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Given that tbelow is a circle C and also radius = 32 units.

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To uncover out the location of the circle

Area of the circle is given by the formula

Area =


Hence simplifying best side we get

Area = 1024 π square systems.

The location of a constant polygon is half its perimeter multiplied by the distance from its facility to its sides, and also utilizing the same formula (that the area is fifty percent the perimeter times the radius, i.e. 1 / 2 × 2 π r × r) holds in the limit for a circle.

So location formula is obtained choose this.


1024 pi

Step-by-action explanation:

r = 32 systems.

Area = pi * r^2

Area = 3.14 * 32^2

Area = 1024 * pi

Tt = pi??

1024 π devices square

Step-by-step explanation:

The area of a circle is found by the formula:

Area of Circle = π ×

systems square

where r is the radius of a circle

And π is a Greek letter it is a constant whose approximate value is equal to 3.14159 or 22÷7 is likewise provided sometimes.

The location has a square unit this suggests if the radius is offered in meter then Area has unit meter square.

The area have the right to also be identified by diameter whose formula is offered by,

Area of Circle = (π ÷ 4 )× (d)² devices square

wright here d is the radius of a circle

As such right here,

Area of Circle C = π × r × r

= π × 32 × 32 (unit)²

= 1024 π (unit)²

Therefore, the last alternative is correct and also first four offered alternative is not correct.

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Circumference of a circle is discovered by 2×π×r, where π and also r are exact same as identified above. This is normally identified when we need to ask to uncover the length of a provided boundary in a question.

and also Area is discovered when

We can additionally derive the formula of a circle which is offered by Archimedes, below we think about the circle as the limit of a sequence of regular polygons. And the Area of a continuous polygon have the right to be uncovered by half of a perimeter of the circle (i.e. 2×π×r ) multiplied by the distance from its center to its sides i.e. 1÷2×(2×π×r)×r.