Starting around 4-5 months, your baby will begin spfinishing a pair hours a day in their high chair: eating meals, snack times, and also watching paleas prepare meals in the kitchen.

The finest high chairs administer postural assistance for infants experimenting first foods, and also a sturdy and also easily-cleaned area for toddlers eating, growing, and exerting independence!Here are the height 5 high chairs we discovered, complied with by in-depth reviews.

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#1. Peg Perego Siesta
#2. Abiie Beyond Wood
#3. Graco Blossom
#4. 4moms High Chair
#5. Fisher Price SpaceSaver

Congratulations - your baby is prepared to sign up with you at the table in his or her own special chair! A high chair fills so many different purposes: it is a location to eat, a location to play, a place to explore once founding solid foods, and also a place to sit and socialize with the rest of the family. Your baby will usage this unique high chair for a lengthy time so you want to make certain you pick the right one. But there are so many options out there that it"s tough to know wbelow to begin. Well, we did the work-related for you!

Each year we upday our reviews with brand-new high chair releases and also updated models, giving summaries of our manual trial and error for adaptability, durability, ease of cleaning, comfort, style, safety, and of course price! For even more details around how we thought about these factors once finding the best high chairs of the year, scroll dvery own to the bottom of this page.

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Here are the Best High Chairs of 2021!

1. Best High Chair Overall: The Peg Perego Siesta.

At the optimal of our list is the Peg Perego Siesta with its remarkable comfort, durcapacity, versatility, quality, ease of usage, and style. Let"s begin with comfort: the seat provides rigid yet soft-cushioned assistance that helps save good posture. The cloth is very basic to wipe clean (utilizing someexcellent baby wipes), via a soft faux leather towel. It supplies a 5-allude harness that can be unbuckled with one hand, which is a nice touch, and also a passive crotch bar that keeps baby from sliding dvery own too low. It reclines between 5 positions, with the farthest back position being favor completely laying dvery own. It"s not simply the back that reclines, it"s the entire seat, which is a nice touch. The height is also incredibly adjustable, in between 9 positions, going up considerably greater than the other chairs we tested. In reality, at its highest level it was simply about high sufficient to fit under our pub-style dining room table and use at our kitchen breakrapid bar. The foot-rest additionally adjusts by swinging up and dvery own, and also every one of the adjustments were incredibly easy to usage and intuitive, and also we loved the reality that you have the right to fold up the entire high chair to be about the dimension of a stroller, allowing you to easily throw it in the clocollection or trunk.

Don"t let the sleek styling fool you, we additionally assumed this high chair was super rigid and sturdy. Our youngsters climbed anywhere it and also it didn"t flinch, all set to stand also the test of time. We assumed the construct high quality is terrific. The tray is stellar, can be rerelocated with one hand, and also additionally has a removable tray liner (through a nice cup holder area) for simple cleanup. The high chair claims to accommodate from birth as much as 45 pounds, though the crotch bar made it uncomfortable for our 4-year-old test son. Take every one of those excellent features and also integrate it via the high develop high quality and also sleek styling, and also you"ve gained yourself a clear winner that really deserve to thrive through your kid. That is, if you"re willing to cough up around $300 to acquire it. If not, examine out some of the less expensive alternatives below. The just downfall we found through this high chair was that the cover is not machine washable. Who else loves the Peg Perego Siesta? Our friends at Babygearlab, TheBump, and WhatToExpect speak to it a height pick! Impressed? You have the right to check out the Peg Perego Siesta right here.

2. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair & Tray.

Cshed to the height of our list for numerous factors, the Abiie Beyond is an excellent damage in between an expensive rigid upright ergonomic high chair (choose the Tripp Trapp) and a more typical plastic (like a 4-in-1) high chair. This high chair is functional, comfortable, safe and also secure, durable, and also straightforward to clean. It is perfect for babies from 6-months and up, however have the right to be adjusted to suit also an adult (at an extreme) through its awesome slot-based adjustment system. The chair uses the well-known contemporary ergonomic style yet via smaller sized babies in mind, including pincluding, 5-point harness, a bar between the legs (to soptimal sliding), and an adorable and detachable easy-clean tray. The basic design renders it easy to clean with minimal nooks and crannies to capture and collect food, no cloth cover to come to be crusty and dirty, and it additionally has actually an antimicrobial finish to prevent the nasties from structure up on the hardwood surchallenge. The tray is dishwasher friendly, the cushions are water resistant, and the wood is biodegradable beech sustainably sourced in Europe. The 5-point harness can be converted to a 3-suggest safety harness as your baby grows.

In our trial and error, the Abiie was awesome! We loved the style and also just how sturdy the whole high chair felt. The harness was simple to use, the opaque plastic tray quickly detached and lassist almost flat on the counter, and also the crotch bar, ago, and foot rest encourage a really nice upbest seating place that helps via gas and reflux. But one of finest things about this high chair is that it"s truly versatile: you have the right to adjust the seat elevation and also foot-remainder height to ensure awesome assistance for a selection of periods. Keep that ago upright and also those knees at a 90-degree angle via the feet flat on the foot-rest, and you"ve obtained yourself some awesome ergonomic assistance to aid via posture, swpermitting, and digestion. Cons? The tray would certainly benefit from more positions for adjustment, and also cleaning might be simpler. Nothing huge, and certainly not tempering our enthusiasm for this option! Who else loves the Abiie Beyond? It"s likewise a top-pick by our friends at TheBump and WhattoExpect. Interested? You deserve to check out the Abiie Beyond right here.

3. Graco Blossom 4-in-1 High Chair.

The Graco Blossom 4in1 convertible high chair is Graco"s top-rated high chair, coming in approximately the very same price as the Abiie. We think choosing between the Graco and Abiie comes down to 2 points. First, if you desire to perform infant feeding in a high chair (like through a bottle), this high chair has actually the correct pincluding and also 3 recline settings for newborn babies. The Abiie, in comparison, is recommended only for around 6 months and also up. The second primary distinction is the ergonomics/posture concern. Notice exactly how the earlier is not quite right up sufficient, and also tbelow is no foot-remainder. So, this option does not promote good posture (and digestion or swallowing) like the Abiie. But where it does not have actually the posture support, it makes up in versatility, convenience, and comfort. This high chair converts in numerous ways: use it as a full-on high chair (as pictured, approximately 40lbs), an infant feeding booster (attached to your dining chair, as much as 60lbs), a toddler booster (without the tray or high back, as much as 60lbs), and a youth chair that have the right to place kids approximately about the 4th birthday (or 60lbs). That"s fairly great, though the weight limit is much reduced than the Abiie.

It has six elevation adjustments to accommoday most table heights (also a kitchen breakfast counter or pub-style table). It is also exceptionally comfortable through its supportive seat and thick padding. Also, some incredibly convenient attributes, prefer removing the tray through only one hand also, and also a tray liner that can go in the dishwasher. You can also machine wash the seat cushion, which is very helpful. Another excellent attribute is that it can seat 2 kids at the exact same time. For circumstances, if you have actually kids about 1-2 years apart, the baby deserve to be in the high chair while the toddler provides the consisted of booster attached to a dining room chair. So in its entirety you can not go wrong via this chair unless you"re interested in more ergonomically correct chairs choose the Abiie, Keekaroo, or Tripp Trapplication. If you desire a great Graco high chair without the 4-in-1 convertible high chair adaptability, we recommfinish the Graco TableFit. Who else loves the Graco Blossom high chair? Our friends at Babylist, Babygearlab, and also TheBump speak to it a top pick! Interested? You have the right to examine out this Graco Blossom high chair here.

4. 4moms High Chair.

4moms renders some of the the majority of innovative baby commodities on the industry, including the famous mamaRoo and rockaRoo baby swings. The 4moms commodities are expensive yet also incredibly high quality, and their high chair is no exception. For development, it provides the only magnetic tray on the sector. What is a magnetic tray? Two things: initially, the tray provides magnets on each side to attach and detach from the chair, and also second, tright here are magnets surprise under the tray that can be provided to place cups, bowls, and plates secudepend. Of course, compatible magnetic dinnerware accessories would certainly must be purchased independently (stainless bowls, plates, and cups job-related too). If you haven"t started to start solid foodstuffs through your babies, you might not realize how important this magnetic feature is. Imagine seating a racoon in the high chair through its flailing arms knocking every little thing off the tray; that"s basically your baby, but hopetotally not as furry. It"s not the perfect solution for a extremely established baby, however it"s an excellent action towards sanity. The magnet functions finest without the tray liner put, and also is strongest close to the facility of the tray. Speaking of the tray, it has actually adjusecure depth, lays level once removed, and the removable tray liner deserve to fit in the dishwasher. A few various other little attributes are worth pointing out. First, the foam pincluding on the seat is completely removable and also washable (as is the harness), which is super beneficial after a food disaster or diaper blowout. 2nd, it"s lightweight while preserving adjusteady height, and also has actually a little footprint. In our testing, we assumed the seat cushion was comfortable and also helps keep babies positioned as necessary along with the crotch bar. We loved the adjusteady tray depth, the 60-pound weight limit, adjusecure leg elevation, and also just how straightforward it is to use and clean the tray. However before, we additionally thought that the seatearlier was fairly low height, and also were discouraged by the lack of wheels, seat recline, and also folding. Anvarious other silly suggest is that the magnetic tray deserve to be kicked or pushed off by a feisty toddler. Not huge deals, but you could be expecting even more from a $300 high chair! Overall, we really prefer the 4moms high chair, and also think it"s a great addition to our list! Who else loves the 4moms high chair? Our friends at WhatToExpect and The Bump call it a peak pick! Interested? You deserve to inspect out the Peg Perego Siesta right here.

5. Fisher Price SpaceSaver High Chair.

If you already have actually dining room chairs and also a matching table, why gain a high chair with legs? If you"re in search of the perfect high chair to connect to your dining room chairs, this is the one to get! The Fisher Price SpaceSaver is definitely appropriately named - it does not take up any type of additional room than the chair you attach it to, making it a great option for smaller sized homes and apartments, and for paleas looking to cut dvery own on the unnecessary baby gear scattered around the residence. The various other good attributes of this high chair encompass adjustable elevation (2 heights) to make it perfect for your specific table and also chairs, and also adjusteady recline (3 recline settings) for babies that still have actually some challenges sitting upright but would certainly choose to join the household at the dinner table. A couple of added awesome features: the entire seat, tray, and also tray insert are dishwasher safe! It has a 5-suggest harness that converts to a 3-suggest harness for older children, the primary part of the tray has actually a detachable tray insert, the tray itself has very deep locations for food and cups, and the insert is basic to remove and also machine washable. Tright here is one more bit convenience function that lets you affix the tray to the back of the seat for storage, however we didn"t find that incredibly valuable because the earlier is up against the chair once attached. In our trial and error, we believed the seat was straightforward to assemble and also attach to the chair, and whatever was easy to use consisting of the harness, elevation adjustment, and recline. The tray was simple to take on and off. Tbelow were a couple of little bit points worth discussing. First, the seat isn"t exceptionally secure or sturdy once your baby exceeds about 25 pounds, it have the right to obtain a little wobbly if your baby shifts his or her weight around a bit. We likewise didn"t prefer how the tray insert does not snap right into place on the primary tray. But realistically, this is additionally a $50 high chair via some severe capability and adaptability, and also we think it supplies great bang for the buck! Who else recommends the Fisher Price SpaceSaver high chair? Our friends at Babylist, The Bump, and WhatToExpect! Interested? You have the right to check out the Fisher Price SpaceSaver right here.

6. Stokke Tripp Trapp Wooden High Chair & Tray.

The Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair is just one of the ideal of the ideal, extensively recommended by infant feeding specialists and also therapists for its ergonomic seating position that facilitates swenabling and also digestion, and also minimizing gas and reflux. Looking at the style of the Tripp Trapp, you won"t be surprised to learn that it"s made in Europe by a Norwegian firm via a flare for Scandinavian design, using beech and also oak lumber sustainably sourced from European woodlands. That distinctive style is likewise exceptionally long lasting and also versatile. Our family members has had actually 2 Tripp Trapp chairs from once our kids were 7 months old till currently (9 and 11 years old!), and also they continue to use them at their desks. That"s ideal - these high chairs have significant adaptability that will certainly last your family members for a decade or even more, and also as soon as they"re done being offered as a high chair they have the right to be offered as a continual chair through awesome ergonomics. The foot rest and also seat have the right to be changed across the full selection of 15 positions; as your son grows, you first phase out of the pincluded infant positioner, then the tray, and then ultimately you"ll phase out of the foot remainder once their feet have the right to touch the floor with their knees at a 90-degree angle (likely roughly 10 years old). That"s some seriously too much flexibility, and also honestly our Tripp Trapps are prefer brand-new after over 10 years of use, which is a solid testament to their durability. That shouldn"t be completely surpclimbing given the simplicity of their design and the quality of hardwood and steel components. All that adjustability likewise implies that you deserve to quickly modify the height of the seat and foot rest to make it fit nearly any type of dining room table elevation, for as soon as your toddler is prepared to sign up with the family at the table. From the start, the Tripp Trapplication provides an excellent infant and also toddler high chair via fantastic posture, the appropriate supports and comfort, and a nice large (and also lay-flat!) tray. The infant positioner attachment is a tiny awkward to obtain an infant"s legs right into and out of, which is our major gripe through this seat. The trade-off is that your kid will certainly be incredibly nicely sustained, virtually choose in a baby swing at the playground, and also they cannot maybe slouch or slide their bum dvery own. Another good facet of this chair is that cleaning is super easy: the cloth pincluding can be machine wamelted, and also the plastic infant positioner and the entire wooden framework deserve to be wiped dvery own conveniently. Tbelow are no significant nooks or crannies for food to loss right into. We"ve also taken the structure exterior and also hosed it down as soon as to get off a bunch of finger paint (and dried it off immediately after), and it worked out really well and also didn"t influence the end up. Overall, we love the Tripp Trapplication, however with two major cons: first, the infant placing setup is a tiny awkward to use, and second, the price is a tiny outrageous! If you deserve to stomach the price, we think this is a great option! Who else loves the Tripp Trapp? It"s recommfinished by our friends at Babylist, Babygearlab, TheBump, and WhatToExpect! Interested? You can inspect out the Tripp Trapp here.

7. OXO Tot Sprout High Chair.

The OXO Tot Sprout is a fairly no-frills option that is comfortable, well built, and has actually some excellent features. For those trying to find the OXO Tot Seedling, it was newly disongoing and also replaced by this fairly contemporary choice. In our trial and error, out of the box the Sprout took about 15 minutes to assemble using the included Allen wrench and our own screwdriver. Once it was assembled we assumed it was really impressive - the seat itself was incredibly comfortable, through soft and also quickly wipe-cleaned pincluding that fit well. It has actually a 5-allude harness restraint, can assistance babies from 6 months to 60 pounds (around 5-7 years of age), and comes in several contemporary shade options. The tray is dishwasher friendly and basic to slide on and off with only one hand. The tray also sits level on the respond to because the crotch write-up stays attached to the chair, which is a lot more convenient than a tray through the crotch post attached. The elevation is adjustable, though the range isn"t super superior overall; the seat depth is additionally adjusteady, which is pretty distinctive, and the footremainder have the right to likewise be moved up and down between 4 positions. What"s additionally good around this high chair is that it"s convertible from the full high chair to simply the toddler seat that have the right to be attached to your very own dining room chairs. In reality, the whole crotch post have the right to be removed for this later on phase, making points even more comfortable and also proper for a flourishing child"s seating position. Another point we preferred is just how heavy and sturdy it was. It"s not on roller wheels favor most other choices, yet it does take up an impressively tiny amount of room and also has an extremely sturdy base. Of course, not having actually wheels is a little of a downside because it provides it harder to scoot the chair forward and also back without dragging on the floor. A couple other minor gripes: the seat pad is comfy but it creates many nooks and crannies where food gets stuck, making it harder to clean. Tbelow is also no recline attribute to make the chair more suitable for babies. OXO says 6 months, however you must be sure your baby have the right to sit on their very own and have excellent head and also neck control before placing them in this upideal place. While the seat height is adjusteady, the tray elevation doesn"t readjust with it, making it much less suitable for placing near varied table heights. Even via these little cons, we think the Sprout is an excellent high chair choice through some little drawbacks, and a somewhat steep price. And we"re not the only ones - this chair is additionally a top-pick by our friends at Babylist and WhatToExpect. Interested? You deserve to examine out this OXO Tot Sprout high chair here.

8. Oribel Cocoon High Chair.

This is a fairly new alternative on the high chair industry, and we didn"t acquire our hands on it for experimentation until the middle of last year. Oribel provides some high-quality baby products with sleek modern styling; this high chair is no exception, through its minimalist style and a sleek form. Not just are their assets stylish and high-quality, however they additionally tend to have actually most features. This high chair has many good ones, consisting of front wheels, adjusecure height (6 positions), adjusecure recline (3 positions), removable and dishwasher friendly tray liner, folding for straightforward storage, detachable parent tray for feeding without the major tray, and decent weight capacity (45 pounds). Like the majority of of the high chairs on this list, it has actually a minimum age of 6 months, which is perfect for start to discover initially baby cereals choose oatmeal (view the best baby foods here). It supplies a 5-allude safety and security harness via 3 shoulder elevation adjustments, and also the tray has a crotch bar (safety and security post) to proccasion babies from sliding dvery own (though the seat belt helps via that too). The seat surconfront is rubberized prefer the inside of a baby bath tub, making it less slippery and also simpler to clean, and also the corners are all rounded so crumbs and liquids don"t obtain trapped and also smelly. We chosen that it can be reclined pretty much ago for early self-feeding through a bottle, and that the tray does not have to be attached for this configuration (the parent tray was advantageous for this too). In reality, as soon as you"re not using the main tray you have the right to affix it to the ago legs with a cool magnet system; that was a nice touch, particularly considering the tray has the safety write-up built in so it"s really awkward to location on a counter or anywhere else. In our trial and error, we found the high chair to be pretty straightforward to assemble, sturdy and also safe, and also functional in its adjustments. But we also discovered a couple of drawbacks that are worth considering. First, the seating surface is a little firm for our tastes; it"s super straightforward to clean however it"s a little of a pain in the butt (literally) for toddlers sitting in it for extended durations of time. Keep in mind that Oribel does make a Cocoon seat liner that adds fabric padding, however it"s an extra 40 bucks on height of an already expensive high chair. Second, the as a whole high chair is big and also takes up a hefty foot-print in your dining room (nearly 6 square feet), so keep that in mind for fairly constrained spaces (apartments, condos, tiny houses). Of course, this implies that some important points are huge - like the huge feeding tray, and also the wide stance provides it even more steady. Finally, as soon as comparing it to the OXO Tot, we thought that the bang for the buck wasn"t fairly there provided its price point roughly $200, but if you worth the styling you can not be also involved around the price. Overall, this is an additional excellent high chair to take into consideration, with some modern style and also decent features. Also, some constraints, however certainly worthy of its spot near the height high chair list! Who else likes the Oribel Cocoon? Our friends at WhattoExpect contact it a optimal pick! Interested? You deserve to check out this Oribel Cocoon high chair below.

9. Joovy Nook High Chair.

This is a little bit various from the various other choices on our list. It"s not as functional in terms of having a detachable seat or booster, or the multiple height adjustments with suitability right into really high periods. Like the Abiie, this high chair has actually a minimum age of 6 months, however it just goes approximately a 50lb weight limit. But it is likewise among the lightest and also a lot of compact on the list. Coming in at only 15lbs, and having actually the ability to fold dvery own to 24" x 28" at only 9" thick. So, you might throw that into your trunk, right into an overhead bin on an plane, in the earlier of a Wrangler, or in the clocollection for storage. Grandparental fees love this option for when the grandchildren visit! It"s excellent that it folds, yet you shed some of the various other height, recline, and also size/age adaptability of the over choices. But it also has actually some unique attributes that are worth considering. First, the tray contains a removable insert for the dishwasher and also a tiny cupholder location that"s good both for sippy cups or baby bottles however also as a tiny bowl for snacks. Speaking of the tray, it also swings out so you do not need to lift it off and put it somewhere just to acquire the baby out. Tbelow is likewise a foot-rest to help with posture a little bit, and the back isn"t excessively reclined. Regarding security, we favored the 5-suggest harness, the bar between the legs to soptimal the baby from sliding dvery own, and also the nice sturdy and also wide stance (also though at initially glance it looks prefer it wouldn"t be). The only downloss various other than the ones we"ve currently provided is we think it would be useful if the tray would certainly come in a bit closer to the baby. As is, tright here is a bigger gap between the baby"s belly and also the tray than with most various other alternatives. Not a huge deal, but worth mentioning. Also worth stating is that the cover is a nice soft leatherette that is really straightforward to wipe clean, and provides a nice padded seat for baby. Overall, this is a good high chair, and the best folding high chair on the sector (specifically for just around $120)! This chair is additionally a top-pick by our friends at Babygearlab and TheBump. Interested? You deserve to check out this Joovy Nook high chair here!

10. ZOE High Chair *OR* Evenflo Convertible High Chair.

This is the initially time we"ve ever before done this: we put 2 products, from different brands, at the exact same spot in a round-up list. Why? They are basically the exact same exact point. It"s like a manufacturer is offering the very same product to the two carriers, however in various color combicountries and through different labels. And they are the very same price, at around $39. Be sure to examine out both models, yet for currently we"re just going to emphasis on the ZOE given that we liked the shade and also pattern a little even more than the neon green polka-dotted Evenflo variation we tested. This is a convertible high chair, which indicates that it can be used as a standard high chair however also in a number of other ways; specifically, the seat have the right to be removed from the base so that you have a chair and a table, and also you can use that with or without the harness, and via or without the tray. So that gives you some nice flexibility: quite than purchasing a sepaprice play table and also chair for your baby or toddler, you deserve to sindicate reconfigure the high chair. Is reconfiguring easy? It really wasn"t that bad, the clips on the base of the chair (where the chair allows accomplish the table) were straightforward to pop on and also off. Overall, the high chair is pretty simplistic other than its reconfigurable provides. It uses a basic plastic and aluminum style, a rather thin seat cushion and also fabric, and also a fairly little tray. The tray was basic to pop on and off the chair, though it is either completely on or off, you cannot leave one side fastened and also swing it open up. Speaking of the tray, it also has the long center piece that sticks dvery own in between the legs, which implies that it can"t ssuggest be placed on the counter and also stand also on its very own. That"s a little of a pain, though we carry out prefer that the bar isn"t permanently attached to the seat, so it have the right to be more flexibly used as a consistent chair. A bit more about the tray - it is not adjustable at all, so you can"t relocate it closer or farther away from your baby. If your baby is really tiny, that indicates there will be a big gap, and if they are gaining bigger or have actually a huge tummy, that means they could be pushing up against the tray a little. The harness and buckle are basic to usage, and also the entire high chair (as soon as assembled) is basic to wipe clean. A few tiny points about cleaning: once the tray is removed it leaves a little cup-favor spot that collects food and also liquid, and is a pain to clean. And when the table is detached and being provided, it has actually significant holes at the corners, which are perfect places to accumulate food, play-doh, and also various other gunk. Other than those minor annoyances, we really preferred this high chair. It might benefit from even more adjustcapacity for the tray and as a whole height, yet it is overall straightforward to clean, functional, safe and also stable, and also a good height for many dining room tables. Probably worth the relatively low price tag if you"re trying to find a good high quality yet cheap high chair that will certainly last you numerous years. Interested? You deserve to check out this ZOE high chair here!

11. Ingenuity SmartClean Trio Elite High Chair.

This is a 3-in-1 high chair through some awesome features and adaptability. First, let"s talk about the SmartClean aspect - this high chair provides a fully washable and also wipeable design without an annoying fabric cover to machine wash, shrink, rip, or misplace. Instead, you take a wipe and clean it off - did it acquire really dirty? Take it outside and hose it down! 2nd, it uses an adjustable-elevation 5-allude harness that have the right to be quickly removed (through one hand) and also waburned, and an adjusteady tray via 4 positions. Third, it has actually an quickly removable high chair tray insert via spots for a sippy cup or bottle and also a snack area. We waburned it on the peak rack in the dishwasher and it didn"t warp or otherwise gain damaged, and it sits level on the counter which is nice. 4th, it works in three ways: as a full-elevation high chair that you have the right to pull as much as your table or kitchen respond to, as a booster high chair that you can affix to your dining room chair (via tray and also all), or as a toddler chair (without the tray). It"s a great alternative if you have actually a toddler approximately 2 years old and also are having actually a second baby - you deserve to put the baby in the booster high chair on a dining room chair, and also put the toddler in the toddler chair. For reference, the height from the wheels to the tray is about 30", and also the whole chair stands about 44" high (to the ago of the seat). The height does not change, and while it"s nice having actually a foot remainder, it does not change either. In our experimentation, whatever functioned fine though we did think it felt in its entirety a little little bit flimsy for an $80 high chair. The tray worked really well, the wheels were fine (they deserve to be locked), and the chair was really straightforward to wipe clean. Cons? We uncovered a few. First, there"s no recline so it"s not really suitable for smaller babies who haven"t gained good torso, head, and also neck manage. 2nd, it"s really huge, taking up a really big footprint in your dining room, and also it does not fold for storage. So certainly some excellent elements with some decent limitations to take into consideration. Interested? You deserve to inspect out this Ingenuity Trio Elite high chair here.

12. Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Deluxe High Chair.

This is an extremely similar option to the Graco Blossom, however without the detachable booster seat to put on your dining room chair. Instead, the Ingenuity Trio 3in1 deluxe convertible high chair has a third-phase booster that remains attached to the legs and wheels, which periodically makes it difficult to pull the thriving baby up to the table (since the wheels can hit the table legs or sides). Outside of that, it does a really comparable convariation, and also below are the 3 steras of the seating system: initially, it deserve to be used as a full-on high chair (as pictured) via three recline positions (and also a removable infant pad). Second, it deserve to be detached from the legs/wheels and also attached to a dining room chair (through the earlier, and tray if wanted). Third, it deserve to be used as a (fairly uncomfortable) booster seat toddler"s chair that is still attached to the legs and also wheels, as we discussed. Regardmuch less of just how you"re utilizing it, there is a 50lb weight limit, 10lb less than the Graco. The Ingenuity uses a clever before design to switch in between the 3 stperiods, through the high chair seat itself attaching aoptimal of the booster part, with the booster component permanently attached to the legs and also wheels. Like the Graco, this style enables you to usage the high chair seat attached to a dining room chair and also the booster at the very same time (in case you have 2 kids about 1-2 years acomponent from each other in age). The tray and also tray insert are dishwasher friendly, and removing the tray was super easy. The cover/pad is machine washable. It is safe, with a 5-allude harness for babies and 3-point security harness for toddlers. Cons? Well, the high chair all at once isn"t rather as sturdy as the over options, and also it"s not the very same ergonomic high quality as the Abiie, Keekaroo, or Tripp Trapplication. Also, we discovered it odd that the wheels do not actually spin, simply slide across the floor (so I guess they"re not really wheels at all!). And it doesn"t fold for storage, yet neither carry out the majority of of our various other alternatives (but view #5). Overall, a great convertible high chair option via some tiny drawbacks and also a good price. Interested? You have the right to examine out this Ingenuity Trio high chair below.

14. Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair.

Here"s something fun and also different! It looks greatly choose a novelty item, however we were actually impressed by its functionality. It"s expensive, and it"s really just something you buy if you love it and also it fits your style/decor. Remember those old-timey barber shop chairs that lift up and also down through the pneumatic pedal? Well, this is just like that! Using the pedal, it the seat elevation have the right to be changed from 21" to just over 26" tall. A mix between retro and also modern-day, this high chair comes in a bunch of colors that "pop." For safety and security, it includes a 5-allude harness, the bar between the legs to sheight the baby from sliding down, and also the heavy wide base design provides it incredibly stable and also sturdy. Speaking of that big round base, it actually has actually caster wheels hiding underneath it, so it will not scrape your floor and also you don"t must lift it up to move it roughly. A nice thing around the round base is that it slides easily under basically any type of table type without hitting the legs or sides. Anvarious other really cool point is that the top part is made from a solitary item of smoothly molded plastic, so there are no seams or cracks for food to loss into. Weight limit is 50lbs, with the chair itself being quite hefty at 28lbs. It has actually a detachable tray cover that deserve to go in the dishwasher, yet the pad should be hand-wiped when removed for cleaning. We prefer that it has actually a little built-in foot-remainder, and also that the ago isn"t excessively reclined. Recommended for kids over 12 pounds (perhaps about 4-5 months old). Overall, this is a fun, expensive (around $240) high chair that is guaranteed to acquire the "where"d you gain that!?" from all your tourists. Worth it if you like it! This chair is likewise a top-pick by our friends at Babygearlab, TheBump, and WhattoExpect. Interested? You have the right to examine out this Boon Flair high chair right here.

Discontinued: Baby Bjorn High Chair.

This is a little and portable high chair through good develop top quality, modern style, and also the strong reputation of Baby Bjorn baby commodities. It"s absolutely one of the even more compact high chairs we"ve tested, and once compared through the other full-dimension high chairs on this list it looks really tiny and straightforward. But that does go through the sleek contemporary style and renders it a good option for paleas with less floor space easily accessible in their kitchen or dining room. Out of the box, we were impressed that there was no assembly forced - you pop it out of the box and bag, and also sindicate unfold it and also it"s all set to go. That"s a good time saver and also ideal for grandma"s home and others who can be much less inclined to put together a full-size high chair via more complicated attributes. Once we unravelled it and started utilizing it, we were impressed by a few things. First, the tray mechanism is really distinct. Rather than totally detaching, it folds forward so you deserve to pull your baby out. When the baby is put into the high chair, you fold that tray back right into position and also it serves to secure them into location (in addition to a little lap seat belt). Once we determined how to usage the child-proof locking system to release the tray and also fold it forward, we were impressed with the architecture. Second, tright here is a removable tray liner that is super easy to pop on/off and also throw into the dishwasher for cleaning. The tray is additionally level on the bottom, making it straightforward to area on a counter without it tipping over. Third, every one of the surdeals with are smooth and super basic to wipe clean. There are no awkward corners to collect crumbs and mushy foodstuffs, making clean-up a breeze. Finally, we preferred the seating place it promotes, through a nice straight-back posture and also feet firmly on a foot assistance. So, tbelow are many points to like about this Baby Bjorn high chair. But tright here were numerous points we weren"t crazy around. First, tright here is a real lack of adjustcapacity here: no adjustable recline, no adjusteady chair or tray height, and also no adjustable foot-remainder height. For parental fees via a table height that"s anypoint various other than the usual 30", you might discover the absence of adjusteady elevation disappointing. 2nd, this high chair is just for babies that have actually establiburned excellent head regulate and also stability, likely over 4-6 months of age. Earlier than that and tbelow is no adjusteady recline and also the ago is super low, means too low to support the shoulders or head (the back assistance is only around 11" tall). Third, while the tray elevation is excellent for many tables, coming in at 28" off the floor, you can not remove it if you"d choose to pull your son right as much as your dining room table. For that factor, it"s not ideal for making that shift from making use of the tray to sharing the table via the parental fees. 4th, we uncovered it awkward to pull baby in and also out of this high chair. Due to the fact that the tray is folded dvery own in front, you should pick the baby directly as much as pull out, and hold the baby method up and reduced him/her dvery own to put the baby in. And via a chunky monessential that is going to obtain challenging! Finally, while the look of the high chair is probably perfect for most families, all that sleep plastic also means that it could be a tiny uncomfortable for baby to be sitting on such a hard surchallenge. And not to mention that this high chair is about $300, which is a tiny ridiculous provided the absence of features. This chair is also a top-pick by our friends at Babygearlab. Interested? As of 2021, it appears this high chair has actually been disongoing - if that transforms, we"ll upday this article!

How to Pick a High Chair: Factors to Consider


As with a great convertible car seat, the ideal high-chairs will certainly grow through your baby, from infant to toddler and appropriate via the later years. Some chairs begin as stand-alone high chairs that you pull right up to the dinner table, then the seat/booster percent pops off and also straps to your dining room chair, initially via the tray attached and then without the tray (using your table rather of the tray).

Good examples of this principle are the Graco Blossom 6-in-1, or the Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1, both of which grow through your baby. Some others provide a complete range of adjustcapability so that you never before have to usage one of your dining room chairs; instead, they have actually an adjusecure seat and foot-rest height that have the right to suit from baby all the means as much as basically an adult (like the Abiie Beyond, or the Stokke Tripp Trapp). These are the best ergonomically supportive chairs, recommended by physical and job-related therapists.

The factor these specialists treatment about the ergonomics of a high chair is that it transforms out that the position of your baby is extremely crucial for sustaining swpermitting, digestion, and posture. The more upright your baby the simpler to swallow and also the less likely they will obtain indigestion and gas throughout or after eating. These are extremely recommfinished for babies via sensory requirements, low muscle tone, or handicap.

Unfortunately the a lot of ergonomically correct high chairs additionally tend to be the many expensive, and also some of them (prefer the Stokke Tripp Trapp) are reasonably uncomfortable, and also don"t do a good job supporting the shoulders and head of a younger baby. Keep in mind that we also tried out the Skip Hop Duo Convertible High Chair. It converts from a typical high chair to a toddler chair without the tray and also harness, yet can be offered at the dining room table or in other places (prefer at an arts and also crafts table). But we uncovered the tray really finicky to usage, the safety harness was hard to usage, and also we weren"t impressed via the levels of comfort or adjustability. We think about each high chair"s flexibility and also support in our reviews.

Durability & Cleaning

If you desire your high chair to last several years, and possibly also be provided by several kids, it demands to be sturdy. Many high chairs have actually flimsy tray mechanisms, undependable caster wheels, and also elevation adjustments that break after a few months. Tbelow are additionally numerous high chairs out tright here without easily removed parts and also covers for cleaning. High chairs acquire disgusting - Cheerios crumbs, spilled milk and also juice, squished fruits and also vegetables, and rotting purees.

The last thing you want is a chair that does not make cleaning convenient - if it"s difficult to clean, you"ll uncover yourself cursing your purchase decision on a weekly basis! Trays must pop off and also clean quickly (and also in the dishwasher if possible), fabric covers need to be machine washable, and there shouldn"t be as well many nooks and also crannies to capture and save crumbs. Turns out that"s a lot to ask for in a high chair under $250, however we try our best to discover you the biggest bang for the buck. Our ideal high chairs list just contains options through a solid reputation for making long lasting assets, and also choices that are relatively straightforward to store clean.

Comfort and also Style

Tright here are always trade-offs between how cute and stylish a baby product is, and also just how comfortable it is. As with an excellent pair of shoes, you want to uncover the perfect balance between something that will certainly look good and you actually will certainly want to usage. If you want to usage the high chair for an infant, you have to make certain it has actually the appropriate supports and harnesses; you don"t desire a drooping baby and also floppy head in an unsupportive chair. If you"re going to usage a high chair for an infant to start food exploration, you desire a chair that has enough pincluding (just choose an excellent infant auto seat) and a 5-allude harness.

If you"re searching for a baby over 6-8 months, they will certainly likely be a bit better at supporting their head and body and you won"t need as much padding for comfort and assistance. Then there"s the style facet. That"s a difficult one, and also a issue of personal preference. We tfinish to favor the more contemporary deindicators, via sleek lines and straightforward deindicators. But many kind of of our readers choose the even more conventional layouts, choose the traditional spindle wooden high chairs. So we give you our ideal of list listed below, and do our finest to discover the options that will certainly appeal to the widest collection of parents!

Safe and also Sound

High chairs come through a selection of harness alternatives and functions, and also vary in their stcapability and also fit. All babies should be secured through a five-allude harness to proccasion sliding out, falling out, or climbing out. Toddlers will likely only need the lap belt percent, and also preferably a strap that goes in between the legs to proccasion sliding dvery own (this deserve to additionally be completed via a leg divider built in to the seat).

In enhancement to securing your baby, you also need to concern around tipping hazard. Babies have the right to be movers and also shakers, so you want to make sure the high chair is stable via a large base of support to prevent tipping. If your baby kicks against the edge of your dining room table you want the high chair to roll ago or execute nopoint, not reminder backwards. We take security very seriously here at, and tried our finest to uncover the high chairs that must keep your baby safe and also sound.

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Travel Options

By the way, speaking of flexibility if you"re trying to find a convenient take a trip high chair that will certainly stuff right into your diaper bag and also can affix to basically any chair, be certain to examine out a portable high chair. Another good convertible high chair alternative is Fisher Price Healthy Care high chair, which has some fun playthings on the tray. We prefer to store eating and also playthings sepaprice to minimize distraction during eating, and also protect against gaining the toys really dirty, so the Healthy Care high chair didn"t make it onto our list.

The opposite of the Healthy Care is the Ikea Antilop high chair that"s just around $20 and also is the easiest high chair you"ll ever before endure. It"s fine, however is excessively simple and also, frankly, uncomfortable. Tright here are a number of forms of high chairs easily accessible. Anvarious other option we evaluated is the Fisher Price Gap Saver high chair, which attaches directly to your dining chairs. The problem we discovered was that the seating position was never rather appropriate at the table, and also the high chair constantly appeared a little much from the table.