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JezbelleAlpha TesterPosts: 292Joined: 15 May 2014, 00:22

Gold sinks

by Jezbelle » 10 Aug 2014, 00:56

So, when I have the best armor, a nice castle, and a lot of land, what will i turn to? Probably making money, like everyone else.But the question is.. is gold worth anything in this game (aside from being a crafting material?) Why should it be valued as a currency?Well, it should be valued as a currency because it should be able to buy extravagant things that nothing else is worth bartering for.When this game is released, we will NEED “gold sinks” (which are items bought from vendors in exchange for a lot of gold) in order to justify a currency system, as well as just a way to keep players interested in making money.Gold has 0 value as a currency unless these “gold sinks” are implemented. A “faith based” system does not work in a video game. What are some potential “gold sinks”, guys?

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GrimfestPosts: 122Joined: 26 Apr 2014, 21:45

Re: Gold sinks

by Grimfest » 10 Aug 2014, 01:54

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Good Question, but I am still unclear as to “where” these gold coins will come from? Are they player made? How do the come in to existence? Also, it is very rare that any MMO has a coin “gold” that is the universal barter standard. 9/10 times commodities, usually rare ones, becomes the barter standard.So as OP mentioned, Gold Sinks? Personally I think this is a mute topic as I am sure bobik and team already have this nailed down and we just lack the information on it.What I think could help the economy out would be to allow players to purchase cosmetics with ingame currency and premiere currency at different rates of coarse. This would open up massive potential gold sinks, that will be strong as longs as the game is alive. Also, its nearly impossible to balance coin “gold” as the barter standard. Obviously it will be desired for the first 6 months, but after that, it”ll be nearly worthless. That”s why people will be trading rare commodities as the standard, unless some system as I mentioned is in place. they will not make to many gold sinks in game as that”s not where they make their money. It all leads back to my original question, where does this coin come from in the first place? have they officially said? does the pigs and deer shit it out? or can I turn a gold ingot in to 10 gold coins? and can I turn 10 gold coins in to an ingot? does this depend on my smelting skill level? maybe it takes 12 coins as I vaporize some of the gold by heating it to high? can I use aqua regina extraction methods on micro gold? can I use my own person gold pan in the rivers and streams in game?


j/k I mine in the desert actually. but whatever. drywashers all day.


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