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Title: 極限の dead or alive! (Kyokugen no dead or alive!)

Air date: March 19, 2017

Written by: Yuya Takahashi

Directed by: Kyohei Yamaguchi



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So is it simply me, or does this episode convey a much better message of' all life should be treated equally' than the entity of Ghost?

I feel Ghost would've done much better if it simply dealt with the totality concept of living to the fullest, considering that ghosts are all about regrets and also stuff. But if it did comment on this, I don't really remember, Ghost was not the least little bit memorable.

Agreed didn't like ghost all a lot in the direction of the finish but this episode summed it up without all the whiny mellow drama

Dan Kuroto died as he lived. Like a JOJO villain. Hell, i was even expecting him to be dragged into the black cloud favor Kira was at the end of DIU.

provided just how everything is a JoJo referral currently, i'm surprised there's yet to be one in this show

Did you guys see Dan's arse as soon as he was lying on the floor. im telling you, its 1 sweet arse....

Goodbye Dan. Even as soon as your'e dying you still ham it up. :'( greatest kaguys rider villan in a lengthy time.

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I'm thinking that Dan can show up aget he hasn't obtained his flowers ( accidently deleted my previous comment)

Now that's what I call a midseason finale. What an awesome episode

Emu being torn around life and fatality on just how doctors are all around conserving resides, not taking them, yet because he let Dan go, he infected a large crowd of civilization with the Bugster virus. But in the end, Dan dies anyway and also Emu felt he let him die by his watch, which of course affects him in a negative way, and this is somepoint doctors go through all the moment and also it goes to present Emu is beginning to take his initially real steps into being a physician in that yes, you can't conserve everyone. So now that Dan's kicked the bucket (even though he wasn't presented acquiring the flowers, the manufacturing notes said that they wish him well in what he pursues next) Who's going to be Kaguys Rider Chronos, and it looks as though any kind of believed of Pallad being a good man later down the line is thrvery own out the home window.