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Artist Infant Annihilator
29 July 2016
2.89 / 5.00.5 from 603 ratings
#1,214 for 2016
vulgar, violence, technical, heavy, anti-religious, sexual, misanthropic, disturbing, aggressive, male vocals, chaotic, occult



Jesse Kirkbride production, engineering, mixing, masteringDillon Becker lyrics, featured5, vocals5César Adrian artwork
talking_drum Dec 23 2020 3.50 stars
Ok, so this far from being the most technical metal but it might well be one of the most intense.The lightning-fast blast beats are courtesy of Aaron Kitcher of Rings of Saturn (in)fame, so you already know you are in for a ride to hell.The vocals are genuinely disturbing, and what the songs lack in structure they make up for in sheer brutality and atmosphere.

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CanadaRiot Dec 02 2020 2.50 stars
I was largely unimpressed with Infant Annihilator's debut album, but I will cut them some slack because most artists don't get it right the first time. With the release of The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch, I was a little more optimistic with what I was going to hear. One reason being that they hired Dickie Allen as the vocalists and personally, I think he is up there as one of the best deathcore vocalist. Another reason why I was optimistic about this album is that there a few tracks that I can pick off of this album and listen to it as a standalone, something not present with the previous album. I didn't want to have high expectations in case I get disappointed later on, I was just hoping for something better. After listening to this album a few times, I have to say that it is just fine.In terms of music style, there isn't a huge change in style with the exception of the vocalist of course, but there are little things here and there that make this album stand out more. Like I mentioned earlier, Dickie Allen is whom I would consider to be one of the top deathcore vocalists in the scene today. Even though his lows are about on par with the average, there is just something unique and pleasing about how he does his highs. They have this demonic quality about them that just makes even tracks I would find average with any other vocalists, above average. Everything else about Infant Annihilator is still there, the top notch drumming and the guitar work at least tries to be a little less show off and more creative to hook the listener. Unfortunately, with the exception of one or two tracks, this album falls into the same problem that plagued The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution, there are just too many tracks that are your run of the mill technical death metal exhibition.A step in the right direction for Infant Annihilator, The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch has a few good tracks here and there. I look forward to hearing how Infant Annihilator improves from this.Sound Off!
I always hold out hope that a band like Infant Annihilator can come along and be more than just an artist that plays upon shock marketing and the watered down definition of brutality that plagues the deathcore scene (while also making it successful).Unfortunately, they don't, at least not with The Elysian Grandeval Galeriarch. They do manage to pull a few interesting tricks, though. They have this sound that sweeps in and out that is as close to hearing music in suspended animation as you can get – the music feels like it's just floating there without anything really moving it along even though it clearly is. I like some of the technical aspect of the album, but it's a little too cliched, a little too “we took Blotted Science and made it brutal”. More than anything, I think my problem with this album lies in the fact that it's just too much of the same thing, both within the album and within the scene that the band fits in. You can only listen to so many repetitive layers of violence for so long. I like dense metal, but it's got to have some sort of substance and that's too scarce on this album.
kishorfarm Aug 18 2017 5.00 stars
These guys are decades ahead of today's music standards
These guys are geniuses and this record is an amazing, complex and impressive masterpiece. They have created something new, something decades ahead of today's music standards.I can't stop listening to songs like “Behold the Kingdom of the Wretched Undying” or “Motherless Miscarriage”. It's so complex and technical that every time I listen to it I discover new details.History will put them where they deserve.

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Danongorf Apr 14 2017 5.00 stars
A Monumental Masterpiece and Genuine King of its Genre
After being a huge, huge fan of this since the release of Soil the Stillborn, I was really, really excited for this album. Being only an ironic listener of Infant Annihilator when their only album was their debut, I used to pass the band around with my friends, laughing about how hilarious their name is and how stupid their videos are – clearly aware that IA are spoofing through their career. However, The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch turned out to be quite a surprise, come my first full listen. Now, looking back, I've always been a huge fan of deathcore, grindcore and slam bands like Suicide Silence, Annotations of an Autopsy, Ingested, Cannibal Corpse and even Meshuggah. But my, my, this album surprised me a lot. From the get-go, the boys mimic their intro to the prior album with wailings of demonic babies etc. Seeing other reviews of this album, I'm insanely shocked to see ratings that haven't given it a complete 5/5. Prepare yourself for my honest opinion, brochachos.TEGG is monumental. Truly, a monster of a record. This album delivers solid, hard, heavy break downs, rapid-firing bass pedals, demonic stories, brutal, disgusting and absolutely horrific lyrics and what I can only describe as the vocals of a pure, hate-fueled demon at play. The vocals, guest vocals and narrations through-out this album all sound absolutely flawless. You can hear incredible talent from the first few seconds of the album, where a baby's cries are morphed into foul, blood-curdelling screams, some of the most frantic bass-pedals I've ever heard in my life, as well as shreds and face-melting scales delivered on several occasions through-out. Some of my personal favourites from this masterpiece are: Blasphemian, Behold the Kingdom of the Wretched and Undying, Baptised, Bastardised, Sodomised, Paedophillic Ultimatum. Behold the Kingdom (…) alone is enough to work as an EP tease for this album; a 20minute long, four-part breakdown. And can only be described as an epic.All in all, this album is one of my personal favourites, not only of its genre, but in general. Truly a flawless masterpiece, if ever I saw one. 10 dead babies out of 10.

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So Infant Annihilator are the biggest trolls in Metal at the moment. Everything about them stinks of self-awareness, even down to their “gay” videos on youtube, which are no doubt geared to cause reaction. I've said before that the Deathcore genre as a whole is a parody genre unto itself, cramming all the OTT cliches of both “Extreme Metal” and the Core genres into one outrageously loud and glossy super-genre! Unfortunately I think a lot of participants are unaware of this. But not Infant Annihilator, something tells me they know EXACTLY what they are doing: making a parody band out of a parody. So if Deathcore wasn't ostentatious enough, Infant Annihilator take all the Deathcore cliches (thus Extreme Metal/Core in general) and make them even more flamboyant whilst bashing you over the head with some manner of inflated Metal stereotype each and every moment this album ticks by. Ushered along of course by a super loud and shiny and even downright (noticeably) “fake” production job. Honestly, listening to something like this is really just like going through the history of Metal and Hardcore and checking off all the ironic and over the top tropes they use. Generic Death Metal riffs: check! Generic Black Metal riffs: check! Breakdowns: check! Generic Thrash riffs: check! All manner of crazy/extreme vocals and vocal harmonizing: check! Odd time Djent chugs: check! Neo-classical sweeps: check! Bullshit out of place melodic riffs: check! Groovy and bouncy: check! Mandatory scary movie sample intros: check! Silly/nonsensical Gore/Anti-Christian lyrics/titles: check! Gravity Blasts: check! Slamz: check! And the list goes on and on and on… And yes, they got plenty bonafide, earth shattering SLAMS! They might even be able to boast creating the most OTT/slowest slam of all time. Right smack in the middle of their longest most epic song, “Behold the Kingdom of the Wretched Undying” they unleash one of the most epic slams I've ever heard! This thing has got to be heard to be believed, the build up and execution of this slam is so slow and utterly absurd, it makes me secretly wish that perhaps maybe some new group of fringe Slam bands will start creating songs based around these new types of super slow of slams…! 😉 I'll even give them credit for also incorporating elements from newer genres that are barely on the horizon. For instance they noticeably use some Downtempo elements, using those super slow and spaced out chugs in a number of areas. Not to mention even inserting some “spooky” ambient/samples a la xKINGx. They even have some Beatdown elements, which include Slamming Beatdown, in which they consciously morph some of their slams into floorpunching beatdown chugs. Finally, the production is about as loud and plastic-y as it gets. It's not as horrible as some. My ears have grown to accept this type of clicky production over the past few years, and the one they got here is pretty well balanced and of course exceptionally loud and impactful which is what seems to matter most with these Deathcore bands. Of course the drums are triggered beyond human ability as well as those super fast sweeps are obviously enhanced as well. Even the syncopation and tightness that is on display during some of the more rhythmically complex moments, make me question if they could pull any of this stuff off live…? And of course the bass drops and bass drop warbles are all over the place, embellishing that final touch of heaviness adding to the already OTT nature of the album. All in all, this is a wildly fun and entertaining record if you listen to it for what it is. An OTT parody of a parody. And, as is the case with many parody acts of the past, sometimes the silly caricature which they deliver is even more amusing than the original thing in which they are lampooning in the first place. Of course there still seems to be a lot of love for the things in which they spoof. The love for Metal and Hardcore and all the outrageous things within that we've all grown to love and accept over the years. They do it with an ironic wink to both the snobby Metal elite who hate all Deathcore and Slam anyways, and those snarky outsiders who think all Metal is the same and made up of all these outrageous cliches in the first place. I wouldn't say this is a total love letter to the Extreme Metal/Core genre either, but these kids know what they are doing, and I can see right through it and enjoy every single shameless, OTT cliche they throw out at me. This might be one of the most delightfully amusing albums I will hear all year… 😉
The goods news is that there's once again a deathcore band that wants to distance itself from it's overly edgy and trashy past, and be taken as a more serious band. The bad news is that they fail miserably. While there is definitely a sense that Infant Annihilator is trying, as has been pointed out, you can tell they don't listen to much else other than deathcore. Try as they might, they call upon every cliche in the book, from shitty sweeping to Smeagol vocals during the only parts of the album that are somewhat decent. The breakdowns are obnoxious and the attempts at being serious come off as childish. The album is certainly an improvement, but “improvement” only means so much when you're starting from just about the lowest point possible.


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