The Secret Dungeon¶

This dungeon opens up up after the 3rd time you visit Hollow Bastion, simply prior to the last fight through Demyx. Reach it by visiting the Postern and also jumping into the hole in the wall. You begin in the Depths. Leap up and insurance claim the AP Boost (23/45). Drop down to the bottom and pick up the Power Crystal (24/45) amidst the Heartless. At the opposite end collect a Frost Crystal (25/45) then climb up the side and leap into the alcove to collect Twilight #6.

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From right here go back to the entrance of this room, leaping approximately Twilight #9 on the ledge.

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Cross over to the leave in the distance, then continue the climb coming ago. Collect the Found Illusion (26/45) right here then Glide throughout to the AP Boost (27/45) at the far end. Exit right into the Mineshaft where you deserve to pick up the Deep Rerepertoire Map (41/45). Walk about and also pick up the AP Boost (39/45) then usage Fast Run Lv3 to shoot with the pipes and also collect Twilight #30 . You are forced into a fight, just eliminate your adversaries.

Deeper and Deeper¶

Exit to the Depths again, simply a different place. Pick up the Remembrance Gem (28/45) then head right into the Mining Area. Grab the Serenity Gem (33/45) to the left then smash the three valves below. Rerevolve to the Mineshaft and use the door to reach a different component of the Mining Area. Ride the pillar up then jump over to the wind vortex. Use “Ride the Wind” to get means up high then Glide ago in the direction of the entrance to spot a large pillar that takes you as much as Twilight #16. Leap from below to an AP Boost (30/45) then cross the pipes to collect Twilight #27 .

Continue along this course to find a Serenity Crystal (31/45) throughout from the exit door. Head into the edge to snag A Map of the Area (34/45) and also a Found Illusion (32/45). Go under this platcreate to pick up Twilight #19 then jump dvery own to the center to find a Serenity Gem (29/45). Glide over to Twilight #14 then exit at the optimal door. Pick up the Power Boost (42/45) The next component is a bit difficult bereason you should Fast Run right into the first collection of pipes and also simply as you fall under them, use Aerial Dodge to cross and also pick up Twilight #1 . Defeat the Heartmuch less that lock you in then enter the Engine Chamber.

Date Replicas¶

Althe majority of there! Cross the conveyor belts then up the step blocks to a huge belt. Pick up the Serenity Crystal (35/45) from the edge then follow the conveyor to the end, just don’t loss off. Dodge the steam and also leap up at the far finish to discover a Remembrance Crystal (36/45). Continue the climb up to the exit door, yet go past it and also Glide to an AP Boost (37/45). From below leap left and also Glide to a small platcreate through a Found Illusion (38/45). Go into the Mineshaft again, picking up a Magic Boost (43/45).

Leap from the edge and also Glide all the way approximately, picking up Twilight #32, Twilight #36, and Twilight #40 enpath to an AP Boost (40/45) and the exit. In this area you’ll need to fight through a lot of Nobodies; seriously it is an absurd amount. At the finish you’ll obtain a bonus though!

BONUS : Item Slot (Sora), HP +4 (Donald), HP +5 (Goofy)

In the Garden of Assemblage you have the right to pick up the final two items, the Garden of Assemblage Map (44/45) and also a Lost Illusion (45/45). “Analyze” the gadget to disclose Data Replicas that might be fought. This also opens up an departure right external the Postern so you don’t need to trek all the way back via. After you beat all File Replicas of Organization XIII a chest appears near the terminal. It has the Non-Existent Proof (46/46) inside. This will put a crown on Sora’s head if you haven’t acquired any other Proof yet, or if you have a crvery own already, then the color will certainly readjust.

Replica Documents Rewards¶

For defeating the Replica File you’ll get added items which will certainly help in boosting Sora’s stats and upgrading devices. The Replica File are the same, simply at level 80.

I - Xemnas’s Replica Data is fought at Memory’s Contortion and the last arena, and also relinquishes a Power Boost. Sora’s equipment, items, and also abilities deserve to be reconfigured in between the 2 rounds. While Donald and also Goofy are not easily accessible as allies, Riku joins the party at the second fight.

II - Xigbar’s Replica Data is dealt with at the Hall of Empty Melodies, and relinquishes a Defense Boost.

III - Xaldin’s Replica Documents is combated at the Bridge, and relinquishes a Defense Boost. Donald and Goofy are obtainable as allies, yet the Beast is not.

IV - Vexen’s Replica File is dealt with at the 11th Floor facsimile of The Old Mansion, and relinquishes a Lost Illusion.

V - Lexaeus’s Replica File is combated at the Station of Remembrance, and also relinquishes a Lost Illusion.

VI - Zexion’s Replica Documents is dealt with at the third Basement facsimile of the Seashore, and also relinquishes a Lost Illusion.

VII - Saïx’s Replica Data is fought at the Addled Impasse, and also relinquishes a Defense Boost.

VIII - Axel’s Replica File is battled at the Basement, and relinquishes a Magic Boost. Donald, Goofy, and Roxas are not available as allies.

IX - Demyx’s Replica Documents is fought at the Castle Gate, and also relinquishes an AP Boost.

X - Luxord’s Replica File is combated at the Havoc’s Divide, and relinquishes an AP Boost. Donald and Goofy are not easily accessible as allies.

XI - Marluxia’s Replica File is battled at the Station of Oblivion, and relinquishes a Lost Illusion.

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XII - Larxene’s Replica Data is battled at the Station of Remembrance, and relinquishes a Lost Illusion.