Integer Operands Are Required For Colon Operator When Used As Index ' ?

You have used a noninteger value as one of the parameters (starting value, increment, or stopping value) for the colon (:) operator when using it to create a vector of indices to reference into a function.

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You performed computations to obtain the starting or stopping values for the indexing but the result of those computations was not exactly an integer.
Modify the index computations using the FIX, FLOOR, CEIL, or ROUND functions to ensure that the indices are integers. You can test if a variable contains an integer by comparing the variable to the output of the ROUND function operating on that variable when MATLAB is in debug mode on the line containing the variable.



One supplement is that this is not an error, but it”s really annoying and very time-consuming!!! I tried to recreate this warning in my code, the running time changed from about 150 s to 3000 s! From this perspective, this warning is more badly than an error to an efficient script.

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Thank you for the answer, this works!!! For me my solution was simply to wrap the math in question with a floor, e.g. –



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