The Man With A Beard But No Hair, Man With A Beard But No Hair

Any ideas on who might be The Man With a Beard But No Hair and the Woman With Hair But No Beard? What do you think are their ages? I”ve always pictured them as someone quite older, probably belonging to the same generation as Ishmael, but I might be wrong. It”s just I find it fascinating why both sides of the VFD schism is somewhat terrified of the two. By the way, love everything you put in this blog. Keep it up!


I’ll try to keep you engaged, volunteer! Thanks for your encouragements.

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I would say that there’s a significant chance the Woman With Hair But No Beard and The Man With a Beard But No Hair belong to the same generation as Ishmael, yes. Mostly because Olaf’s generation never really experienced what VFD was like before the Schism, while these two visitors did:

The woman with hair but no beard nodded. “Infantservants are so troublesome,” she said. “I had an infant servant once; a long time ago, beforethe schism.”“Before the schism?” Olaf said, and Sunnywished Klaus were with her, because the baby did not know what the word “schism” meant. “That is a longtime ago. That infant must be all grown up by now.”“Not necessarily,” the woman said, andlaughed again, while her companion leaned down to gaze at Sunny.

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This passage makes more sense if you assume Olaf is younger than his two bosses. Compare and contrast with these passages about the start of the Schism, which happened when the people of Olaf’s generations were infants themselves:

“Those must have been wonderful times,” Violet said.“So I’m told,” Kit said. “I was four years old when everything changed. Our organizationshattered, and it was as if the world shattered, too, and one by one the safe places weredestroyed.

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“It must have been a wonderful time,” Klaus said.“I scarcely remember it,” Dewey said. “I was four years old when the schism began. I wasscarcely tall enough to reach my favorite shelf in the family library-the books labeled 020.But one night, just as our parents were hanging balloons for our fifth birthday party, mybrothers and I were taken.”Chapter Eight>

Because Olaf is consistently described as belonging to Kit’s and Dewey’s and Lemony’s generation of volunteers, it indeed seems that his two superiors are quite older than him. They clearly have seniority over Olaf.

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