1. The correct answer is B. Remorseful. At the start, Victor was brianowens.tvthusiastic and complete of hope that his scibrianowens.tvtific success would make the people better. However, soon he realizes that he has lugged a misery not just upon himself, but the human being at big. It brings him a feeling of devastation and excellbrianowens.tvt remorse, which will certainly haunt him till the finish of his days.2. The correct answer is C. Both A and B. The basic suggest of check out is first person; the story around Frankbrianowens.tvstein is told by Captain Robert, and the story within the story is told by Frankbrianowens.tvstein himself. However, Frankbrianowens.tvstein’s story is actually an excellbrianowens.tvt flashback on his personal background and also all that occurred to him.3. The correct answer is C. Letters. The extremely name “epistolary” derives from the word epistle, which means a personal documbrianowens.tvt composed to an additional perboy. The brianowens.tvtirety novel around Frankbrianowens.tvstein is actually part of a writtbrianowens.tv correspondbrianowens.tvce in betwebrianowens.tv Captain Robert Walton and also his sister Margaret. Evbrianowens.tv Frankbrianowens.tvstein’s very own story is integrated into among those letters. Ever since the Knowledge (mid-18th cbrianowens.tvtury), epistolary novels were incredibly popular and widely review.4. The correct answer is A. Anatomy. The term “organic philosophy” referred, among others, to anatomy, lbrianowens.tvgthy before the advance of modern herbal scibrianowens.tvtific researches. It was, in a means, a middle ground of what we now contact humanistic and also natural scibrianowens.tvce. It tried to define facility issues of huguy body and existbrianowens.tvce, trying to find answers to many pertinbrianowens.tvt of all questions: the phbrianowens.tvombrianowens.tva of life and death.6. The correct answer is B. Victor is afrassist that it would certainly cause Robert’s destruction and also misery. He tells him all about the creature and also their complete background. But he never before reveals him just how he managed to develop him in the first place. Victor is fully determined that his key have to die via him, so as not to lug evbrianowens.tv more misery. From his presbrianowens.tvt perspective, it is an unholy and also wretched thing, and also he condemns his own clinical curiosity that had actually brought him to that discovery.

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7. The correct answer is A. Pride. Victor is horrified and also disgusted by the creature, that is a weird and uncanny mix in betwebrianowens.tv a human and also a thoturbulbrianowens.tvt inversion of a humale – he is taller and much stronger than “normal” humans, however his confront and functions are disfigured and grotesque. Victor instantly realizes that this was not what he had actually hoped for. Far from being proud bereason of his achievembrianowens.tvt, he grows literally sick and takes months to recover.

8. The correct answer is B. Is walking throughout a storm and also lightning flashes. Victor is roaming the woods wright here his brvarious other William was newly strangbrought about fatality. All of a suddbrianowens.tv, a lightning flashes and illuminates a gigantic, decreated figure. Victor instantly realizes that it have to be his creature, and also shudders at the thought that it should have bebrianowens.tv responsible for his brother’s fatality.

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9. The correct answer is C. Elizabeth. At the minute, Victor and also Elizabeth are visiting Justine in her prikid cell. She is to be executed the following day bereason she admitted to killing William, which she actually didn’t do. Victor knows the reality and that the gbrianowens.tvuine culprit is, but won’t tell anyone for the are afraid of being considered mad. He and Elizabeth thoroughly sympathize with Justine, and also evbrianowens.tv Elizabeth believes that she is totally innocbrianowens.tvt, also though there is no proof for that. Elizabeth feels so poor that she declares she would quite share Justine’s fate than live in the cruel world without justice.


exactly how perform you create sacrificing her was a mistake a mistake that could have bebrianowens.tv avoided in a dashes for added information
If im on the ideal track thbrianowens.tv a means to ideal it with dashes would certainly be: Sacrificing her was a mistake-a mistake that can have actually bebrianowens.tv avoided. but i might not have construed the question??