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Edge continues to closely follow public health guidelines in an effort to minimize transmission risk from COVID-19 and its variants. To help protect the health and safety of those around you, please wear a face covering while indoors at Edge.

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Is there a time limit on my visit? How long does a visit take?

There is no time limit to how long you can stay at Edge. The average length of stay is about 45 minutes to an hour, but if you still haven’t worked up the courage to step on the glass floor or if you are enjoying the incredible view with a glass of Champagne, feel free to stay as long as you like!

Do I need to print my ticket if I reserved through the website?

We encourage you to present your ticket on your mobile device,but printed tickets will also be accepted. You can access your mobile tickets from your confirmation email by clicking on ‘View Tickets’ at any time.

What if I lose or can’t print my tickets?

Please refer to your original confirmation email as you can access your tickets here at any time by selecting ‘View Tickets.’

If you can’t locate your tickets or confirmation email, you can contact us here, or email

What if I didn’t receive my confirmation email?

If you did not receive your confirmation email please contact us here, or email

Is Edge appropriate for all ages?

Yes, everyone can enjoy the thrill of visiting Edge! Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult during their visit. Children 5years old or younger do not need a ticket and may visit Edge when accompanied by an adult ticket holder.

What floor is Edge located on?

Edge is located on Level 100, with high speed elevators taking you up in 52seconds.

Should I dress for the weather?

The outdoor sky deck is open to the elements and the New York weather conditions, which can vary from those on the ground. We’d recommend that you come prepared. Remember, you also have access to the indoor sky deck.

What if the day I plan to visit Edge there is zero visibility due to weather?

Edge is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, regardless of weather conditions. In the case of inclement weather, portions of the outdoor sky deck may be closed for safety reasons. Guests will be advised about weather conditions and visibility prior to entry. New York City does experience inconsistent weather conditions from time to time. However since weather conditions fluctuate and visibility can improve very quickly, we advise all of our guests to arrive for their ticketed time. Edge tickets are sold on a non-refundable basis. Remember, the Edge experience encompassesmore than just the spectacular view. Visit our Discover Edgepage to find everything that’s included in your visit.

Is Edge open in poor weather conditions?

Edge has indoor and outdoor views and is open during all normal weather conditions, but we reserve the right to close the outdoor sky deck during inclement or extreme weather, at our sole discretion.Unless we have determined to close Edge, tickets will not be exchanged due to weather. If Edge or a portion of Edge closes due to severe weather conditions, Experience Ambassadors will be available to provide assistance and information.

Is Edge accessible for a person with disabilities?

Edge offers elevators and ramps for those who require it for their visit. Guests requiring assistance e.g. auxiliary aids or services, should contact Guest Services at (332) 204-8500 or in advance of their visit for additional assistance or information.

Can I use the stairs if I am not comfortable taking an elevator?

No, unfortunately the stairs are not available for guest use, except in an emergency. All guests must access Edge by elevator. The journey to the top takes just 52 seconds!

Can I bring my pet?

Only service animals are permitted on Edge.

Can I bring food or drinks?

No outside food or drink is allowed.

Are food and drinks available?

There is no outside food and drink permitted at Edge, however, water in clear plastic bottles are allowed. Glass bottles are strictly prohibited. We have a Champagne barthat offers an assortment of snacks and beverage options. For our full champagne bar menu options please clickhere. Please be respectful of other Edge guests when eating and drinking.

Are baby strollers allowed?

Yes, strollers are allowed but you will be asked to remove your child and fold your stroller up for access to the elevators as well as the escalators within the Edge experience.

Can I bring bikes, scooters, or skateboards?

Bikes, scooters, or skateboards are not allowed at Edge. There is a bike rack nearby on 30th and 10th Avenue.

Can I bring luggage?

Normal-size backpacks and bags are permitted at Edge. Large bags and luggage are not permitted and we do not have lockers or storage capabilities for your personal items. For security purposes, Hudson Yards reserves the right to inspect any bags. You consent to such an inspection by visiting Edge.

Can I bring balloons?

No. Balloons are not allowed at Edge.

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Can I take pictures?

Yes! We encourage you to take photos of your experience. Remember to tag if you share your images on social media, we love to see them!

Please note that photography is permitted for private use only. Professional photographic equipment, video cameras, recording devices, tripods, lights, and other such equipment are not permitted. For press or media inquiriesplease contact .

When should I book if I want to visit at sunset?

We highlight the sunset time on our homepage for that day as a guide for visitors. However sunset times change throughout the year. Depending on when you want to visit, you may want to do some research too. We’d suggest booking at least an hour before sunset to make sure you are up in time. Please note that sunset times are very popular, so early booking is advised.

What if I lose something at Edge?

During your visit, please see an Experience Ambassador to report a lost item.After your visit, please Contact Us for assistance.

Are there any items that will be confiscated when I go through the security checkpoint?

No weapons of any kind, including costume accessories,will be permitted beyond the security checkpoint. Bottled water is allowed in a closed container. Any outside food will be confiscated.

Can I wear a costume at Edge?

Costumes and masks for non-PPE purposes are to be cleared by our securitypersonnel on-site. If costumes are deemed inappropriate and/or unsafe, Edge has the right to deny entry or request costume removal.

Is there a gift shop?

Yes, the gift shop is located on Level 4 of The Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards. Edge souvenirs are also availableon Level 100.

Is there Assistive Listening & Handheld Captioning Available?

Assistive ListeningEdge’s Handheld Devices feature Assistive Listening, which amplifies sound through headphones or an induction loop throughout the digital portion of the experience. Recommended for Guests with mild to moderate hearing loss, Edge’s Handheld Devices are available from Box Office on a first-come, first-served basis. It is recommended that you bring your own headphones or induction loop as the device has a standard headphone jack.

Handheld CaptioningEdge’s Handheld Devices feature Handheld Captioning, a portable captioning system which displays on-screen text throughout the digital portion of the experience. This service is available from Box Office on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I propose at Edge?

Yes! Guests who are interested in sharing this momentous occasion with us are more than welcome to do so. Guests are encouraged to purchase standard admission tickets to visit us during public hours with no additional accommodations for theirproposal.

Do you offer private proposals?

Yes! We have curated a series of exciting privateproposalpackages that offers our guests the exclusive opportunity of a completely private moment on Edge after hours or to celebrate with friends and family at Peak to make the moment an unforgettable one. Learn more here.

How do I book a private proposal?

Privateproposalinquiries can be madehere. Privateproposalsmust be booked at least three weeks or more in advancedand can accommodate up to 6 guests for private access.

What are your COVID-19 policies?

We are continuing to closely follow public health guidelines in an effort to minimize transmission risk from COVID-19 and its variants.To help protect you and those around you, weadvise youto wear face coverings throughout your visit.Hand sanitizer dispensers will continue to be available throughout Edge.

Effective August24, 2021, all guests 12and over will need to show proof theyhave received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, persons 18 and older are also required to show Photo ID.

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Proof of vaccines may include any of the following: • A photo or hard copy of their CDC vaccination card • NYC COVID Safe App • New York State Excelsior App • Official vaccine record • A photo or hard copy of an official vaccination record of a vaccine administered outside the United States for one of the following vaccines: AstraZeneca/SK Bioscience, Serum Institute of India/COVISHIELD and Vaxzevria, Sinopharm, or Sinovac, including Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.


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