King of the Roadway, the book is the teacher, cry like a baby sit your ass on the bleacher.

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—Deathwish Anthem, Team Deathwish

Episode 4 of Thrasher’s King of the Roadway skateboarding odyssey on Viceland also sounded deceptively fun via its promise of twerking, but instead it was brutal through insane obstacles, ridiculous slams, and unbelievable tricks. Handcuffed teammates wrapped up their 24 hrs of hell, tbelow was a return to the Westgate Void for revenge, a gnarly 9-foot vert ramp that inflicted pain, and dignity sacrificed in the grueling pursuit for team points.

We simply cleaned out this complete pipe here external of Flagstaff. It’s a fing gem.—Sam Hitz, Creature team manager

Team Creature’s David Gravette and also Willis Kimbel woke up in their resting bag on Geoff Rowley’s ramp still handcuffed. Nature dubbed, and also Gravette took on the “Take a dump from a tree into a shoe” challenge, proving that public embarrassment stings much less (and also probably has actually a far better aroma) if it earns team points. The team headed to a full pipe in Flagstaff, Arizona to examine off the obstacle of perdeveloping a trick on an oververt. Kevin Baekkel “The Hammer” was the evident choice to nail it.

In Phoenix, Baekkel continued his assault with a beautiful early on grab backside 360 dvery own a 9-stair collection, Darkslide drop n roll, and also bluntslide finger flip to fakie. Sean Conover dialed in the kickflip through double sets of trucks and also wheels on a board and also backside kickflip over the entire Creature team.

The Creature team checked out shred a 9-foot backyard vert ramp and also Chris Rusoffer, now wearing Dolphin shorts for that three-day challenge, took on the Roy-al flush (Andy Roy’s own McTwist) a 540 eggplant. The ramp was vicious, dishing out a beating, tossing Rusmarket off his board, down to the level and onto the coping.

Nothing is excellent enough as soon as I’m on King of the Road. It’s just prefer, ‘we gotta go now!’ I’m always favor, the glass is half empty no issue just how much that trick went dvery own. There’s most points that didn’t go dvery own and those are points that are lacking. My role is to record and also team psychologist.- Joe Brook, enjoi, photographer

Enzo Cautela and Louie Barletta woke still handcuffed and also enjoi team manager, James Craig chose it would be a great time to mess via Barletta, fabricating a crisis that the handcuff essential had actually gone absent in the team van to check out if Barletta would freak out. Ben Raemers stepped up with the steadiest hand also he could muster to give himself a Thrasher tatalso.

Jackkid Pilz did a wallride off the van and also skated off the van, over a twerker dancing through Barletta in the enjoi panda suit for more points. The van finished up needing jumped when the battery ran out of juice from playing music to twerk by. Team enjoi goes to Tuscon, Arizona and also Barletta shelp that the sleep was a major priority for the team.

Deathwish’s Lizard King and Jamie Foy invested the night handcuffed and likewise earned extra points for slumbering in a sleeping bag. Once liberated from their handcuffs, the team returned to the Westgate Space for Foy to exact revenge upon the gap that relentlessly denied him a ride away. Foy took a beating, landing and rolling out of the landing at over 30 mph onto the pavement numerous times. At team manager Thorpe’s urging, Deathwish moved on, establishing out to check tricks off their list. Lizard banged out challenges including yet absolutely not restricted to wetting himself in a public area and also showering in a automobile wash.

Then the trick extravaganza went down and it was nuts. Foy entirely annihilated a 9-stair collection, gained a finest trick through the mannequin hand also, and the Natas spin. Foy verified that 3rd time is absolutely the cinjury as he was victorious, avenging Westgate gap with a kickflip and also then he melted the Dolphin shorts. After this purification in El Paso, the team heads to Phoenix, Arizona.

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There’s even more Thrasher King of the Road as the epic unfolds. Watch on Viceland also Thursdays at 9:30p.m. ET— catch up or binge at Viceland also.

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