Rage Is Rage A Good Move ), Rage Is The Most Beastly Move Ever

Not every move is on the level of Fire Blast, Psychic, or staple moves like Quick Attack. These are the 10 worst moves Pokemon can learn.

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The most popular Pokemon moves are, naturally, the most powerful. As a kid, you imagine your favorite Pokemon Hyper Beam-ing the knickers out of its opponents. As a full-grown adult, you find yourself in competitive battles, using moves that, among other things, pack plenty of power.

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But what about the opposite end of the spectrum? Certainly, there are a few moves out there that are hilariously bad, but there are more moves than you think that are just as ineffective. Look at this list of ten moves, and you”ll wonder why some of them even exist and immediately put them aside for moves that are actually useful.

Game Pokemon Sword Shield Delibird Present Move
Delibird”s signature move is a bit odd as it”s a lot like Metronome, relying quite a bit on RNG. However, Metronome has a much higher success rate of actually being beneficial to the user.

Present has four possible outcomes: a 40% chance to hit for 40 base power, a 30% chance to hit for 80 base power, a 10% chance to hit for 120 base power, and crucially, 20% chance to heal 1/4 of the target”s HP. That will almost never happen with Metronome, and yet Present has one-fifth of a chance of being detrimental to the user.

Worst Pokemon Moves Anime
It”s hard to imagine being so bad a move that it can”t even perform its supposed function properly every single time. Alas, that”s a burden Poison Sting has to carry.

Poison Sting deals damage at just 15 base power. While that comes with a secondary effect of poisoning the target, it only does so 30% of the time. It makes sense biologically for weaker Poison- and Bug-type Pokemon to carry such a move, but for battling purposes, it should be replaced immediately. Indeed, that”s often what happens, with many other Poison-type moves either guaranteeing a poisoned target or dealing more damage.

Worst Pokemon Moves Anime Ash Ketchum
These two moves are essentially the same in that they deal a fixed amount of damage to every single Pokemon. Sonic Boom will deal exactly 20 HP every single time, and Dragon Rage will deal 40 HP. No STAB, Attack stat boosts, or anything can improve that. While these moves can be useful very early into a playthrough, Pokemon at the highest level just have too much HP for either move to be practically useful.

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And to think, Dragon Rage was the only Dragon-type move in Generation I. That was a tough time for Dragonite, who was the only Dragon-type Pokemon at that time.

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Worst Pokemon Moves Let
There”s just no real reason to use Rage in battle. It”s insanely weak and the supposed benefits it brings to the user can be achieved more easily with other moves. Rage is a 20 base power move. The supposed caveat of such a weak move is that if it”s used consecutively, the user raises its Attack stat when it gets hit. This just doesn”t work.

For one, if your opponent knows what they”re doing, they”ll just stop attacking you until you stop using Rage, taking every 20 base power hit in stride. You could just simply boost your Attack with a regular set-up move like Swords Dance.

Quash is a Dark-type move that forces the target to go last. While that sounds good on paper, it”s not as useful as it sounds. Perhaps there could be some use for it in a double battle, where you could delay an opponent”s move to execute yours first or delay an ally”s move to take hits to set up a move like Avalanche or Revenge.

Either way, there”s too much strategic gymnastics to pull off with that, and it”s not worth wasting a turn. Of course, it”s even less useful in a single battle, where instead of using Quash, you could just use an actual move.

This move is such a crapshoot to the point of being borderline useless. Supersonic”s sole purpose is to confuse the opponent, but it only has 55% accuracy.

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At the very least, moves like Confuse Ray and Swagger guarantee confusion. What”s even worse is that even if you manage to execute the move, the confusion isn”t guaranteed to trigger every time. A Pokemon could go through every single turn of confusion without hurting itself. If you plan on going for an inaccurate status-inflicting move, go for a non-volatile status effect like Will-O-Wisp”s burn or Hypnosis”s sleep effects. The two or three turns wasted on missing Supersonic aren”t worth it.

Hands down the worst attacking move in the book and nothing else really comes close. Constrict has the distinction of having the lowest base power out of all attacking moves at a whopping, ungodly 10. Ten. Diez. Dix. Zehn. Ten base power. Why does this move even exist?

That”s about as painful as a flick of the ear, but that”s not the only factor that makes it absolutely pathetic, though. It”s a Normal-type move, which means it”s not super-effective against anything, and it has the completely trivial side effect of lowering the target”s Speed 10% of the time. By no means should you use this move whatsoever.

Happy Hour is an interesting move as it deals with the user”s in-game money. When used, it will double the prize money you win after the fight. This, of course, has no practical use for competitive battling. And even then, moneymaking is already easy as is; you end up filthy rich after most playthroughs anyway.

Besides, there are easier ways to earn money, such as with an Amulet Coin, which doesn”t cost a turn, or Pay Day, which deals damage while adding to your prize money. If there”s one thing that makes it stand out besides the money, it”s its rarity, as only certain local event Pokemon can have it.

These two moves are one in the same. They”re both similar to Happy Hour in that they”re rare event Pokemon moves, but they don”t even have any purpose besides that. It”s just there if you want to brag to your friends that you got a rare event Pokemon.

To be fair, Pokemon officially obtained using these moves are quite rare. Celebrate can be seen on most Pokemon given out at Pokemon stores. Hold Hands is rarer, as it”s only seen on particular distributions of Charizard, Pikachu, and Vivillon. If anything, both moves” animations are pretty fun.

In terms of competitive viability, Splash functions exactly like Happy Hour, Celebrate, and Hold Hands. However, Splash doesn”t have the moneymaking effect of Happy Hour, nor does it even have the rarity flex of Celebrate or Hold Hands.

Splash is just some regular ol” move learned by regular ol” Pokemon through regular means. And of course, it has no effect in battle. It simply exists, for no reason other than to remind people just how weak Pokemon like Magikarp and Feebas are.

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