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(Feat. Syleena Johnson)Yeah, this the actual one baby,Uh, Chi town stand up,South side, southern side,We gon" set this party off right,West side, west side,We gon" set this party turn off right.Oh once it all, the all drops downI"m informing you all once it all drops down <2x>(Oh once it all) aaMan i promise, she"s so me consciousShe has actually no idea what she"s act in collegeThat significant that she majored in don"t do no moneyBut she won"t drop out, her parents will look at she funnyNow, phone call me that ain"t insecureThe concept of institution seems therefore secureSophomore 3 years aint picked a careerShe like fuck it, I"ll simply stay under here and do hairCause that"s sufficient money to buy she a couple of pairs of new AirsCause her baby daddy don"t really careShe"s so priceless with the peer pressureCouldn"t purchased a car so she named her daughter Alexus (a Lexus)She had hair so long that the looked prefer weaveThen she cut it all off now she look choose EveAnd she be taking care of some problems that girlfriend can"t believeSingle black color female addicted come retail and also wellUh, and also when it falls down who you gon" call now?C"mon c"mon, and also when it fall"s downOh as soon as it all, that all falls downI"m informing you all as soon as it all falls down.(Oh as soon as it all)Man ns promise, I"m so me consciousThat"s why you always see me through at the very least one of mine watchesRollies and Pasha"s they done drove me crazyI can"t also pronounce nothing, pass the versace!Then I invested 400 bucks on thisJust to be prefer nigga you ain"t increase on this!And i can"t also go to the grocery storeWithout part ones that"s clean and also a shirt with a teamIt appears we living the American dreamBut the people highest up obtained the lowest self esteemThe prettiest people do the ugliest thingsFor the road to riches and also diamond ringsWe shine since they hate us, floss cause they degrade usWe trying to buy ago our 40 acresAnd for that paper, look how low us a"stoopEven if friend in a Benz, friend still a nigga in a coupeUh, and when it drops down who you gon" call now?C"mon c"mon, and when the fall"s downOh as soon as it all, that all drops downI"m telling you all when it all falls down.(Oh when it all)I to speak fuck the police, that"s how I act emWe to buy our way out of jail, yet we can"t buy freedomWe"ll to buy a many clothes but we don"t really require emThe points we buy come cover up what"s insideCause lock made united state hate ourself and love they wealthThat"s why shorties holler, "Where the ballers at?"Drug certified dealer buy Jordans, crackheads purchase crackBut the white man obtain paid turn off of all a datBut i ain"t even gon plot holier than thouCause fuck it, I checked out Jacob v 25 thouBefore I had actually a house and I"d carry out it againCause i wanna it is in on 106 and also Park pushing a BenzI wanna act ballerific prefer it"s every terrificI gained a pair past early out bills, i won"t get specificI got a difficulty with spending before I obtain itWe every self conscious I"m simply the first to admit itUh, and also when it falls down that you gon" speak to now?C"mon c"mon, and when the fall"s down,South side, south side,We gon" set this party off right,West side, west side,We gon" set this party off right.Chi-Town, Chi-Town,We gon" display em how we gain down.Hustling ain"t easy, it"s choose a for sure belt,Save my life, c"mon.Oh when it all, the all falls downI"m telling you all as soon as it all falls down.