Type: Additional Tasks

Zone / Planet: Nexus

An asari journalist, Keri T"Vessa, desires to intercheck out you for her documentary around existing events.

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To start this mission you should check out the email "Interviews" from Keri T"Vessa. You can additionally skip it, and talk to her while visiting the Nexus - Operations. This task will be available as soon as you set up the first outwrite-up on Eos.

Hello Pathfinder,

I"m a freelance vidmaker, and also I might really usage your aid with my latest job. It"s going to be historical, I hope, just choose your mission.

Can we accomplish on the Nexus for a chat? I deserve to explain much better in perboy.

Keri T"Vessa

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Keri T"VessaNexus / Hyperion

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Prior missions

To begin Task: Path of a Hero you should initially complete A Better Beginning.

Mission objectives of Task: Path of a Hero

1. Meet Keri / Stop through the journalist

You have the right to discover Keri T"Vessa on the Nexus - Operations, standing in front of the Director Tann"s office.

2. ON HOLD: Wait for Keri"s next intersee slot

Next off intercheck out slots will be unlocked by particular events, check your email commonly.

2.1. Soptimal via Keri about events on Eos

Finish A Better Beginning mission to make this objective obtainable. You will likewise get the email "Free for an interview?" from Keri T"Vessa.

Hello, Ryder,

Word is: you had a effective mission on Eos. Well done! Want to come talk about it on camera?


2.2. Stop via Keri around the angara

When she is ready, you must finish A Trail of Hope mission, you will certainly obtain the email "Can we talk? (on camera)". This time Keri will certainly be waiting for you in docks on Nexus.

Hello, Ryder,

The points I"m hearing: a garden world? A totality new species? If you can talk on the document, you know wright here to uncover me!


2.3. Soptimal through Keri around Kadara

Hello, Ryder,

They"re saying you just acquired ago from Kadara Port. There isn"t a lot "official" word from there, or the exiles. Can you give me a couple of on-video camera details?


2.4. Speak via Keri"s producer

After completing Hunting the Archon mission you will certainly get the email "Keri"s in trouble" from Hakim Barakat - you need to review it.

Ryder - I"m Keri"s producer for the documentary. Something"s occurred. Come by once you"re on the Nexus next. We must talk.


Talk to Hakim Barakat on the Nexus - Docks.

2.5. Find Keri in the militia cells

2.6. Sheight with Keri around the Remnant city

After completing The Journey to Meridian mission. The email "I"m free!" from Keri T"Vessa

Hello, Ryder,

I"m out! Your visit have to have shaken points up, hmm? Come on by the Nexus and I"ll tell you everything - if you tell me all about that Remnant city you found! It"ll be nice to watch you without bars between us.


She is waiting for you on Nexus - Typical Area - Upper Floor.

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2.7. Speak through Keri about Meridian

After completing Meridian: The Way Home. The email "You and also Meridian" from Keri T"Vessa.

Hello, Ryder,

Historic doesn"t even start to cover it! Meridian will certainly have actually whole textpublications to itself! Any interwatch footage you have the right to offer me before points revolve upside down again?