The corners of the mouth are crucial for facial expressions. Alengthy via other facial attributes, they enable human being to tell your mood. If it taken place to you that someone asked you why you were sad, once in truth you weren’t, it means that your consistent facial expression looks sad. Fortunately, there are ways to help lift the corners of the mouth and also make your confront cheerful aobtain.

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Why it happens

Contrary to a famous belief that the problem ssuggest lies with a constant bad mood, that"s not the totality picture. The reality is that mimicry of the mouth counts on the muscles. Gradually, they assume a certain position. Several of the muscles are engaged more often, while others gain weaker from being hardly ever supplied. That’s exactly how your confront looks the means it does. In addition, with age, the feature of the sebaceous glands decreases and also blood circulation declines. It gets increasingly tough to store the facial skin toned, which aggravates the trouble.

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Cosmetic methods of correction

To lift drooping mouth corners, many kind of womales retype to the solutions of cosmetologists. Some measures administer a fast and noticeable impact.

Collagen injections and also hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid fillers stimulate collagen production. And collagen injections stimulate the production of own collagen. Both commodities assist to smooth the skin. Lifting have the right to be achieved by an injection over the mouth corners to raise them with the assist of the skin. However, many doctors don’t usage collagen because of the threat of allergic reactions.

Mouth edge lift

This is plastic surgical treatment that helps lift the corners of the lips. The procedure is quite effective, yet recovery might be accompanied by discomfort and also pain. If you don’t desire to rekind to such radical techniques, you can attempt a facial massage rather.

SMAS facelift

This facelift procedure helps to offer the skin freshness and elasticity without surgical treatment.


The main task of rejuvenating Botox injections is to relax the muscles and thus smooth the skin. Although Botox will certainly not assist raise the corners of the mouth, it deserve to be used as a preventative measure. With that, the procedure has many kind of contraindications: it is not recommended in the time of pregnancy, and also in the existence of some illness.

You can additionally lift the corners of the lips with the help of distinct exercises.

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Facial gymnastics

Exercises have the right to be rather reliable if you execute them consistently and systematically.

1. Round your lips, as if to pronounce the letter O. Repeat 15 times.

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2. Try to relax all the facial muscles as a lot as feasible, then start smiling, holding your lips in this place for a couple of secs.

3. Slowly reveal half of your teeth and also tense your mouth muscles. Hold this position for 10 seconds.

4. Hold a pencil or a thick straw in your mouth and also, while maintaining your head still, start to attract geometric shapes in the air from left to appropriate and also vice versa, utilizing just the facial muscles. Continue the exercise for a few minutes.

5. Smile and lightly pull the muscles to the sides via your fingers. Stay in this place for 10 seconds.

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6. Stretch the corners of the mouth via your fingers, then progressively reduce the pressure.

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 We hope our tips will assist you continue to be beautiful for a long time. But don’t forget to smile – this is the main weapon versus many type of problems!

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