About I Take My Chances

"I Take My Chances" is a song co-written and taped by Amerihave the right to country music artist Mary Chapin Carpenter. It was released in April 1994 as the seventh and also final single from her album Come On Come On. The song got to number 2 on the Billboard Hot Counattempt Singles & Tracks chart in July 1994. It was composed by Carpenter and also Don Schlitz.

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I took a walk in the rain someday On the wrong side of the tracksI stood on the rail "til I experienced that train Just to check out just how my heart would certainly reactNow some human being say that you shouldn"t tempt fateAnd for them I deserve to not disagreeBut I never before learned nopoint from playing it safeI say fate should not tempt me I take my chancesI don"t mind functioning without a netI take my chancesI take my chances ev"ry possibility I get I sat alone in the dark one nightTuning in by remoteI discovered a preacher that spoke of the lightBut tbelow was brimstone in his throatHe"d show me the way according to himIn rerevolve for my individual checkI flipped my channel ago to CNNAnd I lit an additional cigarette I take my chancesYes, forgiveness doesn"t come via a debtI take my chancesI take my chances ev"ry opportunity I acquire I"ve crossed lines of words and wireAnd both have cut me deepI"ve been frozen out and I"ve been on fireAnd the tears are mine to weepBut I can cry till I laugh Or laugh till I crySo cut the deck right in halfI"ll play from either side I take my chancesI pay my dollar and I place my betI take my chancesI take my opportunities ev"ry opportunity I getI take my chancesYeah, I don"t cling to remorse or regretI take my chancesI take my possibilities ev"ry possibility I getI take my chancesI take my chances

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Mary Chapin Carpenter Mary Chapin Carpenter (born February 21, 1958) is an Amerihave the right to individual and also country music singer, songwriter and musician. Carpenter spent a number of years singing in Washington, D.C. clubs prior to signing in the late 1980s through Columbia Records, that marketed her as a country singer.

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Carpenter"s initially album, 1987"s Hometown Girl, did not develop any kind of singles, although 1989"s State of the Heart and 1990"s Shooting Straight in the Dark each developed four Top 20 hits on the Billboard nation singles charts. more »