So for a long time I thought this didn’t job-related. Then I went and review all the tasks myself, and also assumed exterior the box a little, addressed a glaring issue, and also I think this really does practically job-related. Though tright here are still reasonable hiccups, what is absolutely valid is still enough to do nicely.

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I’m a Human being Sorcerer, level 12. I recognize a few spells, I have a few feats pertaining to the manipulation of energy damages. I look favor nothing special, probably your run-of-the-mill middling blaster. But my specific combicountry of spells, tasks, and also applications have the right to lay waste to a space the size of Spain through a solitary initially level spell. Here’s how I do it in just a few procedures.

The initially point I require is snow or ice. Why? Due to the fact that I’m going to usage Snowcasting, a feat from Frostburn that provides any spell I cast the descriptor if I include some fresh snow or ice to the material components of a spell as I cast it. Natural scurrently or ice works ideal, yet if it’s produced by a conjuration spell that functions fine, as well.

Now that my spell is , I’m going to apply Flash Frost Spell, from Players Handbook II. This metamagic feat deserve to just be applied to a Cold spell that affects an area. A Flash Frost Spell deals an extra 2 points of cold damage per spell level to everyone in the area of the spell. +1 LA

Energy Admixture, from Complete Arcane, will certainly add an additional form and damage dealt by my spell. I can use it to add electric damage without taking ameans the Cold descriptor and cold damages from my spell, which would certainly most likely make the spell fall acomponent bereason it needs that to deal any type of damages at all. Some say Energy Substitution is adequate; I think the discussion that the trick drops acomponent if the spell doesn’t continue to be a spell is valid, so I store my cool. +4 LA

Being an electrical spell permits the application of the metamagic feat Born of the Three Thunders, from Complete Arcane. When you actors a spell via either the power descriptor or the sonic descriptor that deals hit suggest damage, you can declare that spell to be a spell of the three thunders, via half its damage dealt as electrical energy damages and also half dealt as sonic damages. A Three Thunders spell adds a thunderclap that stuns all creatures taking damage for 1 round unmuch less they make a Ft save, then knocks stunned creatures susceptible unless they fail a Reflex save.

The spell currently calls for a reflex conserve. That allows us apply one final feat to it: Explosive Spell, likewise from Complete Arcane. On a failed reflex save, an Explosive Spell ejects any type of creature captured in its area, sfinishing them to the nearemainder edge of the spell area. Those ejected take a second 1d6 damage per 10 feet traveled. +2 LA

Let’s take a look at what we have actually now. With a pinch of snow and a spell with an area, I’m dealing 2 cold damages per level, admixturing in 2 electrical power which gets separation right into electric and also sonic, and also which will—on a failed fortitude then failed reflex save—eject anyone in the spell area to the edge of the location, and also deal them damages for each 10 feet they traveled. With me so far? It’s a little bit facility, yet here’s wbelow it gets great.

You can most likely tell that this has been an elaborate process to put Explosive Spell on a spell we typically couldn’t, otherwise we’d just have put Explosive Spell on in the first area and also be done through it. What spell would certainly be so worth this effort? Locate City, from Races of Destiny. Locate City has about as massive an area as any type of spell have the right to acquire, at 10 miles/caster level. At 12th level, a 120-mile area of result is pretty great. Usually, Locate City does no damages, has no conserves, and also doesn’t really influence creatures at all. But we’ve made it cold, added a very tiny amount of cold damages to its location, and also included a Reflex conserve. I’ll want to amp my DC up as high as I deserve to by maxing Charisma, and also using Heighten Spell if feasible.

For those keeping count, this is presently an 8th level Locate City. We have the right to deal with that by tweaking our develop a bit to be somepoint pretty much strictly better. For our functions, Sorcerer 12 isn’t nearly as helpful as Sorcerer 5/Incantatrix 7. As human, I’ll get 6 feats for leveling, and also 3 metamagic feats for Incantatrix. Snowcasting, Flash Frost Spell, Energy Substitution, Energy Admixture, Born of the Three Thunders, and also Explosive Spell cover the feats to make this possible; Iron Will gets into Incantatrix, Arcane Thesis reduces our metamagic adjustments, and Heighten Spell will certainly up our DC. Incantatrix 7 grants the Instant Metamagic ability as soon as per day. We can apply that to Energy Admixture, and heighten our Locate City from second level after metamagic accomplishments to a sixth level spell, something even more befitting what we’re about to do.

Now we’ve acquired a Locate City through a 6th level save DC, and also with a Charisma score of a reasonable 28 at 12th level, our conserve DC is 25. What’s that? You deserve to make a DC 25 Fortitude or Reflex save in your sleep? Sure, your character through class levels and also probably magic items deserve to. But a substantial majority of NCOMPUTER mooks, townsfolk, and also wildlife won’t make a DC 25 even more than, at very best, 20% of the time. For most average townsfolk, they’d require a natural 20 on either save—little better than 5% odds.

I’m going to walk into a crowded city, a populace center within 120 miles of many kind of other populace centers (or maybe 180 miles, boosting caster level via spells isn’t hard), go inside a small room, so even if I fail my very own conserve DC I won’t be flung to my instant death. Someone who flies just 10 feet and hits an item will take 1d6 for distance, 1d6 for collision, and the 4 energy damage. Honestly, 2d6+4 damages is enough to kill nearly any type of 1- or 2-hit die NCOMPUTER and many kind of 1-hit die monsters. Statistically, almost no one however the hardier adventurers, some monsters, and also world via very bit distance to take a trip until they hit a surchallenge will certainly prevent taking lethal damage from Explosive Spell. And let’s talk around that damages for a moment.

Someone beside you through a clear path to the edge of the spell is going to take a trip 180 miles. That’s 950,400 feet, which is 95,040 d6 damages. Ala lot of 100,000 d6 damage to those at the heart of the explosion as soon as that frosty thunderclap goes off. Even to folks at mile 179, who are just traveling 5280 feet for 528 d6 damage, this spell is exceptionally, incredibly dangerous.

So there you have actually it: a construct designed to devastate whole areas, in circles roughly the dimension of Spain. You don’t should kill everyone in the blast to encertain destroy and also devaterminal, yet you’ll definitely kill a lot of human being and accomplish that effect. Heightening Locate City to 6th level ups the power damages too; Flash Frost Spell adds 2 damages per spell level.

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Some argue that the feats can’t be stacked choose that and also that Explosive Spell can’t be tricked onto the spell in this manner. These disagreements make a level of sense, and are as much as a DM. Consider a less complicated alternative: Any spell deserve to be Snowcasted, and also any type of spell deserve to be Flash Frosted, and also any kind of spell can be heightened. With Arcane Thesis and also Instant Metamagic, you can Heighten a Snowcasted, Flash Frosted Locate City right into a 9th level spell without needing a ninth level spell slot. Flash Frost Spell adds 2 damage per spell level, so that’d be 18 cold damage to anyone in practically 200 miles in every direction. It’s not the nuke dealing insane quantities of damages, however it likewise doesn’t require anyone to fail two conserves and not collide with anypoint for a while, either. It’ll kill low level NComputers, and you deserve to follow it up through a couple of subsequent iterations Heightened typically to a sixth level spell slot that’ll deal 12 even more cold damage on each spreading, via no conserve. In 5 rounds, you have the right to dish out 66 cold damage over the whole location of Locate City. Nothing however those through cold resistance and also a decent variety of levels or hit dice will certainly be left alive. It’s not a large bomb, yet it’s extremely regular and still gets the job done if your goal is mass murder on a catastrophic level. And it prevents DMs conexperimentation such a considerable application of tasks in a details order. And freezing to death eextremely NPC with fewer than 4 or 5 course levels and the majority of lower-tier creatures in an area the size of Spain is going to reason a fair little of permanent damage to an area.

For either variation, make no mistake; that sort of genocide is evil, horrible, and also by genuine human being criteria absolutely monstrous and indefensible. Many DMs won’t like you doing that to their civilization. USE WITH CAUTION