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Close yet no cigar, the college is cshedding dvery own but at least they will certainly continue to perform in Love Live under the Uranohoshi name. I was actually hoping the story would go down this route so while it was a really sad episode it was additionally an extremely great one.Season 1 of Sunshine began getting incredibly excellent throughout the 2nd half and appears prefer this seachild is ramping up also now. Very excited to view what happens next.Also does this intend we'll lastly acquire the check out the babsence uniforms? Please Sunrise

Looks choose the college cshedding drama will lastly more than currently. The all-nighter they pulled was a nice touch in this episode; but now it's time to focus on more necessary points, prefer the love live!
Best non-musical episode so much IMO.I really desire the route where school is closed even if they win Love Live, but they keep their name in "History". I don't think this will be the situation here, however I'm hoping for it.It's funny to see exactly how avoiding muse's references makes 2nd seaboy first half clearly better than 1rst season one. Now I hope 2nd half will be also much better as they did in first seachild !
I'm already excited to check out episode 8 LOL. It's excellent to hear Sora mo Kokoro mo Hareru kara from season 1 2nd bluray below on seachild 2
Looks prefer this really is the last TV seachild. Here's my guess for future schedule.Summer 2018: Aqours third LiveLate 2018/Early 2019: Love Live Sunshine movieSummer/Fall 2019: Aqours Final Love Live2020: Deyet of brand-new team (franchise 10th anniversary)

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That was beautiful, simply beautiful. Really emotional/heartbreaking but a truly wonderful episode.Yousoro in the start melted my heart, I don't think I'll ever recoup from that. It was a nice touch that the whole scene is actually Shukashuu's call and response.Oh my god! You-chan comforting Chika as soon as she obtained really anxious was so heartwarming, You-chan constantly knows what demands to be done. Also loved the part wright here she was pretending to be asleep. xDLot of really emotional scenes this episode, from the all nighter waiting to the early on morning shouts and Chika crying in the time of exercise and also the last scene. This episode really got to me. :(SORA MO KOKORO MO HARERU KARA-AQOURS VERSION!!!! I did not intend that and it was a really great alternative to play it during the montage of everyone trying to concerned terms with the college cshedding dvery own. I feel the song really caught the mood of the scene and made it even more emotional, provides me wonder if they planned this. xDThe μ's feather flying throughout during the montage was beautiful. Kinda felt favor μ's were encouraging Aqours to store fighting even if it intended it was gonna be pointless.The final scene through all the other girls encouraging Aqours to perdevelop in Love Live and have actually their institution name live in the background books forever was great and also it really made me smile after the hefty mood of the episode. The girls deciding to perform so after that was a really uplifting moment.Full points for Ya-me-ru?! XDReally well executed episode in terms of showcasing battle, failure, resolution and never before providing up. This episode is pretty much sums up some of the main factors I love the franchise so much. Kanan via her Gainax poses cracks me up. XDJudging by the means this is going, I guess they really desire to follow the exact same 2 seasons+movie framework for the anime.