The Iraq Consulate-General is in Detroit,via Almanhal H. Alsafi serving as the Consul general. The Consulate of Iraq offersmany services to the Citizen of Iraq and for other citizens in theUnited States, such as passport regeneration of Iraq, emergency passport Issuing,atteterminal certificates, visa needs for Iraq for Diplomatic andmain passport holders, etc.

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To permit for more ease of use and accessibility,the Embassy/Consulate has established multiple Consulates throughout the country tosell its services seamlessly.

What are the major activities performed by the Embassy/Consulateof Iraq located in Detroit, USA?

The Embassy/Consulate assists travelersfrom the United States to Iraq, and also vice versa. It additionally plays a major duty in theeducational exreadjust regimen, scientific research, and also technical advancement, arts, and culturesponsored by the Iraq federal government.

What are the various other services available by the Iraq Consulate/Embassy in Detroit?

CommunityServices: Consulate dealing with aidingthe distressed the Iraqi woman, communitywelfare societies offering assist to the Iraq diaspora, registration of new organization through the Iraq Consulate, transportation of mortal remains to Iraq via due respect, sending and also receiving legal documents/summons with Consulate

Commerce:Business news solutions, appointingCommercial representative, aiding the facility of brand-new businesses in the USA,preserving regulation of both export and also import in coordicountry with USAauthorities, promotion of Iraq exporters and also manufacturersin the USA, cultivating Investing in Iraq, publishing list of exhibition and trade fair in Iraq

Education:Publishing Iraq centric tasks inuniversity and institutions, giving no objection certificate to students forstudy in Iraq, registration of Iraqi student aboard, study in Iraq proactivity tasks, doing a student exchangeroutine, giving science and technology-connected avenues, academic researchcollaborations

What form of passport services are gave by the IraqEmbassy/Consulate?

The main purposes of travel to theUnited States by Iraq nationals are tourism, higher education, employment, andvarious other activities (such as parents visiting youngsters, company events, and so on.). Inthe United States, any type of international resident needs to possess a valid travel document,or the traveler will certainly be deported to their residence country. If the travelfiles, such as a passport, gained expired or were lost, the Embassy would workto administer new records to the traveler and problem an emergency passport of Iraqbased on the travel require of the applicant.

How many type of Iraq Consulates/Embassy is in the United Statesto serve travelers?

The Iraq Consulate in Detroit (addresslisted above) along with two Consulates/Embassy spcheck out throughout the country to aidtravelers to and also from Iraq.

Address of Iraq Embassy in Washington D.C

Embassy of Iraq – Washington

3421 Massachusetts Ave., NW,

Washington DC 20007

Address of Iraq Consulate in Los Angeles

Consulate General of Iraq – Los Angeles

4500 Wilshire Boulevard,

Los Angeles, CA 90010

Does a Consulate operate out of Detroit Consulate/Embassy?

Tright here is no sepaprice Consular resolve in Detroit.Both Embassy and also Consular business office located in the very same address

Can a traveler submit take a trip documents to the Iraq Embassy/Consulatein Detroit?

Yes. The applicant deserve to visit visaapplication centre of Iraq for submission of documents; they have to be submittedby visiting the Iraq Embassy/Consulate in Detroit, In the situation of an e visa forIraq, a visit is not mandatory to the Embassy, Consulate, or authorised visaagent for Iraq.

Can a traveler collect take a trip documents from the IraqEmbassy/Consulate in Detroit?

Yes, you must visit the IraqEmbassy/Consulate in Detroit to collect the files. For digital visa forIraq, you don’t require to visit.

What are the hrs of procedure of the Iraq Embassy/Consulatein Detroit?

Embassyworking hours of Iraq are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

What days is the Embassy/Consulate open?

The Iraq Embassy/Consulate operates Mondaywith Friday. It is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and, public holidays or anydistinct days stated by the Consulate from time to time.

Are tright here any type of jurisdictional restrictions regardingsolutions from the Iraq Consulate in Detroit?

Yes, only civilization residing in the statesunder Consular control of Iraq Consulate, Detroit, are eligible for servicesprefer the concern of passports and visa solutions.

Which says are coming under the jurisdiction of the IraqConsulate/Embassy in New York?

The Detroit Consulate covers the followingsays and territories: Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky,Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, andWisconsin. People Residing in the above states can onlycontact

Is tbelow an emergency phone number to reach the Detroit Consulate/Embassy?

For any type of Consular emergency solutions, pleasecall number 248-660-2582. The number is obtainable during weekends andvarious other Embassy holidays. For human being whoare in severe need, just contact the over number, and this business is onlyfor Iraq Citizens.

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Is there a FAQ concerned the Embassy and also Consulates?

What is Iraq Passport Visa-Free Score?

For each visa-totally free country, theIraqipassportaccumulates points that are deciding the visit without also a visa or togain a visa upon arrival.

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