throughout Latin America?


After being elected president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez

strengthened ties via socialist nations like Cuba.

Which finest defines what arisen in Mexico following the college of liberal redevelops by Benito Juarez?

The federal government action led to conflict in between liberals and conservatives.

Who were 2 leaders of the rebel army during the Mexican Revolution?

Zapata and also Villa.

____ was the deliver of land and market in Cuba from personal owners to the government under Fidel Castro.


Which best describes the difference in between socialism and communism?

The government controls people’s resides under communism, while it offers specific services for citizens under socialism.

Porfirio Diaz and also Santa Anna each led Mexico after self-reliance as


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Mexihave the right to dictator Porfirio Diaz inspired a change in 1910 by utilizing his power to

limit democracy and also freedoms.

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