I understand that this is an idiom the literally converts to "More recognize the evil one for being old 보다 for being the devil." However, I'm trying to acquire to the deeper definition of the idiom. Preliminary research suggests that it is an alleged to reference exactly how experience is more valuable than reputation? however that doesn't seem to make feeling to me


The difficulty is that you're not translating that correctly. The definition is "The devil knows much more because he's old than since he's the devil". It can be written as "El diablo sabe más por viejo que por diablo". The word order is various in the idiom since it sounds far better that way.

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Also, in Spanish girlfriend don't usage "saber" because that the human being you know. You usage conocer. Therefore "Yo conozco al diablo" is correct, "Yo sé al diablo" is not. If I know correctly, you seem to have made that mistake when translating. Because that the idiom to average what friend wrote, that would have actually been "Más conocen al diablo por viejo que por diablo". Hope this help :)

I certainly forgot the difference between conocer and saber for sure when I to be translating. Although ns did actually obtain to the exact same conclusion of exactly how the translate in is far better phrased when I was trying to figure out exactly how to gain from the translation come the depth meaning. Say thanks to you so much for her help!

Pretty much way the older you get the wiser girlfriend become, as the years provide you a most experience, and experience > reputation.


I guess: v what ns was struggling through was the phrasing. In English, the translate into "More know the devil for gift old than for gift the devil" says that "more" is the subject of the verb together in much more people know the devil since he's old than since he's the devil. Hence I was having actually a tough time figuring the end why the would mean life experience provides you wisdom. However, it seems that a better non-literal translation would certainly be "the devil knows much more for being old 보다 for gift the devil," which walk make sense to me for having the deeper definition of "life experience gives you wisdom"

Devil is supposed to be a divinity. Divinity beings are supposed to be superior to humans in every ways simply for the basic fact that they are divinities, but the truth that the adversary knows so lot is since of how old the is and it states that suffer is even much more valuable 보다 divinity powers. Interpreted into the actual world, the older you are the an ext you know.

The older you get, the wiser you are. It's not pertained to life class vs. Scholastic lessons. Together you get older you obtain experience and also learn stuff.

My dad provided to say that to me whenever i wondered how he knew so many things.

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