The Denver Broncos were linked to Tony Romo for a significant part of the 2017 offseaboy. As it turns out, he might have actually been closer to joining the team means earlier in 2003.

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Having gone undrafted in the 2003 NFL Draft, there were a number of teams interested in Romo’s services. Two teams that were pushing difficult were the Broncos and also Arizona Cardinals. If it only came down to those 2, he might have actually been donning oselection and blue.

“I actually wanted to go to Denver a tiny little more, I felt favor I had actually a better opportunity of making the roster,” Romo told Monday Morning Quarterearlier. “The money … Arizona, I think, offered the the majority of, most likely approximately $20,000 or $25,000, which was favor being affluent at that time. Denver came in and they were choose 15 to 20, however they also had Mike Shanahan, that I had solid respect for.”

Like Shanahan, Romo played quarterago at Eastern Illinois. At the moment, the Broncos’ quarterbacks were Jake Plummer and also Danny Kanell. Kanell was coming off a stint in the Arena Football League. Tbelow was an chance at the quarterago position in the Mile High City.

Get in the Cowboys.

“The Cowboys came in,” Romo sassist. “It was Mike Shanahan on one side and then Bill Parcells on the other. Sean would call in and also then eventually he passed the phone to Jerry , so you went through the entirety gamut.”

Payton likewise played quarterearlier at Eastern Illinois. The Cowboys also didn’t exactly have established quarterbacks on their roster, with Quincy Carter, Chad actually Hutchinson and Clint Stoerner. Tright here was a potential possibility tright here, yet they were only providing a $10,000 signing bonus.

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In the finish, Romo went with his gut and headed to the Lone Star State. Click here to check out the entirety MMQB write-up by Peter King.

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