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Love Me or leaving Me became the title of a 1955 film around dancer/singer/actress Ruth Etting’s life certification Doris Day who hit recording restored interest in the song.

- Sandra Burlingame

MusicWalter Donaldson
LyricsGus Kahn

“Love Me or leave Me” by composer Walter Donaldson and lyricist Gus Kahn was introduced in the 1928 Broadway show Whoopee! through Ruth Etting. She quit the display with her performance, and the song came to be her signature song. Etting tape-recorded “Love Me or leave Me” simply days after the display opened in December, and also it got to number two on the charts in 1929. Benny Goodman took the song to the charts twice: in 1934 for 2 weeks and again in 1936 in a new version which increased to number four. Eddie Cantor, the star that the display introduced “Makin’ Whoopee” which additionally became a jazz standard.


Chart information used through permission fromJoel Whitburn's popular music Memories 1890-1954

Produced through Florenz Ziegfeld, Whoopee! ran because that 379 performances and would have actually run longer if Ziegfeld had actually not gone broke and also had come close the show. Follow to David Ewen in the Complete publication of the American Musical theatre Ziegfeld had to sell the movie civil liberties to Samuel Goldwyn and release Cantor come act together consultant and star in the film. The 1930 film, which very closely follows the Broadway musical, was Cantor’s an initial movie and made a star of him. Whoopee! appreciated a successful resurgence on Broadway in 1979.

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Love Me or leave Me became the title of a 1955 film around dancer/singer/actress Etting’s life certification Doris Day whose hit recording revitalized interest in the song. The movie was nominated for number of Academy Awards, and also Daniel Fuchs and also Isobel Lennart winner the compensation for best Writing, Movie snapshot Story.

In 1958 pianist/singer/songwriter Nina Simone recorded a definitive version of “Love Me or leaving Me” in her debut album tiny Girl Blue, and also the song became forever linked with her. She version appeared on the soundtrack that Billy’s Hollywood display Kiss (1998).

In 2005 “Love Me or leaving Me” to be inducted into the GRAMMY hall of Fame, and Ruth Etting’s 1928 record of the tune was included to the recording Academy’s “timeless list” of 659 titles.

In The NPR Curious Listener’s guide to renowned Standards Max Morath ponders the popularity of “Love Me or leave Me”: “Is it the inexplicable chord development or the dull lyric that has actually made this track so ubiquitous? ‘...I’d fairly be lonely than happy v somebody else...’ is one of the lines attached to the melody together it jumps from its early minor vital into the relative major with nary a pass chord come warn the ear. However it works, and also jazz musicians have actually improvised unending on the tight AABA standard.”

In reading Lyrics editor Robert Gottlieb and Robert Kimball describe Kahn’s art: “Like Irving Berlin, Kahn was a superb and meticulous craftsman that made a lyric it seems ~ easy, even inevitable, rather than calling fist to its resourcefulness or wit. Yet no one was fooled; it was clear to his colleagues just how great he was.”

“Love Me or leave Me” has been tape-recorded by vocalists from Bing Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald to Jane Monheit (2004) and by a range of instrumentalists: saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, pianist Johnny Guarniere, guitarist Mundell Lowe, The Soprano Summit, trombonist ray Anderson, and also drummer Chico Hamilton.

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Allen ForteThe American well-known Ballad that the golden Era, 1924-1950: A examine in music DesignPrinceton college PressHardcover: 336 pages(Author/educator Forte devotes 5 pages come the song’s history and an evaluation of the music.)
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- Sandra Burlingame

In The Poets of tin Pan Alley: A background of America’s great Lyricists author Philip Furia points come Kahn’s skillful usage “...of Donaldson’s insistent, recurring phrases to develop a faceted verbal mosaic whose design template itself is monotonous oscillation.

Love meor leave meand permit mebe lonelyyou won’tbelieve meand ns loveyou only.

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“While repetitive, Donaldson’s music nonetheless swerves up and down in ~ the octave and even jumps keys, and Kahn’s lyric complies with with spicy vacillations in between plea and also ultimatum. In ~ the highest possible reach the the relax Kahn come up through a paradoxically helpless boast:

I intendto beindependentlyblue

“Here again Kahn rings his characteristic transforms on the figure of the lover as defiant victim, oscillating, through the music, between soaring assertion and also repetitive moaning that stretches ‘blue’ over three notes.”

Thomas “Fats” Waller to be a bigger than life character, both physically and creatively. Composer, pianist, organist, bandleader---he left a vast legacy throughout his quick 39 years. A 1928 piano solo version of Walter Donaldson’s tune shows that fat was currently a seasoned agree at period 24.

Guitarist prick McDonough, like Waller, live a quick life (he passed away at 34), but during the dark job of the depression he appeared on thousands of recordings, his distinctive chordal solos adding to every session. A radio warrior from 1934 not only functions Dick however some exorbitant clarinet through Benny Goodman, a year far from beginning his very own successful big band.

A little group conference from 1939 (not released till the 1980s) by “Basie’s bad Boys” has actually a swinging up-tempo version of “Love Me or leave Me.” count Basie’s at an early stage mentor to be Waller, and Count’s very first chorus alludes to his idol. Lester Young (tenor sax) and Buck Clayton (trumpet) contribute fine solos.

Chris Tyle - Jazz Musician and also Historian

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Count Basie The important Count Basie, Vol. 1 Sony original recording 1939

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