Guys v a belly switch piercing Cool or not so cool? uncover out what girls think that it. Today I to be gonna clear all her doubts here. In the last couple of decades, body change has become popular with both men and also women.

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Be it tattoos, piercings, and also other similar forms of human body art. The choices are many! However, few of these are an ext popular amongst women. numerous girls display interest in men with navel piercing or various other body piercings. 

So, what around guys do they have actually limits?

Belly switch piercings space a trend that is make a comeback in recent years since it’s element the 90s. At the time plenty of of the tendency celebrities taken on this prize of rebellion. The was especially popular amongst young girls, to them it to be a part of the negative girl image.

On the various other hand, with males its a tad bit various story. While a many of males do ear piercing, nose, tongue, etc piercings, belly switch piercing is still uncommon. Which is a tiny odd, considering just how accepting today society is no?

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What execute girls think of males with a belly switch piercing?

Most the the girls love guys with a belly switch piercing. Whereas, some girls don’t.

When questioning girls about their thoughts about belly switch piercings on guys, opinions room pretty mixed. There girls who uncover it rather appealing and likewise daring, because of the something brand-new and different. Another group is pretty neutral, as lengthy as the male himself is happy they nothing mind.

There are just very couple of who fully reject this kind of image on a guy, a tiny minority. Yet despite the confident reception, guys are still unconvinced to actually get one. The reason why could be a little complex, since many guys have various concerns.

This is understandable, any kind of kind that body alteration is no something you can do there is no considering a few things. Because it is something excellent on your body that might leave a mark, numerous guys are cautious. Then, in contrast, over there were instances when countless would carry out this on a whim and also regret later.

In the situation, it is a dead to see something cool like piercings as a regret. Because it can be much more than that.

To attend to a few more concerns, there are few major concerns that we can answer. Check out through and afterward hope it will offer a press in the ideal direction!

Is it okay for a straight male to have a navel piercing?

Yes! that is completely fine if a straight man wanna acquire his navel pierces. I would certainly say don’t be sarcastic and also don’t offer that lot importance to this things.

We still agree that nowadays civilization are more accepting as a society than before. Over there is still some prejudice. Most often when it comes to belly switch piercing the positive side is you deserve to still hide that under her clothes.

Especially since nowadays there is no shame to adopt a bit more femininity, thus it deserve to look great! that course, the is a big decision, therefore think around what the piercing way to you. Also, consider how that can impact your daily life too before any type of action.

Do men gain their navels pierced?

Yes! i personally have seen some men with a belly switch piercing. This somewhere looks stylish too. However you need to take off her shirt to present it. Ns hope you obtained the point.

Often times men do this piercing either together a drunken whim or a dare. Then there room those who take on it and chose it come wear it v pride. Countless piercers will certainly still confirm that it is a rare thing for a man to get his navel pierced.

One of the things many guys worry about is a choice of jewelry if castle commit come this idea. Usually having a navel pierced is often linked to flashy spring gems. In the end, most man opts because that stainless steel to decorate your flesh.

Why did girl love navy piercing?

The most evident answer to these questions is, the piercing simply draws the preferred attention. Many girls space proud to show off your stomach, thigh or hips due to the fact that those body components are visually attractive.You can regularly see every kinds of dancers having actually a navel piercing come draw more attention to your performance. And in the last couple of decades, navy piercing permitted young girls to break far from society’s image of them. From the punk rock chicks in the 90s to the vivid summer child, marine piercing is present.

Do girls really like guys with a belly button piercing?

The opinions on these specific questions are pretty mixed. The majority of girls deserve to be quite tolerant man’s an option to have actually belly buttons pierced. store in mind though, women like men appreciate see an attractive and also daring person.Because allows are ethical belly switch pierced i will not ~ look attractive on a beer belly unlike nice abs or a slim waist. So prior to you decided to gain the piercing to take a good look at her body shape and also consider carefully.

I think, guys with a belly button piercing actually look cute. I have seen plenty of girls who actually prefer navel piercing on men.

All in all, be healthy looks and also confident will aid a lot!

Is it okay for a man to obtain his belly switch pierced?

There space two key elements that have the right to make you reap the experience of having a belly switch piercing. Those would certainly be, confidence and also not caring too much what others can think.

It might sound harsh, but in today’s society, human being are becoming an ext open-minded. If you present you have no regrets in what girlfriend did, the sooner you will be accepted. Her body is her own, and no one has the best to judge your aesthetics.

Especially if its something that is no dangerous to her body.

Does that look gay if a guy gets his navel pierced?

Even this particular day there is lot of of males who are fairly concerned around their masculinity especially about this topic. In most cases, guys would consider navel piercing to it is in either for girls or well gay men. Funny point is, no even plenty of gay men select to have actually this piercing.

It is merely a stereotype that for some factor spreads throughout like a wildfire. Over there is no reason why a straight male should not shot something he curious about. Merely put, it just a matter of choice.

Of course, before you boost up her confidence after analysis this and also rush to get our belly pierced. You got to think around some other small things prefer your tolerance to pain, aftercare, etc. In the next part, we will cite a few more details that will assist you further in your decision.

Related questions

What perform I must know prior to getting navel pierced?

First, you require to know is that belly button piercings room not because that everyone. No, we don’t mean that you are not enabled to have actually one. Rather have actually this type of piercing the form of your navel theatre a large role.

The top component of her navel need to have enough room because that the piercing to hang properly without pressure. Usually, the piercer will inspect if friend are an ideal or not and share their thoughts top top the idea.

There are additionally minor threats of bacterial infection as well. The danger is greater if you have actually some health problems like diabetes or a weak immune system.

On average, the navel piercing heal time takes about six month or also a year. Remember to check on your piercing ~ above a daily basis. Don’t panic if you view some discharge oozing out, it’s pretty normal.

If it continues for much longer than a week ideal away consults your piercer or even doctor. Also, pay attention to any swellings or redness throughout the check-up.

Try not to eliminate your piercing appropriate away when you want to switch the jewelry, wait till it heals. Keeping your hands clean and piercing as well as the belly switch area is a must-do.

If you execute feel some pain, again, go to her piercer and have it gotten rid of if needed. Finally, if you nothing have any type of problems removing her piercing then feel cost-free to replace it.

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What are the negative of having actually your belly button pierced?

With so countless positives and praises, we do need to point out a couple of downsides of having actually navel piercing. Most of the things discussed are fairly common and many world who have actually the piercing still enjoy it.


Maintenance have the right to be a bit of a problem sometimes since it tho something you need to examine often. Especially if you want to avoid experiencing any sort that infection. The can likewise be troublesome as soon as going for an X-ray or going come the airport or even surgery.

Wearing a dangling type of accessory, over there is a threat that it might get captured to your clothes, belts, etc.

Infection risk

Another huge risk is the infection that could lead come sepsis. The infection could get right into the bloodstream system and infect various other organs follow me the way. So once again, store the pierced area clean and sterile as regularly as girlfriend can.

Since we together all sweat quite a bit specifically in the summer seasons the risks might be higher. Together we obtain older, most of us prosper out of put on navel piercings mostly because its a most work.

When it pertains to the downside of navel piercing as you see all of these deserve to be impede or minimized. It can be a the majority of work, but in time, that will merely become part of the routine.

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All in all, belly button piercing on men is, because that the most part, a matter of conflict and personal choice. There can be some prejudice yet once again, if you room confident, you do you.

Men in today’s time have plenty of liberty to express that they are however they view it fit.Especially the you room a type of male who is happy with his image, then go for it and find a great piercing!

Remember come consult a professional, notify yourself properly, and also once every is done take a step forward!


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