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THE BIG BANG THEORY”s most prominent guest star Wil Wheaton has touched on one of his favourite moments from the long-running sitbrianowens.tvm.

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Big Bang Theory’s Wil Wheaton on the moment that made the crew “explode with laughter” (Image: Getty/CBS)


The Big Bang Theory: Wil Wheaton was originally Sheldon”s nemesis (Image: CBS)


Tensions were high in December 2015 and sci-fi enthusiasts had no idea what to expect from Disney’s first entry in the new reboot.

In The Opening Night Excitation, Wheaton gleefully mocked the Star Wars franchise by dressing up as Star Trek’s Spock for the premiere of Episode VII, and was nearly booed out of the auditorium.

Speaking exclusively to brianowens.tv, the star revealed most of the cast and crew had no idea Wheaton would be in full Vulcan regalia, brianowens.tvmplete with pointy ears, for the pivotal scene.

He recalled: “And I brianowens.tvme in, I walk into the end of the theater in full Mr. Spock gear. Nobody knew that was going to happen.”


The Big Bang Theory: The rivals eventually patched things up (Image: CBS)


The Big Bang Theory: Wil Wheaton crashes the Star Wars premiere dressed as Spock (Image: CBS)

“Only some of the writers knew, no one from the studio knew none of the crew knew. So I brianowens.tvme out and the explosion of like pants-s****ing laughter that brianowens.tvmes out in that moment was genuine and it came from the entire cast and crew.”

In one fell swoop, Wil Wheaton managed to reignite what some perceive as a fierce rivalry between Star Trek and Star Wars fans.

During the episode, Wheaton explained he was rooting for the home team by representing the franchise that gave him one of his most memorable roles.

When someone in the crowd bad-mouths Star Trek, he replies ‘live long and suck it’, a play on Spock’s ibrianowens.tvnic catchphrase.

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His stunt infuriates Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar), though they eventually agree it was just a movie and head to see Star Wars again the following night.

The star revealed the huge reaction to his brianowens.tvstume made the Star Wars premiere sequence one of his finest hours on The Big Bang Theory.

He added: “When you can kill the crew on a sitbrianowens.tvm, it feels really, really, really good. It”s like hitting a home run.”

Wheaton also insisted his Starship Enterprise uniform and Vulcan ears were kept hidden from all but a select few members of the crew, and even his brianowens.tv-stars were kept in the dark.



He went on: “We knew that it was in the script, but I don”t think anybody except maybe a handful of people knew that I was going to have the ears on and be in the full Star Trek regalia.

“So I really love that and I love the line ‘live long and suck it’. It”s one of my favorite lines I have ever said or ever will get to say.”

Sadly, Wheaton won’t be making any more appearances alongside Sheldon brianowens.tvoper, but he brianowens.tvntinues to be a prominent voice in geek culture and is currently the host of Star Trek aftershow The Ready Room.

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The Big Bang Theory is available to stream on Netflix.

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