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My XJ that I had for 7 years was freshly totaled and I reinserted it via a 2002 WJ Lareexecute so I have actually a lot to learn around Grands. I have actually searched and can not discover anypoint on running larger tires via major trimming and no lift; if I have actually missed a post, please direct me.If not, my question is exactly how big of a tire deserve to I run at stock height if I am not afrassist to trim? I don"t want to bumpspeak and will certainly be disconnecting the front.Plan to lift 2-3" once $ enables, however need brand-new tires soon, don"t desire to buy tires twice and also will certainly have to trim later on anymeans based on what I check out here.Thanks!
Looks like most of the information below and also tbelow is for the trimming WJ fenders basically the same?
I"d neglect the wheel faq, personally. It says min lift to fit 33"s is 4".. at 6.5" I had actually to cut a pair inches off my rockers/fenders.

You have to trim even more on a WJ than a ZJ to fit tires. Also, you might should re-locate your washer bottle as larger tires will certainly tear off washer electric motors.
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yeah......hate to tell yall but i have 2 inches of poly spacer lift and i am running interco 33 12.50"s. to do this i put a 1 inch spacer in the earlier to clear the shock and reduced around an inch off the front bumper to make the tires be able to turn no difficulty.... so thats exactly how you do it. with minimal fender cutting you have the right to run 31"s via no lift
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