Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26Th January 2017 Written Update Wu

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on brianowens.tv

Vickie asks Dev how did he know about stock market crash. Dev says he has studied market and predicted it beforehand. He says he will restart trading company and asks everyone to get back to work. Vicky gets tensed thinking that he already sold office. Dev comes back and angrily holds his collar and shouts how dare he is to sell office. Vicky says since he sold trading company, he thought better to sell office space in favor of other companies, he sold his 49% shares. Dev says he made him owner on paper and not a decision maker, he will take all the decisions and he knows where he transferred money, he should transfer it back to office account within an hour, if he does not he will be out of CEO designation and will go to jail.

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Real estate agent informs Sona that she has bought Dev’s office and his brother has sold it. Dev orders Vicky to cancel deal. Vicky calls agent and asks to cancel deal. Agent asks Sona, but she refuses to cancel deal and says she will shift with her team right now. Agent informs same. Dev continues scolding Vicky. Agent enters and Dev gives cheque to him and asks to cancel deal. Agent says new owner does not want to cancel deal. He asks who is he. Agent says it is she and her name is….Sona enters and says Sonakshi Bose. Agent walks out. Dev gives her cheque and asks to cancel deal. Sona checks cheque and says he has quoted 30% more, but she will not cancel deal. Dev says fine then, get ready to face him each day and each day will be special, he walks out.

GKB asks her maid to get sweets as Vicky has become very rich now and she wants to feed him sweets. Vicky enters fuming and yells that Dev threathened to get him out of company and forced him to transfer all the money in company account. GKB yells. Dev comes and scolds Vicky for his heinous act. GKB says even she is scolding Vicky and her BP is rising. Dev asks maid to give her tablets. Mamaji hears conversation and confronts Vicky that he betrayed Dev who helped him so much, he will pull his skin out today. GKB tries to speak. Mamaji confronts even her and warns to back off, else he will punish even her. Dev says they don’t know whom Vicky sold office space. GKB asks who. Dev says Sona. Everyone are shocked. Ishwari hears standing in balcony.

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Dev walks to his room and throws his shoes on floor. Ishwari enters and picks shoes. Dev says she does not have to do that and says if she has come to talk about Sona, he is not ready to talk. She says Sona must have bought office space as it was at a discounted price. Dev says she bought it at market rate. Ishwari is shocked and asks if Sona became so rich. Dev says she is running a start up company and it grew a lot, but these kind of companies vanish soon. Ishwari blames Sona and asks Dev to stop being in pain and leave that office space. Dev calls doc. She asks why. He says she told he is in pain, so needs doc. She says again to leave office space and should not face Sona everyday. Dev reminisces challenging Sona that she will face him each day and tells Ishwari that he has moved on.

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Precap: Sona gives possession letter to Dev and says she does not need any problem. Dev says she will not face any problem and he came to congratulate her and extends hand.


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